Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sabah : Tamparuli Suspension Bridge

On our way to Kinabalu Park, we stopped by Tamparuli (a small town in Tuaran District, Sabah). The suspension bridge (built across a river) located next to the marketplace is definitely a point of interest in Tamparuli.

We had to wait for our turn to cross the river since this is a single lane mini "bridge". Mmmm... No lamp posts??? This area must be dark at night time. I won't want to drive across this river at night.. Kalau tersalah pandu, nanti masuk sungai pulak !!! No Joke leh :P

We crossed the river and parked our car in Tamparuli Market to try out our balancing skills on the famous landmark in Tamparuli. Should I take deep breath & inhale prior to crossing the suspension bridge? Or should I jump, jump, jump like a clown monkey on the bridge? Or should I....

Hahhaa... Since I'm not pyscho normal, so I decided to just walk across the Tamparuli Suspension Bridge with my normal walking pace and not forgetting to enjoy the scene while walking across the longest suspension bridge in Sabah.

Looking down.... We should not have tunnel vision, right? Must look at things from all possible angles. I guess most people won't want look down when crossing bridge coz of Fear Factor... Although I'm not a curious person, but I would like to know what is below me. Or at least I have to watch my steps. If tersalah langkah & drop into the river then really jia lat :D

View from the suspension bridge. Looking at the river.. Looking at the narrow road/bridge... Looking at the cars.... Looking at The Tamparuli Market... Looking at ?? (whatever things that caught my attention)


L B said...

Where is the Lormaikai?
Where is the Lormaikai?
Falling... falling... fading..

may said...

that's one long suspension bridge. wanna jump on it?

Chen said...

Someone curi makan-ed the Lormaikai..

falling falling?
got new lyrics for the London Bridge song liao..
Instead of London Bridge is falling down.. falling now
Now become "Tampar" Bridge is falling down.. falling down :P

it's lonnnggggggggggggggggg....
walk till chuan :P

I tempted to jump, but didn't..
u know why?
coz I scared people might take video clips of that & put on You-Tube !!

no lah...
I dowan to fall into the river :P

Kenny Ng said...

What a bridge! I like that suspension bridge. The other bridge below looks so scary, it only slightly higher than the water level of the river, imagine if flood the bridge sure can't be used. Maybe the suspension bridge is build to use during flooding?

angel said...

U jump, I jump!

Chup for carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjalib! And momma mistiiiiii!!!

Chen said...

i like that bridge too :)
located next to Tamparuli Market
I will write a post on Tamparuli Market too... hopefully in the next few days :)

Can't imagine what might happen to the "other" bridge when heavy rain :) The suspension bridge is only for walking,not for vehicles including bicycles :) I see locals using the suspension bridge to cross over to the other side, including school children..

U talk, I talk
U laugh, I laugh
U cry, I cry
U jump, I dowan to jump :P

so bad hoh?
this is called...
the kiasi spirit :P

the chupping spirit is back in action again :D

carcar said...

oh my goodness, this really test the driver driving skill man!

angel thanks for the chup muacks muack!!
carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjalib! can take out the chen part! hahaha... just kidding lah...

Chen said...

might be JPJ can consider to held the driving test in this place in the future? LOL

and drunkards definitely cannot drive across the bridge, sure jatuh sungai wan :P

eeee.. take out my name from carmistwinnanplinktitokichenjalib, then become different company liao leh..
Cannot !!
mana boleh macam tu??

Pink Cotton said...


i think someone will have to carry me across the bridge..ewww

and the bridge for the car!!!!!!WAHLAU EHHHHHH

can meh??? i sked i will drive into the river la..!!!LOL

Simple American said...

Suspension bridges are fun in that horrifying way. If I ever finish pusting my vacation I have some nice ones to show as well.

Chen said...

pink cotton,
carry u across the bridge?
walao.. i'm not so strong
xiao mei mei ah..
i pull u across can lah :P

can practise your driving skill also mah... take it as a challenge :P
u can do it :)
(Mmmm... but I think u better wear safety jacket before u drive across the mini bridge) :P

waiting, waiting :D
waiting for your nice picture

Mr.Goober said...

reminds me of playing counterstrike at the bridge..gotta look everywhere!

mistipurple said...

everyliuliu so kau-soh chupping. the narrow bridge.. so scary, if i drive, i might drive it to the sea.

mistipurple said...

thankliu Angeliu for chupping for momma! lol! come come liu good gerl, i got chocolate for liu! *spare some for the other liulius here oso* :P

mistipurple said...

Loctor!! i want to sleeppppp! but i wanna read all the blogs and comment still, and i haven't read this post yet even!

mistipurple said...

wah walk that bridge got shake shake or not? other people shake, you will shake oso or not?

Chen said...

counter-strike ah?
very kin teo
can get heart attack wan :P

I will make sure misti won't drive cross this bridge
*scared she drives the car into the river* :P

Angeliu can have the white choc. I want the dark choc. Bitter choc also I sapu :D

Misti, read liao fast fast go sleep, okie? U didn't sleep much for the last few nights liao.. so kesian :(

If two or three people walking on the bridge, the suspension bridge will shake... kin teo loh...
if they purposely shake, then jia lat loh.. kkakaka

Winn said...

wah interesting bridge!!!!!!
but they fenced it up redi. wanna commmit suicide oso canot:(

a^ben said...

the jambatan gantung in kch already


patah and drop into the liver liaw~ hahahaha

lynnx01 said...

Looks scary.... the bridge, I mean.

Chen said...

wah… interesting leh..
can bring Liucat there…
sure he will enjoy himself running around

who wanna commmmit suicide?

Hallo-winn is over already, my dear ah ben :P
No more kabooooshhhhh or weird weird stuff liao

Drop into liver? Kakakaakak…
I wanna drink pork liver soup leh…
And dip the slices of liver into soy sauce
Yummy :D

Aiseh.. today is November :O
So fast time flies…..

at least the suspension bridge is wide :D
If one doesn’t do funny stunt on the bridge then should be alright :)

Bernard said...

Pak pak kangku doh
summsui do jambatan
jambatan do Tamparuli
bakasut tinggi oku

mistipurple said...

wah liddat ah. if people all shake shake while walking the bridge, i better take many sea-sick pills before the walk. or another idea, i lagi jump high high and super shake everybody else who shake a bit. then they know not to shake. gagagagaaa

zeroimpact said...

Wow... I like suspension bridge
Like the movies leh, Indiana Jones or something like that

Chen said...

I know I know
This is the famous “Jambatan Tamparuli” song :) I read about the song but I dunno how the song sounds like :D

LOL at your method…
Imaging u shaking vigorously at the suspension bridge :D

u like suspension bridge?
Might be u will like The Anlan Suspension Bridge (安澜桥) in Dujiangyan, China which I visited early this year; with the length of 261 metres. Formerly that suspension bridge is known as the Fuqi Bridge (夫妻桥 or Husband & Wife Bridge).

Winn said...

ah boy lor ...ah boy wanna jump bridge ;p

eve said...

i remember when i was small n living in Kota Kinabalu..to cross the river fr my hse to the other side ( uncle's hse)..i have to use a jambatan gantung..but of course tat one was more 'charn' than this one la...w a few wooden board missing...but good experience..n oso our toilet..tarak atap one..kapal terbang lalu..kita lambai...raining time..have to hold the urine n berak la...kekekkek

Chen said...

must keep ah boy far far away from Winn.. scared she teach him funny stuff !!!

u r from Sabah, Land below the Wind ah? U must be good in balancing liao since u have been walking on hanging bridge since small :D

LOL at the open toilet
why dowan to built roof for the toilet geh?
purposely dowan to have roof ah?

Anonymous said...

*jump on bridge with may and carmistwinanplinktitokichenjalib*

*put video on YouTube*

Chen said...

fast-fast put on mask :D

eve said...

errr.....last time my hse..papan n the toilet is outside the hse one..memang didirikan liddat...got kaki oso..kekeke...typical rumah kampung..no la..not exactly fr sabah...lived there for a few yrs nia..

Bernard said...

Chen, here's a clip of the music from TV3.

Chen said...

I have seen several of those wooden house with toilet build outside the house. And I had stayed for few days inside those houses too. One of the houses I stayed is even better... The bathroom wooden wall has several holes and the toilet has no door !!!

Thanks, Bernard, for the music clip :)