Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I found this somewhere on the net. Randomly list down 20 names prior to looking at the questions. Then, answer accordingly. No cheating, okie? (Although this is not exam.. :P ) 20 names only meh? I want to list more... 20 nama tarak cukup :( Can I list down 50 names? I fill the names in the column randomly, before looking at the question. So absolutely (101%) no bias here.

1. Winn
2. Carcar
3. May
4. Albie
5. Angel
6. Ben
7. Pink Cotton
8. Cynthia
9. Red Sponge
10. Day Dreamer
11. Butt
12. Goober
13. Zero impact
14. Misti purple
15. Kenny
16. Cocka
17. Sengkor
18. 13th Panda
19. Simple American
20. Paper Crazy

How did you meet 14?
I know KAKI LANG MISTI from blogs. Summore Misti is the honourable member of CARMISTWINNANPLINKTITOKICHENJALIB, our long alphabet company.

What would you do if you never met 1?
SAM PAT lah u, asking this sort of SAM PAT LIULIU BODO question. Life still goes on if I never met her but life definitely won't be so interesting without WINN and her dearie son LIUCAT...

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated?
I won't do anything mah.. Nothing wrong if PAPERCRAZY dates RED SPONGE or vice versa. Unless if they dated and asked me to pay their bills. kakakkak...

Did you ever like 19?
Like, I like. Simple is good and I like simple stuffs (complicated stuffs made me headache at times). SIMPLE AMERICAN is simple, so I like :P

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
BEN & SENGKOR. LOL... One IO KA CH'NG. Another one always with mask on..HOW CRAPPY !!! What a crappy shaking butt couple :D

Describe 3.
AITELYU - Cheeky, Weird & Melancholic Baby (Hehhehe.. I remember this is how MAY described herself in the past.. )

Do you think 8 is attractive?
Of course lah.. No need to elaborate further.. U can see CYNTHIA's beautiful & sexy pictures in her blog.

Tell me something about 7.
Some PEOPLE says PINK COTTON skips more than walk. She is a professional skipper and adores pink colour, except mouthless pink Hello Kitty. She enjoys daydreaming inside the toilet. She has fetish towards loves to smell new notes. 'x' . Hopes she won't scold me "YOUR HEAD" after reading this.

Do you know any of 12's family?
I know fried peanut, steamed peanut, salted peanut, roasted peanut, peanut brittle, peanut candies, peanut cookies, peanut butter, bla bla bla.. and not forgetting the M&M peanut snack !! So, I can consider myself as knowing the nutty MR GOOBER's family, right? :D

What's 18's favourite?
13th PANDA of course likes pandas, logic right? else she won't name herself 13th Panda :P

What would you do if 11 confesses that he/she likes you?
AH BUTT woh.. I like her too !! Good mah, why not? Unless if she confesses she dislikes me, then I will hide in one corner & sob sob.

Who is 9 going out with?
I know I know.. RED SPONGE going out with that someone someone loh... *point point finger*

How old is 16 now?
nickname is Coca Cola. Since Coca Cola is introduced to the market in 1886, so (counting...), Cocka should be ... 120 years old !!! What an OLD COCK !

When was the last time you talked to 13?
I last talked face to face to ZERO IMPACT during my last visit to KL. Else we talked on & off on YM :)

Who's 2 favourite band/singer?
Eeeeee... I dunno woh.. How can !!! I thought SOTONG MIND THINKS ALIKE? Must ask CARCAR during our next sam pat session. SOT SOT SOT.

Would you date 4?
Have to wait till next year liao if wanna date ALBIE .. The LONGKANG DATE @ 14 July 2007 :P Can tapao LORMAIKAI to eat together with the Penang Assam Laksa for the longkang date :P

Would you date 7?
Why same question geh as last question? So liuliu geh. No other questions liao ah? Of course I would. But must bear in mind not to pronounce PINK COTTON mia name wrongly. Nanti kena her signature BOK or PHIK PHIAK. 'x'

Is 15 single?
KENNY is still single but whether available or not I dunno liao.. Wait !!! Is he married to ROCK BAND?

What's 10's last name?
Kkekeke...I know I know.. Btw, DAY DREAMER last name is not Dreamer, okie? :D

Would you ever be in a serious relationship with 11?
What sort of serious relationship? Sounds so serious geh? I scared liao leh. Mmmm.... AH BUTT please helps me to answer this question.

Which school does 3 go to?
I read AH MAY's post regarding her previous school some time ago (inside LB's punya bangchai blog instead of her own month-of-may blog... so confusing geh..) but can't remember liao... somewhere somewhere in PJ/KL area kua?

Where does 6 live?
The IO KA CH'NG BEN BEN lives in The Land of Hornbill in a beautiful city called Cat City aka Kuching :D

Whats your favourite thing about 5?
ANGEL is the angelic angel woh... with wings hidden underneath her baju (POINT POINT) & likes to smile. She is always cheerful. Can hear her hahahhaha each time I talk to her on the phone :D

Anyone wants to join in the fun & partake in this sam pat Q & A session? Or wanna create your own sets of questions? PIAK PIAK PIAK and SOT SOT SOT :P


velverse said...

I am first?

velverse said...

Ah... wah.. really very cute questionaire. But it's cool.

It shows a strong bond. :D

Winn said...

piak u for doing a interesting FBI Q&A

Chen said...

yes u are first :D
I just posted the post few minutes ago & still editing the title :P

Too bad the names listed are so limited. Have to leave out so many names :(

it's interesting
it's fun
it's "O"

wanna join in the fun?
can ask LIUCAT to answer on your behalf too :P
I get help from AH BOY too :)

carcar said...

not bad huh, me and winn the no.1 and no.2 in your mind, hahahaha...

of course, of course, we know this is 101% not bias, no worries, we know we know. ok

L B said...

Haha, I really enjoyed reading this post, but then I have simple tastes, and simple needs.. So, we're going on a date on the 14th of July 2007! Great! I must prepare a big bag of peanuts, and brush up on my Mahpoly, and wrap a ribbon around a bone...

may said...

wwaaaa!!! what memory you have, remembering how I described my berlog last time! liuliuliu!! very keng Doktor. I sah-loot you!!

Chen said...

of course not bad :D
very good tim :P
Remember? We are relatives 250 years ago :P

Luckily u know
Now I really fong sum liao..

I also enjoy reading back this post too ;) I know u r simple, since u prefer sleeping on sofa more than on de bed :P

Ah Boy request for steak instead of bone (He very high class wan :P )

kekkekekek.... cos the way u describe yourself is unique mah.. that's why I can remember...

mistipurple said...

chuppp first then readddddd!!!
but i think i saw my name somewhere inside oso. hehe

mistipurple said...

hahahaa yes yes, we all kaki lang! one big happy familiu! i got shares in the CARMISTWINNANPLINKTITOKICHENJALIB company and recently received DiWinndends!! you go collect yours oredy or not?

Mr.Goober said...

lol..this is an interesting idea :P

and gives ya free bags of nuts for knowing almost my whole family.

Anonymous said...


You know?!

Chen said...

yes !!
your name is somewhere there :)
No need for me to point liao since u noticed it oledi

wah.. got DiWINNdends liao ah?
must go & claim ...
I can go shopping with that amount of $$$$

Great people have great ideas ;)
Thanks for the pack of salty nuts :D

day dreamer,
i know your full name :D
but i won't post it up here lah :D

Cynthia said...

let's imagine..number 8 is ALBIE.

pai seh LB. hahahahahah

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... wat a comment on me, Im not married to rock bands la...

nyonyapenang said... are very witty. ;)

angel said...

kakakakakaka!! very sampat liuliu tag! but luckies u din tag us! phewwww!

i got always hahaha mehhh??

LOL @ L B wanna plektise Mahpoly! I oso want cum for the Longkang Date, cannnn???

*must remember to wear turtle neck to avoid Big Nuts*


ah butt said...

hahaha.. serious relationship between doc and patient maybe.. other than that, dunno er.. :P

btw.. err.. I liked you too!! LOL

Simple American said...

Very interesting. I like being simple too. :)

domesticgoddess said...

interesting post... and funny too! ;)

papercrazy said...


me dating redsponge ah??? I don'tttttttttttt mind a single bit at all...

RS, you like me too rite???

*eyes blink blink until fake eyelashes falls off*

zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh...
A lot of questions...
Very funny too

velverse said...

Haha... redo the meme. Add in more names :D

Chen said...

let’s imagine number 8 is ALBIE?
Ok ok..

Trying to imagine… imagine… imagine
Imagine hard..
Ooopssss… Imagination runs wild :P

If u r not married to ROCK BAND,
u must be engaged to ROCK BAND liao…
somehow, u & ROCK BAND has very close relationship :D

kekekee… that’s a compliment, right?

Chen said...

although sam pat, but interesting :D

True mah.. indeed u always hahaha..
Next time must record down conversation with u liao..
See how many times u hahahhaha :P

Can can… everyone also can join the Longkang Date :D
U wanna squat next to the longkang also can, no problem… :P

Wear turtle neck while eating assam laksa in the market?
Panas leh… later ur sweat might drop like rain water..

walao.. tat sort of serious relationship ah?
I don’t develop tat sort of “serious” relationship with patients leh.. :P

Thanks for liking me..
Phew.. At least I don’t have to hide in the corner to sob sob liao.

Simple is indeed Good :)
Is that one of the reasons why u choose Simple American as your nick? :P

Chen said...

Glad u enjoy reading it :)

Paper Crazy,
I know I know :D
Of coz Red Sponge likes u, but she malu to answer u :P

These are easy to answer questions :D The answers are funny, but the 零鸡蛋 nickname given to u by Carcar is even more funny !!
I can’t help but to laff when I read 零鸡蛋 :P

*cold sweat*
Better start a new set of questions then with more names then… :D
Might be hoh…
later when I’m free…
a brand new tag !!
kekeke :D

Anonymous said...

Good. You dare post and see. I'll kill you. Somehow. Haha.


may said...

jom makan assam laksa!! I have this sudden craving now... ishhhh...

P I A K P I A K ! !

angel said...

Pssst! My sweat is keh liao... sure L B will say his assam laksa more sedap wan if it drip drip into his laksa. Kakakaka!

*skips away*

a^ben said...

wahahahhahah!!! Me and sengkor date?!??!?! what kinda siaw lang question is that `hahahahahah!!

14th of JULY ~ MY BIrthday Eve!!! i also want to join in the fun!! ahhahaha :D

13th Panda said...

panda is only one of my favourites ler..i have a lots of favourites kok :-p

_butt said...

Yer.. what sort of 'serious' relationship you're talking about now? Don't scare me leh doc.. :P kekeke

angel said...

tingtong! lokter u sakit gigi until kenot type arr?

*brings a tub of ais keyleng*

Red Sponge said...

this is farni

I stay at home watching smilling go out ah! ;p

Joycelyn said...

a cute n interesting post indeed..hhmm..n u r very imaginative n creative..i really enjoy it!

mistipurple said...

checking if loctor's gigi is okay..

Pink Cotton said...


wat kind of suku tag..err is this a tag?

HEY!you very the pandai ho..know how to assign me to my fav number...SEVEN!..muahahaahha

Chen said...

day dreamer,
wah… now u like to play murder ah?
Too violence liao..
kennot lah lidat :D

mari mari :)
come lah to Penang one of the weekends :)

true also hoh?
Your liuliu sweat is the extra ingredient
Make LB’s laksa more yummy
The laksa gravy initially is “sweet, sour + spicy”..
Added in your sweat, now become “sweet, sour, spicy + salty”
Kekeekee :D

good mah u both date,
but sounds very crappy hoh? :P

14th July 2007 = Ah Ben’s 20th birthday eve :D
tai kor chai loh..
no more teenagers liao..
indeed need to celebrate this special event :P

Chen said...

13th panda,
Kekkekke… I have few cute panda pictures
Very cute & adorable little pandas
Make me feel like wanna cubit them :P
Dunno whether u saw them liao or not..
I will send them to u one of these days

I also dunno leh..
Not only u r scared,
I’m scared too :P

yeah loh.. yesterday night felt discomfort, so I slept early
around 8 pm (skipped dinner)
Initially planned to sleep for a short while oni,
Mana lah tau I tidur till this morning pulak :P

TQ for the ais keleng.

Going to visit the dentist again after work
To begin the root canal treatment

Chen said...

Apa tu smilling pasta? (What a name !!)
Pasta that smiles?
U know lah, I suaku…
I seldom watch tv or drama series or movies :P

LOL, glad u enjoy my crappy post :D

wah… Misti now becomes dentist liao?

pink cotton,
nyek nyek…
suku but interesting leh.. :P
this is supposed to be a tag too but I didn’t tag anyone :D

today I learn something new !!
SEVEN is PC’s favourite number :D
So I presume u like 7-Up?
And u likes to go to 7-11?
And u likes James bond, the 007?

sengkor said...

me and a^ben? ewwww....

Anonymous said...

The "murderer instinct" was brought up by her.

Hehe. :D

Chen said...

Don't ewwwwww.....
must yeahhhhhhh...
must dramatic a bit mah :P

day dreamer,
kia si lang :P
Hope your ex-roommate will "disappear" from your life soon :)