Thursday, June 08, 2006

Penang Assam Laksa

Tonight I had craving for Penang Assam Laksa, so we drove all the way to Air Itam to our favourite laksa stall to tapao few packets back home. Although most Sarawakians prefer Sarawak Laksa, but I still prefer the Penang Assam Laksa, which is my all time favourite. My favourite Penang Assam Laksa stall is the hawker stall located opposite the Air Itam Market near the Kek Lok Si temple. This popular stall is always full house (locals as well as tourists) in the day time. The laksa here is delish & sold at reasonable price (RM 2.20 per bowl).

I love the thick fish paste soup (with generous servings of fish flakes - not visible here cos I stir it earlier on & it sink at the bottom of the bowl) with good swirl of He Kor (prawn paste). Mouth watering dish when served pipping hot. I always eat all the laksa and drink the soup till the very last drop. I still have one packet left in the fridge, for breakfast tomorrow.


a^ben said...

i like maggi asam laksa~ ahhahahaha

*catat catat so that chen will bring me around in penang~*

L B said...

not very often these days I get to be so high up in your CHUP scales, so Im pretty pleased this time! Yah yah, but that Har Kao very high cholesterol!! :-(

Chen said...

maggi assam laksa mana ada syiok? No kick leh..

Sure, no problem..
but inform me before hand LOL (nanti I takde kat Penang, then susah). If u come to Penang, I will bring u jalan-jalan cari makan :D

here the rewards at the moment is free one bowl of assam laksa :D. Ah Ben get the first bowl :D

That prawn paste made the assam laksa taste much nicer.. More kick :P It really made a difference. Never mind lah, my cholesterol level is not high, kekkee..

may said...

*gasp*! heart attack! I see assam laksa... I want I want! save a bowl for me please, thank you! (what cholesterol?)

angel said...


damn my saliva!

Liubee, u said Har Kao, i was thinking, where the hell did the Doc mention anything abt har kao (the har kao siu mai punya har kao la) LOLIULIU! After i read Doc's comment, baru i know... U meant, HAR KOU!! liuliuliu!

AhMay, hv u tried Mark's Assam Laksa @ 1U? Almost as happening as Penang's wan... almost... ;)

day-dreamer said...

Why do I have to always bear with my grumbling stomach whenever I visit your blog? You're torturing a girl who is deprived of good (and cheap) food in Kay-El lah, dear doctor!

Anyway, I LOVE this stall's laksa too... the best! Hmm... after everything had a price hike, it's price is still RM2.20? But I remember when I started to patron the stall the price for a bowl of laksa was just RM1.80!

Ya ya... the soup is very nice. Everytime I eat I also sapu till the last drop one. If not, I'll keep it and later I'll put a piece of Maggi Mee inside, bring it to boil and enjoy. :P

may said...

angel: yes yes!! I've been there a few times, it's yumyum-fied. eh, after or before aiskrim... assam laksa... *hint hint*!!

eh Doktor, can tapau some and send it down to KL ah? fasterrrr... lau hau sui oredi!

Alicia said...

i like cintan assam laksa.. and original assam laksa too..

anyway RM 2.20 per pack is cheap!

angel said...

AhMay, *i gots the hints*
Of cos before larrr!!
Shucks, more lau hau shui... i notchets makan... :(

Simple American said...

Laksa is defintely on my got to eat list.

domesticgoddess said...

Air Itam one is not the best on my list heheh... I prefer the Jelutong market one... sell in the afternoon only... as for siam laksa, my preference is the stall opposite pulau tikus balai. mmm... just thinking of these makes me crave for one bowl now

fred said...

*drool*... never tasted one... looking forward to...

YD said...

Chen, that's a pleasant treat to see after exam! Yeah yeah finished exam! Penang laksa, here I come! yoohooo...

ooohh... RM2.20 naik harga loh... but still reasonable compared to many other places. i m getting over-hyped. we just had dim sum and for 6 pounds, we had quite a meal. :-)

i m now in freedom! but i have to stay away from my own room, kena banned by my own roommate, cuz she's still having exam. haha...

Winn said...

have u ever tot of how did the name 'laksa' came about?

i think hor, it came from 'LAKSAMANA'...

Angeliu!! i tag u ..pls explain why ' laksamana '..

wah chen u drive from gurney to air itam!!!!! so far u know ! I like the laksa there toooooo!!!!!!

angeliu said...

winnliuliu!!! liuuuu!!! like this oso can??? i baru pinish tat chapter 35 and now u want me to tell another koocai?? oi, use up a lotta juice wan u know... &^%$#@!!

teruks lah u...

*more more liu juice left*

zeroimpact said...

Wah, veli the yummi wo...
I watch the other day on Ho Chiak show they say got laksa in Penang Road veli nice wo, but i think this 1 is betta long long si kan no eat liao...
Winn & Angel, u 2 r inseparable liao

Chen said...

aiks, don’t get heart attack here , cos I don’t want to have any morbidity or mortality here :P

one bowl enough liao? I will save two bowls for u :) with extra prawn paste & chilli..

I guess liubee miss har kao too much that’s why he mixed up har kou with har kao. Earlier on I was wondering where is the har kao.. but then after using my brain cells for few seconds, I came to the conclusion that he must have type wrongly, LOL. Cos he miss lormaikai too much, sure he will miss har kao siew mai as well.

day dreamer,
Yeah, this stall still sell their delicious laksa at reasonable price. Most places have increase their price to at least RM 2.50. Hah? Putting Maggie mee inside the soup? The taste didn’t turn out weird meh? :D

hint hint here means u r going to Mark’s Assam Laksa soon with Angel?
Come lah to Penang, I belanja u laksa :D

I wish I can send down to KL for u as well, but… thinking about the strong smell of the har kou or he kor, mmmm…..

Chen said...

aiyoh, Cintan assam laksa ah? That is the “cheat” laksa, LOL

yeah.. Most places ( I mean hawker food stalls) have increase the price to RM 2.50, but this stall the price still remain the same. Compared to KL, the food price in Penang is still very very much cheaper :)

thinking back about the hints… Mmmm… I think I get the meaning liao :D

U want me to put a big pail under your mouth or not? Don’t lau so much hao sui , later get dehydrated then susah…

yeah, it’s a must. We have several different types of laksa here.. U must sample each of the laksa :)

domestic goddess,
hahha, different people different preferences. I have another friend who prefer the one in Farlim. The stall opposite pulau tikus balai? Yeah, I know the stall. I have laksa several times over there as well :)

Chen said...

This one taste totally different from Sarawak Laksa. Hope u have the chance to taste it.. Heheh, I dunno whether this is available in Kuching or not?

So nice.. you have completed your couse & have sat for the last paper in your final exam..
Merdeka Day?
Err.. u are Penangite as well?
Imagine how mad your room mate will be when u are partying & she still have to struggle with her studies..

I read about it before previously. U knowlah, I enjoy reading.. and I read about everything :D
Hampalang Sapu…
Some people thinks the name might derive from the Sanskrit word lakhsa, which means hundred thousand or something similar – referring to the many condiments used to make or cook the laksa. Another alternative is might be related to the laksa leaf (daun laksa or daun kesum) which is one of the ingredients used to cook laksa.

Hahhaha, I like the way u think..
Laksa come from laksamana, bravo gal :)
I guess the laksamana likes to eat the laksa, that’s why he named it laksa.. LOL

Not very far lah… when there’s a will, there’s a way..
Kekekek…. What to do? Tam jiak mah..
So have to drive there loh.. :P

tat’s why I tell u earlier on don’t lau so much hau sui..
now u become dehydrated liao..
not much brain juice left..
U want me to set a branula on your hand and put up iv drip (glucose drip or normal saline drip) for u or not?
So that u can have more “juice” in your body :P

who.. got such programme ie ho chiak on tv ah? Proven I haven’t watch tv for long long time oledi. I dunno what are the tv programmes available :) Different people have different taste, just like one man’s meat might be another man’s poison ;)

Thao said...

Man, this noodle soup looks yummy, I wish I could have one right now. I love noodle soup

Robin said...

Nice nice.. but will stomach ache after that or not?

sbanboy said...

Another one of my favorite dishes

Chen said...

yeah, it's delicious.

why stomachache? I have eaten this for years already :D

hahha, okie :D Next time u come to Penang, we will go to sapu this :)

Winn said...

Chen: HAHA ya i agreee with u. i think last time rite, during ancient time, the laksamana like to eat laksa, so everyday he'll ask his humble slave :" LAKSA MANA??" so thereafter, ppl named laksa aft him...

angeliu, Chen has finished the laksa story tag for u liao.. tsk tsk tsk...:p

Chen said...

hahhhhahha... u r good lah..
i only contribute little bit bit oni, the rest, the more interesting part is contributed by u, the Great & Mighty Winn:D



day-dreamer said...

You don't add the seasoning, just take the dried piece of noodle from the Maggi Mee packet and boil it with laksa soup, not bad!

Selba said...

Oh.. Leecs' wife suggested me to have Assam Laksa when we had dinner at Cheras PatYattin food court but then there're already too many food on our table so we believed that we wouldn't manage to finish them all...

I would love to try it!!!

slurp! said...

the fish flakes, hae ko, raw onions slices, chillies, rich broth ... lots of minty leaves *drool*

we called Penang Laksa here, assam is understood to be included already :)

p.s: ahhh ... finally turn on the WORD VERFICATION liao! :)

slurp! said...

the fish flakes, hae ko, raw onions slices, chillies, rich broth ... lots of minty leaves *drool*

we called Penang Laksa here, assam is understood to be included already :)

p.s: ahhh ... finally turn on the WORD VERFICATION liao! :)

L B said...

LOL!!! but I miss everything else, so how? liu liu liu liu liu liu liu liu liu liu liu liu liu liu liu liu.. Har Kau, har kou, har mein, har fun, har peng, har seet, har ching, har look, har ngow, har har har, har kwok, har mai kai, tai har, yee mai har, cheen har, siew har, fei har, sang har, er..... all the hars lah!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
i know what u mean lah.. ;) But I prefer drinking the soup alone by itself

aiyak... u should give it a try ;) Too bad... But never mind, u will come again to Malaysia (esp Penang *wink* in the future, right?)

Penang Laksa = Penang Assam Laksa, yeah it is well understood. Previously the word verification was on all the while, but few of us decided to off it, cos too troublesome to type in the letters for verification. Sometimes need to type the verification few times. But since there is a surge of spammers just now, so I turn on the word verification for a while :D

Chen said...

aiyoh... never mind.. u are coming back soon. U can have all the hars u wanted.. although I don't understand some of the hars u mentioned such as har seet, har ching, har look, har ngow, har har har, har kwok ...

U just hahahha more today, then u can have some har already ;)

YD said...

hehe... chen, I'm considered penang-lang technically. I was born in Butterworth, stayed in Pendang (Kedah) for a while when small, then moved to Sungai Petani and grew up there. but family are in sungai petani... how ar, i m getting confused d.. haha

no matter what "lang" i m, penang hokkien mee is alwys my favourite!

... and laksa, and rojak, and cendul, and... (geez i m a pig)

zeroimpact said...

Yah, I also accidentally stumbled upon that program, but I guess good food need no program promote, our tummy is the best test around
heh heh heh

carcar said...

i love authentic penang laksa , (means the assam laksa) and with lotsa lotsa har kou!

i think i got to get the maggi asam laksa to substitute at the moment. sob...

Chen said...

okie okie.. so technically u r Penang lang but all the while growing up & staying in Kedah. Geez, welcome to the pig family, hahha... Penang people all likes to eat one.. :D

heheh, true also. Sometimes the food promoted on tv or newspaper is not as nice as what we expected or up to our pars.. cos we have tasted more delicious food at some other places :)

maggi assam laksa ah? Mmmm.... that one is cheat laksa, kekeke... but consider acceptable also lah as substitute when the real authentic laksa is not available :P

YD said...

born in the year of pig.

=_= !!

Chen said...

pig year? Then, next year is your year :) It's time to celebrate... Can makan again :P