Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jungle Fern

This is my beloved vegetable... the yummy and delicious jungle fern aka bilin/bidin/milin/midin. So confusing huh? So many names, but all refering to the same thing. This is the culinary dish of Borneo Island/Sarawak.

Something not to be missed when I balik kampung. Die-die also must eat cos up to date I can't find it outside Sarawak. The Fiddle Heads fern in Canada/US looks similar, but taste wise, i dunno liao.

Most Sarawakians love this (except the weird Pink Cotton, who dislikes it), and I know Cocka loves this too. Cook with sambal belachan... Wah.. Heavenly !!!

Different version of jungle fern - but this one is damn hairy !!! Dunno wat is the name... Issit Hairy Fern? LOL
So much 'bulu' geh? geli lah.. Kia si lang :P


carcar said...

gosh, bilin can be so artistic under your cam!

L B said...

July 14th don't have?!!! How can?!! Dont so lansee lah... ... Har Har Har!! CCKK!!

mistipurple said...

wow. loctor eat er... ehm.. ok ok jungle fern!!!

Kenny Ng said...

How's the taste ah?

Chen said...

the psychologist in progress is in da house :D Thanks :)
Yeah, I have playing a lot wiht my camera over the past few weeks ;)

Dun have !!!
Too bad !!
Dun cry !!
how about flying to Sarawak to sample this dish? Since u have tried the Sabah fern, u should try this too !! No regrets one, aitelyu :D

eat jungle fern loh
u think eat bulu fern meh?

Bilin jungle fern is very very delicious... my favourite vege.
IMHO, other vege all can't beat this :D

angel said...

Wat about Fernleaf?

Describe your 'fern' (sai)..

Will said...

no tapau some back for us? heheh

carcar said...

LOL at LB, and ya lah..dont be so lansee lah chen... hiak hiak hiak...

why LB display pic cannot come out one?

see, i got my pink carcar by may may leh :P

*lansee leh*

carcar said...

misti!! earthquake earthquake! hahaa....u felt it?

i dont feel it leh :P

carcar said...

oops, why suddenly LB's display pic came out pulak!


Chen said...

it's firm & crunchy..
slimy a bit
but very nice
i love it :D

fernleaf pulak
good lah u

might be next time i will drink Fernleaf milk while eating sambal belachan bilin fern
wat a weird combination :P

wai wai wai wai...
fern is not equivalent to sai lah
really FKK liao

u go to Sarawak to eat lah
tapao back not nice liao
cos the fern wont be firm liao :D
not so crunchy oledy

Chen said...

need to eat in Sarawak then only nice leh.. fresh, firm & crunchy woh..
bring back here will lembik & black-black tei liao
i tried before oledi :D

Must be u eye blur-blur liao..
LB's display pict is always there

yeah.. i know the pink carcar pict
Maymay drew for u for your birthday wan mah..
i have good memory too
*lansee leh, beh tahan leh*

Misti said her building moved earlier on today.. Scary hoh?
I didn't feel it in my working place. Thank God.

See? I told u liao u eye blur-blur just now !!

rinnah said...

0.0 The hairy fern can eat one ah??? Eeee... I cannot imagine eating that one. The normal jungle fern maybe lah. Does it taste like "pucuk paku"?

Wennnn said...

Wah I love to eat this but errrr I am not sure about the one with the webs.....

day-dreamer said...

The hairy plants looks freaky to me!

You really love this bilin hor? Seen that you've been blogging about me plenty of times liao... :P

mistipurple said...

carcar! ya ya building shook a bit, scary. about 20 secs. i saw my mineral water 'sway', so i know it's earthquake. but still giddy lah.

Tummythoz said...

Hi hi! Wow interesting blog u've got here. Never had this before but the 'moh-moh' looks like infected-lar. See oso shiver edi.

Chen said...

Can, but this is the first time I bought it. All these while I mostly buy or eat the bilin jungle fern.

I was curious about the hairy fern, that's why I bought it tat day :D

This is one of the paku, i mean from the paku family but tasted different from the pucuk paku we used to have.

U should try it (i mean the bilin jungle fern) and I'm sure u will love it. I have quite a number of friends from peninsular who tried this and they "fell in love" with it ;) One of the must eat dishes when u visit Sarawak !!

The one with webs.... err, that one u can ignore it :P

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Hhaha. Scary leh the hairy fern?
I'm curious how it tasted like, that's why I bought it. That was the first time I ate it too :D

Yeah, I love bilin. The main purpose why i posted this up is to share the photos. Previously I didn't take the close up shots of the fern. And summore this is the first time I bought the hairy fern :)

i didn't feel the quake. Might be cos I already felt giddy earlier on since morning.. aiyhhhh...

Luckily now no more giddy oledi

Thanks :)
Yeah, the 'moh-moh' is not appealing at all. Looks scary though.. But out of curiosity I bought it :D

Simple American said...

You need my electric razor for that hairy fern?

Is Borneo and Sarawak the same island? Somebody needs a map. Kkkkk!

bengbeng said...

I love midin too. i brought bloggers to see midin recently they were puzzled..edible kah they asked? hehe
I have a beautiful pic of wild midin at http://www.mylongkang.com/2007/02/23/bukit-lima-forest-reserve/

L B said...

Ok, we fly to Sarawak July 15th...

Cocka Doodle said...

Oooo...love this fried with belacan.
And it does wonders to one's digestive system too. eat already can shit very easily. LOL

zeroimpact said...

I think I will second Pink Cotton on this
It looks like some mutated plant that will eat me

may said...

psssst... can sneak some over when you come visit me ah? I want fried fern! or we could go looking in the jungle here for some... no guarantees you'll come up empty-handed...

kyh said...

omg.. first time i saw this. wah... at first glance like some sort of green worms leh! geli nia! KKK!

chen like eating green worms meh??

and the hairy one looks like tarantulas! lagi geli!

but okla... since this is so highly recommended by u, and oso i cud eat it... why not try... maybe nex time go sarawak must go and makan this bilin...

iml said...

Sure would like to give this a try. Our asian version of asparagus

or2ng3s said...

hee i like to eat bilin/midin/bidin. dunno whatever it called, coz i dunno which one is correct. i only know it's yummy yummy. but the hairy one is geli.

papercrazy said...

Oh...u want to know why that particular fern so hairy??? U see, it all started with him being just a normal fern lor, then onde day he saw a proboscis monkey and laugh at how ugly & hairy it looks, so the God of the monkey put a curse of the fern,thus, the resemblance...hairy and bighead aka big nose...

End of story

disclaimer: Do not take this story seriously

Btw, I like paku too

Pink Cotton said...


esp the berbulu punya bilin!!!

arghh...can almost feel the bulu getting stuck in my throat

Monk[+]Icon said...

wah....buat rojak sedap jugak this sayur...like paku pakis...but ive never tried this one...

Selba said...

I've never eaten this kind of veggie.... wondering how it really taste :)

Any recipes? who knows someday I can find it in the wet market :)

carcar said...

today got earthquake not?

Chen said...

*borrow electric razor*

I botak-ified the hairy fern liao..
no more hair liao

Sarawak is located on Borneo island
Borneo = Sarawak + Sabah (Malaysia) + Kalimantan (Indonesia)

It's alright
I'm lost with the states in US too

u mean bloggers outside Sarawak?

Err.. The photo u showed looks more like the normal wild fern or paku than wild bilin?

err.. i tot u wanna visit Singapore on 15th? Kkkkkkkkkk

Chen said...

I dream of Bilin

High fiber content & slimy, tat's why can do wonders !! And most importantly, it's delicious !! :P

mutated plant?
Wah.. u watched too much movie liao or reach too much fiction story book :P

Pink Cotton dislikes it cos it's a bit slimy :P

Later the custom ppl might ransack confiscate my bilin --> can cry wan if lidat :P wasted all the delicious bilin liao. I know someone who brought back cooked sambal petai to Oz but being confiscated in the airport..

searching for wild fern in Oz jungle? This sounds interesting.. Kkkkk.. can do hiking & jungle trekking while searching for fern. Syiok :P

Chen said...

Hehe, cos i take the close up shots of the bilin :P Green worms? Worms are more fat & juicy ;)

Regarding the hairy ones, That is the first & last time I bought it. I don't think I will buy it again in the future --> bought it just for curiosity sack. I will still stick to bilin fern :)

U must try this fern, and furthermore u r vegetarian. U won't regret !!

Hehhe, i have lotsa testimonies about bilin from my peninsular frens ;) This is a must try dishes if u visit Sarawak..

Kkkk... Different people give different names. But we all know it refer to the same yummy thing.

The hairy wan.. cute mah, no?
yeah, it's geli..
not only geli, but very geli :D

Chen said...

Hahhaha, I love your story :D
Well said

u like the paku too?
Great huh? Not like your little mei mei

pink cotton,
the moh-moh fern
Not everything with fur or hairy is cute hoh?
Looking at Angel, the cute moh moh dog

Keke, chew harder loh..

rojak with bilin?

Chen said...

It is hard to describe the taste of food unless u try it out yourself.

u can fry it just with ginger & chopped garlic, or fry it with rice wine or... fry it with sambal belachan :D

Today tarak earthquake,
and I tarak feel giddy..
just tat feel a bit nauseated in the morning :)

Thanks for the phone call just now. How's your mee suah lunch? The last time I ate mee suah was during CNY time, at home, with chicken soup. Nice :D

_butt said...

eeeee.. geli habis!!!

Chen said...

so cute u say geli?