Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting Cheesy

I yakked about wanting to try the Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bites Dip-licous Pizza with Winn and Eve yesterday evening. At the end, I opted for home delivery and placed my order. Finally I received the long awaited warm Hawaiian Chicken Large Cheesy Bites Pizza at 8:15 pm.

The cheesy bites with a mixture of 3 different type of cheese inside - namely Cheddar, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Looks good, but taste wise ?

My verdict : Nothing extraordinary. Nothing to shout about. Some of you might beg to differ. Well, that's just my personal opinion. :)

Anyone interested to play the Cheesy Bites Online Game?


may said...

me me me! let's play cheesy!!

I haven't eaten Pizza Hut's pizza in the longest time. stopped when Domino's came to town, hahaha! their pizza is so much better than the Hut's. crispy is best.

*gets ready to play game*

angel said...

yeeee... so cheesy geh... :p

i like pizza hut's spaghetti :D

but pizza pizza wo ai nii also lah... heh heh...

Jemima said...

I haven't had Pizza Hut at all this year.. :p

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

hehe...i tried it last friday wid my frens...

taste so-so lor...d bbq sauce no taste 1...

but like cheesy cheesy 1...keke =P

Wennnn said...

Yes yes I hv tried I hv tried!! Wahhhh very chessy one.. I had ne slice also full liao!!!

giddy tiger said...

That looks like way too much cheese! And I am someone who adores cheese too!

day-dreamer said...

Normal pizza is okay for me, but if you start to sprinkle cheese powder, I'm ready to puke. LOL, I don't know why.

Wah... the mouse must be very responsive to play the game!

Will said...

from your pic... doesn't seem like a lot of cheese la :P

mistipurple said...

cheese hard to digest for me nowadays. but i like! i tried this one before. smells nice. lol, as though smelling is eating hor?

Cocka Doodle said...

I was at Sarikei and Tg manis yesterday. If there got this pizza there I'll be heaven liao. Slurp!

Monk[+]Icon said...

shud try canadian pizza meat lover.. lagi best!

water_angel said...

I love cheese! looks delicious!!!

zeroimpact said...

I thought they have something like a cheese fountain in the middle

babe_kl said...

where is yr cheeseee dip?? in KL, only certain PH outlet is ok

lynnx01 said...

The photo looks good but cheese is just too heavy for my diet profile for now. Hahahahaha

a^ben said...

yealor i heard a lot of ppl said it wasnt tat good noh` :D

eve said...

Wahlau..see oso I got migraine liao...Hahaa...Adoih when u mentioned the pizza tat time hor..kebetulan oso dinner seksa..haha..

Kenny Ng said...

I still prefer Izzy Pizza :P

ehon said...

i went to pizza hut that day but have to wait soooo long, so we didn't have it. sighs! but luckily not very nice. :D kekekekekekekeke~ no lost~

Chen said...

I seldom eat Pizza Hut's pizza. I used to eat US pizza over the past few years but lately their quality drops (refering to US pizza). Never tried Domino's Pizza though.

*dip dip dip*
*Oops, ter-dip the cheesy bites into the chili sauce :P*

Not as cheesy as what I expected..
LOL. Never tried their spaghetti though. I'm not a big kipas or fan of spaghetti nor pasta :P

Hehehe, sounds like pizza hut is not your cuppa tea ;)

Chen said...

woof meow,
Yeah loh, taste so so only.
Nothing to shout about.
Not as delicious as what I expected.

I was actually hoping it to be more cheesy leh. Hahaha, more cheesy, more delicious mah.

*Trying to recall how many slices I sapu-ed*

giddy tiger,
Is it ah? I thought it's not cheesy enuff. I expected it to be more cheesy :P

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Aiseh.. apa pasal u dun like cheese powder woh? So yummy. I like to sprinkle those cheese powder kaw-kaw as extra toppings (if available lah).

Regarding the game, I believe practices made perfect. I only played the game once. Forgotten what is my score liao :P

yeah, i agree with u. I didn't mentioned there's lotsa cheese mah. Hehhehe.. In fact, I was hoping it to be more cheesy leh..
more cheese = more yummy :P

kakaka... Not only smelling, Seeing can be considered as eating too. Cos in blogsphere, we can put on weight by just looking at the food picture! LOL

Chen said...

U r back from the Town of Swallow. Did u try the famous Sarikei Pineapple? ;)

Hehehe, too bad huh there's no pizza hut in Sarikei..
From what I can recalled, the only fastfood outlet available is KFC and Sugarbun ;)

canadian pizza meat lover ah?
Never tried that before
*make mental note*

water angel,
Another cheesy product that I love is cheese cake. Lately I have tried the Australian Fruit Cheese with poppy seeds. Something unique.

Chen said...

U mean the cheese dip in the middle, right? This is the home delivery version. So the cheese dip comes in a plastic container. That's why I didn't include it in the photo :)

The cheese dip is inside the disposable plastic container since this is the home delivery pizza. Looks ugly mah, that's why I didn't snap the photo ;)

I heard the same thing in Penang too. Only certain outlets serve nice pizza. Seems like there is no quality control?

Hehehe, All the best to u in your dieting programme. It's hard and one must be really determined with good self control :)

Chen said...

Their advertisement looks so nice. Hahahah... as usual lah :P

One of my colleagues told me the cheesy bites is very nice, that's why i give it a try :)

Waa.. instead of getting hungry, u get migraine pulak :P

What u have for dinner yesterday night ah? Econ rice? ;)

I never eat Izzy Pizza before leh. Must try it out liao if I have the chance :)

Kakaka, yeah... u didn't lose anything for not having it that night :P

Doreen said...

Pizza Hut here is closing down, one by one and soon there will be no more pizza hut in NZ....

rinnah said...

I swore off Pizza Hut after being fooled one too many times by their advertisement and when Domino's came to town! *grin*


im a slave for cheese.. slurp slurp~

_butt said...

agree with may. domino is better. :)

Chen said...

I presume pizza huts were closing down in NZ coz their competitor produced better pizza, right? :)

Hahaha, seems like they spent too much money on advertisement? I gotta give Domino a try soon :)

There are several types of cheese in the market. I still o.O at Blue Cheese -> the one with blue or blue-green mold :D

Lotsa Domino Supporter here :)
I prefer US pizza than Pizza Hut in the past. I should give Domino a try soon.. very very soon :)

Simple American said...

It looks nice though.

I like to play!!!

Chen said...

Hehehe.. u wanna play the game or u wanna play with pizza? LOL
Let’s have a pizza competition ;)