Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Watch Your Steps !!

One fine Wednesday late afternoon in Sarawak, I went jalan-jalan with my hubby to Damai & Santubong area and stopped by Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) . Guess what we saw in the ground next to visitor parking lots?

I saw something with 8 legs (not spider nor octopus) including the pair of "claws" - None other than the toxic Scorpion. Imaging if someone step on it accidentally !!

Lesson learned : Always Watch Your Steps !! (Who knows, If u are lucky, u might see $$$$ on the floor? Hahahahaa) :P


Monk[+]Icon said...

wah...i'm a scorpio! and i used to keep scorpion as pet before...waa...shoud tangkap it and sell....waaa...nice scorpion wor~

angel said...

whoaaa... kia si lang...

my mom always watches her steps... that's why she always kutip $$$ on the floor! serious wan!

L B said...

Tell that to King's wife....

Chen said...

keep scorpion as pet?
I scared liao..

nice scorpion?
i dunno u like scorpion

kia si lang leh?
I think I was 2 metres away from the scorpion when I took the photo. Dun dare to go too near...
Dowan to kena gigit mah :P

Your mum so lucky wan

Ooops... :P
The dislodged nail..
manyak sakit loh...

kyh said...

havent seen the real scorpion b4... but i saw centipede once beside my old house. KKK!

may said...

how big is it? here we have heaps of spiders, and some really big ones... like the size of a 50-cent coin... eek!

L B said...



Chen said...

I remember there are several live scorpion in Butterfly Farm in Penang. And I saw it in Pet Fiesta too if I didn't remember wrongly.

Centipede? Mmmmmmm...
One lenglui told me she saw a centipede on her bed next to her bed few weeks ago... Poor her :(

how big issit ah?
I also can't remember liao..
judging and comparing with the dry leaves next to it, I think it's 12 - 15 cm in length?

Eeeew... I dun like spiders
Geli :(
But i hate the flying cockroach more..

waiting waiting waiting..
soon liao

Wennnn said...

I am also scorpion wor... but then hor never come across one myself... becoz I am the queen of scorpion liao ... heheheheheh si beh hiao...

carcar said...

*waiting too*

Monk[+]Icon said...

ya wor, skorpion look damn nice leh! they are one unique insect/animal...dun u think so? btw..what's with everyone *waiting*???

Chen said...

so many scorpions here..
wa chin kia liao..
very sked..

Queen of scorpion woh..
all the tiny mini scorpions see u sure run away liao..
in awe mah.. :P

*tick tock tick tock*
the clock will strike 12 soon ;)

but geli mah..
and they are "poisonous"

everyone waiting cos someone's big day is coming soon..
waiting for the clock to strike 12 ;)

zeroimpact said...

The scorpion seems crippled
Ok, may be my imagination

Will said...

you should catch and make it your specimen... kekekekekeke

Chen said...

the scorpion is not crippled..
all the limbs are still intact ;)

later it bites or sting me then how?
how, how, how?
I kiasi lah.. :P

take photo of it can liao :P
Sufficient liao
cukup liao ;)

Simple American said...

We have scorpions as we go west. Are yours deadly? Ours just sting like hell, but you will recover. Unless you allergic of course and then it can be more serious.

dino said...

chen, u are so lucky. u can see the real scorpio..
if i'm u, i think i already run far far away liao..
how come u still dare to take photo??

dino said...

happy birthday LB..chen, why the cake and cheery nvr wish LB happy birthday :p

dino said...

errr... i think i mispost the comment.. >.<

JL said...

Chen overdose @_@ read 7 posts in one go... okie here goes >>>

Pink cotton doggie such a cutie..
his name is Goldie, he has a pink nosy

Chen is very very active and busy..
met so many people from different cities..
yum char sessions & liu liu parties..
she'll be there to jolly & happy..

There's a big kitty at the Miao Miao city..
Holding lantern made of maggi..
This decor is like so tak jadi..
Kucing tengok pun mau lari..

Chen started blogging because her hand itchy..
to Keep track of interesting events lika a diary...
sometimes she said her stories are crappy...
show off to everyone her skillful photography.. :P

Her beloved vegetable is Fern, she said yummy???...
Cook with sambal belachan it's even more heavenly...
like Chen, Uncle Cocka likes this delicacy...
eat already will become hairy??? :P

Chen merayau rayau at SCV with her beloved hubby...
Saw a poisionous scorpion, so dem scary...
Her lesson is watch where you step, for personal safety...
If you are very lucky you might pick up some money... (lidat also can)

Come to her last post finally...
Tired of rhyming, puisi yg tak jadi...
Chen, have a nice day & be happy..
A wonderful birthday i wish to LB...

sekian terima kasih... ^_^

Chen said...

yeah, the scorpion stings are toxic and can be deadly..

Huh? U never see live scorpions before meh? I keep a certain distance from the scorpions, and always alert on where the scorpion heading to even though when I was taking photo time. Cos... must get ready to run if the scorpion change direction & heading towards me mah

This one u posted at the wrong place liao.
Cos... not all the food can converse in human language. Only those lucky food.

Wah.. geng lah u
read so many posts one go & summore can rhymes ;)
So nice lah your poems
u are indeed talented
and multi-talented summore

*applause kaw kaw*
*applause loud loud*
*applause non stop*

Can i copy & paste this rhyme in my next post?

zewt said...

it's small right? if you step on it... then the scorpion will be squashed... i think.

Chen said...

not me...
u wanna try to do that? ;)
but before anyone attempt that, must KFC first --> keep fingers crossed ;)

_butt said...

LOL!!! KFC!! got new meaning liao!! hahaha

what if you terpijak it? it won't come back as spirit and haunt you wan hor.. :P

day-dreamer said...

Wah... lucky you didn't step on it!

Chen said...

wah... later kena sting then how?
Dun play-play..
Really no joke liao ;)
This is just like playing with fire liao

really *cold sweat* :D

zewt said...

perhaps you may wanna tell us all how big exactly is this scorpion... then only we can decide whether to squash it or not.

Chen said...

I think it's 12 - 15 cm in length?
u wanna try?
u r mostly welcomed to step on it & squash it :)