Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sabah : The Sabah Museum

This is our first stop on arrival to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - The Sabah Museum. Located at Old Palace Hill nearby Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu.

Entrance ticket to Sabah Museum. Recently I develop the habit to keep & collect the entrance tickets to the places that I had visited.

This is the place for tourists to snap photos - to prove & to show others that ... yeah, I had been to Sabah Museum. Since no photos taking are allowed inside the exhibition hall, so I cincai snapped few photos outside the Museum. Cannot go back empty-handed :P

The antique Carcar car of yester-years.... Summore pink colour with wooden doors. Looks cartoonic :D It must be glamour sitting inside one of these cars during the early years :)

This is Kesapang (or Leguminosae). Supposed to be good for stomachache & fever.

Flags of all the states in Malaysia. Seeing the flags reminds me of our Jalur Gemilang song - Berkibar-berkibar di ruang angkasa, Dirgahayu bendera tercinta...

so huge geh this tree trunk...

I get myself the Sabah & Kota Kinabalu road maps ( for RM16.50? Can't remember the exact price...) from the Museum souveneir shop. I found it useful and essential to invest in proper road maps especially when we are travelling on our own. I'm really glad I bought the map or else we sure couldn't find our way to Kinabalu Park the following day.


sengkor said...

the kesapang is a plant or what ah? so weird one..?

_butt said...

Kesapang looks like giant snow peas!!! haha.. so it has medicinal purposes? rebus and drink the water ar?

_butt said...

On a second thought, maybe not. No.. doesn't look like snow peas oso.. :P

may said...

hmmm... the kesapang look like flat pieces of green sponge... can use to scrub plates anot?

Chen said...

It's definitely a plant, not an animal nor human :P Might be.. this is a weird looking plant?

I saw the explanation for the plant from the nearby flora museum. I dunno whether they eat or drink the plant to get the effect.

Kkakaka.. what a brilliant idea.

What I see is .... lotsa lotsa ants on the plant. But since I resized the picture, u won't notice the ants. Those little black black dots ..

L B said...

Ok, next time when you come to S Giovanni, I will get you a map for less, ok?

mistipurple said...

so nice, going to all these 'remote' places. very meaningful. has a certain charm to modern places.

a^ben said...

masuk museum also need to pay one ah?? waiseh`

p.s: CHAO BLOGGER K NOT PUBLISH!!! ki si lang

Chen said...

aiyeh.. I tot u will get me a map for free? But then.. i don't need a map lah.. since u can become the tourist guide :P

remote? looking left & right.. :P

yeah.. most museum need to pay entrance fee wan. Not like Sarawak Museum, free of charge !! So nice :)

cool down...
blogspot today sot-sot tei

mistipurple said...

thank liuuuuuuu!!
i spotted SOMEONE's nipples!!!!

L B said...

That is a splashed sotong!! That doesn't count as a nipple! LOL!

Kenny Ng said...

I like the classic car... really unique, sure very gaya if drive on the road... LOL

Winn said...

wah the carcar dam nice orrr
i mean the car..

the real carcar dont be perasan........


angel said...

So kesapang untuk makan atau put on forehead wan??

Ei, I also had to BUY a map in CH ok. Stupid hotel charged RM4 for the map! I TL a bit ler becos I paid RM354 for the room and they hv to charge me for the map summore! Hmmmph!!!

Yeah, agreed that the carcar looks niceliu! Our carcar looks pweety too ;)

lynnx01 said...

Whoa. I never knew there's a museum in Sabah. Now that's something new... lol.

Pinky_piglet said...

what is Kesapang? can eat de kah??how to eat ne?? it's fruit or vagetable??

Anonymous said...

Cute car...

Reminds me of carcar. Muahahaha~!

Pink Cotton said...

eeeeee the pink pink car looks like thailand punya tuk-tuk...hee

Chen said...

your comment is very confusing woh..
later ppl will look up & down for the nipple pict which is not available here..

clear throat :D
since when that become splashed sotong?
can eat anot since it's sotong? :P

I scared to drive that sort of car on the road..
u know lah..
old car...
the engine might "mati" anytime..
then jialat loh.. :P

Chen said...

the carcar is indeed very nice..
somehow car = carcar..
these two terminology are interchangeable..
cos carcar at times use her nick as ah car or car mah... :P

pssss.. it is good to be perasan :)

dunno lah...
might be apply it on forehead after tumbuk-tumbuk the kesapang? :P
Absolutely no idea...
might be I should have plucked one back home :P
like how u plucked the tea leaves

Wah.. how come your room in CH so expensive geh? :P
yeah... u went in the weekend, the price of the room is more expensive on Friday & Saturday :(

I bought the map in CH too but from the bookstore lah with similar price

Dunno carcar sneeze or cough anot this morning?
So many people talking about her & praising her :P
I guess I can hear someone ahhhh.... chewwww from afar :P

Chen said...

this is something not new but new to our dear lynnx :D
Among all the museums I visited in the whole Malaysia, The Sarawak Museum is still the best ;)

pinky piglet,
It is vegetable.. from the kacang family :P
But I dunno how to eat it ah..
I guess we can fry it ?

day dreamer,
hahahha.. carcar must be very happy today..
so many people talking & thinking about her :P

pink cotton,
tuk-tuk ah?
go back & look at the picture again..
indeed hoh, got similarities :D

mistipurple said...

eeee LB's nipples become splashed sotong.. *eh, reserve me one bite hor*

Loctor, my pet fish ask me to tell liu she/he lap liu. she/he shy to say to liu in person.

L B said...

actually hor, I went and look for that nipple up and down!

carcar said...

thanks for the antique carcar out there ah.. hahaha...

oh since young i have the hobby of collecting ticket, from entrance ticket to bus ticket...

show u next time, if got chance...

Chen said...

Earlier on the splashed sotong is his profile picture :P
Now... mmm...

Oh... tell your pet fish I liu him/her too...
I still want to eat ikan goreng

I spotted the nipple pict already
The first pict --> The entrance ticket
Got two nekkid statue there with exposed nipples..

It will be nice if Carcar sitting inside that antique carcar :)

Wow, u collecting bus ticket as well?

I went to dig some of the older tickets yesterday night. I found the Eurostar ticket and the light railways ticket I took in France..
So nostalgic :D

Too bad I lost the Tube (London Underground) ticket. I will search for it again.. Hope I can find it :)

carcar said...

wah u win liao loh! from france, mine from kl to jb only lor..

haha...besides, i have a phone card collection too, wanna wanna see?

L B said...

my lawyers will still be contacting yours.

mistipurple said...

LongBoob Singh's lawyer contacting you for finalising details on his contract with you ah?

can i block book tickets with you for his road show??

Chen said...

Next time we post the entrance tickets picture and whatever tickets picture we have

wanna wanna. I wanna see your collection of phone cards :)

I collect phone cards too leh in the past (during my uni time) !!
I guess I have more than a hundred leh.. I keep it safe & sound inside one big box in my bedroom in Sarikei
I guess no more liao since my family shifted house two years ago..
(I didn't ask my sister whether she keep them for me or not..)

Your lawyer cakap he cannot recognise whose pict is that leh..
so case closed :P
(I belanja him duck egg Char Koay Teow just now)

One plate of duck egg char Koay Teow & one glass of sugar cane drink with ice will do the trick :P

book ticket?
aiseh... :P

angele said...

Ohh the pink little car is soo cute =D

Red Sponge said...

the pink car is belonged to carcar or pink cotton?

hehehe...the car is so cute.

Chen said...

it looks like a cartoon car :D

red sponge,
the pink car...
sad to say that......
it belongs to Sabah Museum :P

Mr.Goober said...


i wonder what'll happen to the passengers when it rains during those days in that wooden door car.

or did the 'Muzium' replaced the doors for display????

Chen said...

Mmm… good question :D
Might be either they use umbrella or they wear raincoat inside the car? :P

I had seen an interesting car too during my previous trip back to Kuching. Might be I will post that photo up one of these days :)