Saturday, July 14, 2007

Photo Hunters : Shadow

photo hunters

Today's topic is Shadow(s).

What I'm showing here is the reflection (or the "shadow") of the mother nature reflected in the river.

Eye soothing green rainforest.

Mother nature is beautiful.

All the photos were taken during my previous Rainforest Kayaking (Canoeing) Adventure in Sg Sarawak Kanan.


Gattina said...

Wow ! wonderful pictures !

Jemima said...

Great pics that depict what beautiful environment we have & how important it is for us to take care of it.

Happy weekend, Chen. :)

tegdirb92 said...

Beautiful photos!! Great job.

Ann said...

wow, Chen so breathtaking. great shots!

mistipurple said...

wah so peaceful. you are so adventurous chenliu! *admires*

chateau said...

I love nature and trees and forests. Awesome place that is. Great photos!

angel said...

i hv shadow following me wherever i go.. eekkk!

shadow shadow wo bu ai niii!!! moooooo...

ehon said...

:) the (endless) wonders of Nature.

nice one, Doctor! :D i also wanna go kayaking ler one day.. one day...

Anonymous said...

How quiet and serene these pictures seem. You can almost hear the nature all around you. Great photos and good choice for this weeks theme. Thanks for sharing and happy hunting.

CRIZ LAI said...

Great shot on the shadows of Mother Nature. Love the tranquility in the photo very much. Have a nice weekend!

Doreen said...

You have quite a skill in photography I must say. Canoeing in Sarawak? Safe one or not? Got buaya or not?

day-dreamer said...

Bee-yoo-tee-ful!! Hahaha.

jmb said...

What beautiful photos and such a lovely spot. I loved the big rock reflected in the water.

Chen said...

Thanks :)

And not forgetting the aftermath..
sun burn kaw kaw cos i didn't apply sun block :P

Thanks for your compliment. That was my first kayaking experience :)

Thanks for your compliment. Malaysia has lotsa beautiful resources :)

Life is short mah, that's why must live life to the fullest (if possible lah). Well, certain things are beyond our control :P

Chen said...

Thanks. It was indeed fun paddling along the river, enjoying the calm and serene scene of the rainforest with breath taking scenery.

I have a black little shadow following me where ever I go too. That black little shadow is none other than Ah Boy. Kkkkkk...

I love my little black shadow woh.
He so cute, how not to dun like him neh? :P

Yeah, Sarawak is indeed bless with the natural resources. I really had a good time admiring the beauty of mother nature, listening to the sounds of insects and wildlife, looking at the greens and listening to the trickling water sound while paddling the kayak.

Thanks :) Yeah, I enjoyed listening to the sounds of insects and wildlife, include the chipping sound of the birds.

Chen said...

criz lai,
Thanks Criz. I really enjoyed the breath taking, calm and serene scene of the rainforest during the kayaking session.

Thanks for your compliment, Doreen.
I didn't see any buaya, so I presume none loh. The minds do not know what the eyes do not see mah..
Hhahahha.. Ignorance is Bliss? :P

day dreamer,
seeing the word Bee-yoo-tee-ful somehow reminds me of the song "You Are Beautiful". Kkkkkk...

Thanks JMB. We encountered several fallen trees trunks in the river during our trip too :)

may said...

I like shadows 'cos that means I'm under then sun! well... most of the time lah... lol!

row your sampan here... closer... closer...

meeyauw said...

Those are beautiful photographs. That must have been a wonderful trip.

hanneng said...

Chen, nice photo you have there.

julie said...

Love your pics, :)

have a great weekend!

Mark said...

You carn't beat mother nature ,in all her forms,beautiful photos, i bet it was a wonderful trip.

Cheers Mark

Dragonheart said...

Beautiful photos! Such gorgeous scenery. Looks like an amazing place! Just awesome. :)

My shadow.

Kenny Ng said...

That looks more reflexion than shadow la... anyway, nice pics!

water_angel said...

just love the wonders of mother peaceful looking ^_^

Winn said...

wah u really go makan the pizza..:(

sinful sinful canot i canot fit into my old uniform oredi!:( canot no no no......

L B said...

Do you miss me? Do you want me? Do you love me? Are you ready for PENORGY!!!!???? YUMSENG!!!



rinnah said...

These pictures look like they were taken by a professional!

Chen said...

hehehe, sun = panas = sweat kaw kaw = tanned skin = sun burn at times. I only like sun if i'm outdoor, holding a camera and taking photos. Else I prefer windy and cloudy days. I only like rain if i'm indoor & zzzz :P

Thanks Meeyauw. Yeap, that was indeed a fulfilling and memorable trip. My first kayakking experience :)

thanks Hanneng :)

Thanks Julie. Hope u have a wonderful weekend too :)

Chen said...

Yeah, Mark. I really had a good time enjoying the calm and serene scene of the rainforest. Just that my hand was tired after paddling the canoe for hours ;)

That's true, dragonheart. It's indeed a wonderful place. This is something that we won't encounter daily. Most of the time, we only manage to see high rise buildings.

Hehhe, those are indeed reflections mah. Can consider those as "colorful" shadows too - main ti(p)u a bit :P LOL

water angel,
Now i feel like going kayaking again. I took those photos almost a year ago, in early August.. at that time, the sky was still clear. Few days later, horror struck --> haze origin from Indonesia :(

Chen said...

yeah loh. After ym with u, i really makan the pizza. But the cheesy bites are not up to my expectation lah.. :P

u can still fit in your school uniform leh. I'm truly amazed. I sure cannot fit in mine liao.. No need to try also i know liao.. LOL

so many yes that i myself get confused liao..
tick tock tick tock

So busy lah over the past few days.. now i feel so tired and exhausted.. Hopefully I can replenish my energy by next weekend :)

Mother nature is beautiful ;)

wah.. really ah? Thanks for your compliment. I'm floating high-high up for few seconds. Kkkkk... said...

That is really superb photography skill

Chen said...

The sunny day and good weather also plays an important role --> and this contributes to the unwanted sunburn. Hahhahaa..

_butt said...

shadow of the nature. nice! how nice if I could just lie down on the boat and sleep underneath the passing trees... just imagining it is bliss.

thanks for sharing. :)

Chen said...

wah.. so syiok..
too bad we won't be able to do this in KL leh..

Simple American said...

Really beautiful pictures.

Chen said...

Thanks SA.
I wanna go kayaking again.. :)