Monday, March 05, 2007

Why I Blog?

Pink Cotton & Selba wanna know why I blog. Have to write 5 reasons summore. Wah.. exam meh? Need to give 5 reasons???? I remember my lecturers used to ask us to give 5 reasons for this & that in the past ;)

I will start with story telling session. Some of you might know about this. My first blog was another blog -, which I started on 24 April 2005. I told Will & John about it the same day after I posted the 1st post while we were having conference on yahoo messenger.
Chen: i just itchy hand and start writing blogs
Will : waaaaa. Where where?
Chen: i write one line only lah
Will : where your blog?
Chen: nothing much inside, only one line.
Will : why 99 one?
John : 99 years old liao..

99 years? *Faint* I pondered about it and finally was born the next day, on 25 April 2005. Nope, I'm definitely not 22 years old. This figure 22 has a special meaning to me. U don't have to guess cos u won't be able to guess the real meaning behind it. Btw, is still around, (short life & was abandoned in just few hours), but was coated with thick layer of dust and cobwebs. That was my initial template with just one simple post.

Back to the tag questions Why I Blog :
1. Just for fun. Itchy hands. This is the main reason why I started it in the first place. I enjoy writing. I don't have to worry about lack of ideas or thought block.
2. As an online diary or journal to keep track of some of the interesting events & happenings.
3. Can talk craps and share ideas.
4. Throughout these period of time, I get to know quite a number of friends (including humans & pets) from weblogs. You know who you are.. Too many names for me to mention here. Who say blogging is a waste of time??
5. A place to share some of the photos I take.

Enough of crapping. I saw someone yawning out there. I would like to pass the baton to....
1. Papercrazy - Why I Blog;
2. Day Dreamer - 5 Reasons I Blog;
3. Bernard - Why I Blog;
4. Miracle8 - Tagged by the Good Doctor;
5. Cynthia - Why I Blog;
6. Lynnx - Why I Blog.

No piak-ing, please :P


may said...

I think #3 is spot on! kakakakaka! lidi lidi lidi lidi lidi!! but it's good crap. and great info, too.

angel said...

i want to chup first... not yet read but wanna chup...

*waits for kyh*

angel said...

I got so many tags to do that I think I'm gonna be spending my "blogging life" doing tags... I think now I got 5-6 tags in my pocket... really pengsan...


L B said...

If you didn't blog, I wouldn't have discovered the Joy of FKK, Tius, Sot Sot Sotongs, LD.. or drool unrelentlessly at your Sinful BakKwa, or get licked by Ah Boy. You have MUCH to answer for!!

Chen said...

*keep low profile..*
lidi lidi :P

wah.... waits for kyh?
sounds "scandalous" :P
or u wanna play C&P again?
i mean "Copy & Paste" ;)

Yeah, so many tags to do..
very pening huh?
Needs to hire someone to answer for u or not? :P

looking back, indeed very happening, hoh?
really sot sot

The Grade A++++ sinful kaw kaw Bak kwa. I still have few slices in my fridge ;)

Pink Cotton said...


i dont know u got another blog leh...kkkk

i m going to comprain to blogspot!u waste their time oni!! create a useless blog!


Selba said...

pssstttt... I know.. I know... I know the double numbers!!!


*mouth sealed*


Thanks for doing the tag :D

zewt said...

1) you're a doc?

2) why abandon that blog?

rinnah said...

If you didn't blog, I would have one less blog to read... and I wouldn't be so entertained! :o)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
Now u know, and it's still not too late to know. And at least u r not the last person to get to know about this :P
I know u know, so u know liao..

yeah yeah, u know
The lucky numbers :D
Finally finish answering all my tags.

1) Yeah; I'm not an engineer, nor fashion designer, nor programmer, nor accountant, nor student ;)

2) Cos I have chosen to continue on with this blog. So have to let go that one.

Hahhaa, I like your reason !!
Very solid reason :P

Bernard said...

Hahaha..ok.. sat gi gua buat...

Need calamine lotion for the itchy hands or not? LOL.

mistipurple said...

you all make me blog.

and.... thank you!

Will said...

wah you still keep that chat log? so liuuuuuuuuuu

Simple American said...

I did not mean to yawn then. I dun sleep enough.

I like you crap. Send you a shovel or a pen. Whatever gets more crap out. Kkkkkk!!!

iml said...

It's through blog that I stumble upon yours. It's been a great read so far this blog call"A Journey Called LIFE" said...

When I first came here, I thought you are 22 years old.
Then I realised it must mean something else...

_butt said...

22.. is it the day you got married?? lololol.. kidding!

_butt said...

and yeah, blogging is good for health too!! I would'nt have known a doctor who can make me laugh if it's not for blogs ;)

eve said...

you are good la..can maintain the blog..mine, haiyo...pathetic..

day-dreamer said...

Good reasons they are!!

I still remember when I first "discovered" your blog (after you discovered mine) it was still named "Ramblings..." right? Hehe.

And "thank you very much!" for passing on the baton *trying to sound a bit sarcastic*

Chen said...

kekke, thank u ;)
calamine lotion is not effective enough..
might be need to take piriton

*feel so warm liao*

Even without the log, I can agak-agak still remember what we chatted at that time..
And not forgetting the ever popular MMC & drowning topic !!
Wah.. that was so long ago liao..

Chen said...

No harm yawning, it’s a natural response when one is sleepy :P

Thanks for loving my craps
Might be more craps on the way?
Or should I cut down?
Nah… i think crap stuffs are far better & more interesting than boring stuff, huh?
So i will keep it going :D

Thanks for your continuous support :)

Hehhee, as u say, I'm definitely not 22 years old.
at the age of 22, I'm still a medical student, and tat was ages ago liao..

Chen said...

my anniversary is on 7/7 woh..
Nothing to do with 22 or 2/2 :P

doctors nowadays are no longer the square face creatures liao unlike those days, who are boring & way too serious ..

And u can’t keep me away even if u eat an apple daily :P
Nyek nyek

u r busy with Karen & Cayden mah..

day dreamer,
Yeap, those were the days..

How long I change my blog title liao? I also can’t remember already.. Seems like not long ago only but I know it’s more than half a year liao ;)

Thanks u very muchie for "accepting" the baton !!
U can start running liao

Winn said...

i blog cos u blog. u blog coz i blog. hehe. correcto?

why ahboy blogs leh?

liucas said...

mummy u so free u din read ahboy's blog meh? he said i hao lian! i where got!!!



lynnx01 said...

Hehhee.. thanks for tagging me!!! Besar hatinya :)

Chen said...

Sounds exactly like Monkey See Monkey Do :P
Oops… I didn’t mean u r monkey

Pssss…ah boy merajuk liao, cos he answer this Q in his blog liao woh

Liucas, your mummy very busy wan..
She where got free who?
She needs to earn $$$ to buy u nice & yummy food leh
Else u have to eat potato leaves liao for your meals

Ah Boy said u hao lian ah?
Abuthen, it’s true leh..
U r hao lian at times mah

*cabut quickly*

Besar hati ah?
Next time must tag u more liao

Bernard said...

Want prednisolone anot? Kekekeke..
... wokayy... siap liao..

Pink Cotton said...

nowhere to go so i skip here...

byebye going liao...


Ah Boy said...

it's true mah..
ah boy din bluff..
u r indeed hao lian mah :P

Chen said...

luckily it's T. prednisolone & not iv hydrocortisone :P
but still thanks but no, thanks :D

err..i can't open the link geh?
I will try again later on tonight

pink cotton,
here become a skipping ground liao?
Going back home liao?
So syiok

yesterday night u eat peanut
so tonight u will eat cashew nut?

ah boy,
u know i know can liao mah
no need to say so loud wan
later Liucas merajuk woh :D

Redsponge said...

oooooo all because of your itchy hands...hmm pls keep blogging...i hav less blogs to read nowadays...neh taht someone very lazy to update lor...

*point at the skipping creature opss!*

Chen said...

red sponge,
itchy hands are good also huh? :P

the skipping creature updates her blog liao mah.. with her chu bee cute cute baby photo :D

zewt said...

i still dont understand why someone wanna stop a blog and continue at another.

will i get free consultation when if i am in penang?

Chen said...

tat's just a new & almost empty blog. No harm abandon it. Not that i have written several posts in it. If i have written several posts in it, then i won't abandon it.

huh? free consultation?
i give consultation to my patients and good friends. If u r one of them, why not? :D

Simple American said...

Yay. Keep on crapping

Hey! You should have said 99 is the year you are born. ;)

kyh said...

lemme guess... 22 bcos u met ur future husband at that age?

blogging is a good hobby. who say wasting time one??? must gv them a big PIAK liao...

Chen said...

if 99 is the year i was born, then i'm only a 8-year-old kid? dowan !!
I wanna be an adult !!

wrong, salah liao

got some suku wan saying blogging is a waste of time loh..
give them a Big PIAK only?
tat one not enuff...
must piak more
several piakssssssss :D