Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cute Sotong

Few days ago, I came across this....
Mmmm...this is just too cute !!! How to resist this?

Steaming hot Steamed Sotong. One word to describe - Stim !! (U know what I mean, don't u? )

Don't ya think the Steamed Sotong is cute? Leng mou? So chu bee.. I presume u all know what is it, right? Wanna guess how big is de thing? I will post the answer tomorrow.

***Updated 16th November 2006***

The Steamed Sotong is actually Fridge Magnet. It is slightly bigger then the 50 cents coin. I’m surprised many actually thought the “mini steamed sotong fridge magnet” is edible sotong…. LOL


carcar said...

steam sotong?

carcar said...

small sotong?

carcar said...

cute sotong?

carcar said...


Chen said...

yeah.. steam loh..
dowan fried sotong mah..
got different meaning wan.. :P

yes, very small

of course cute lah..
u think wat???

carcar again,
of course stim !!!
not stim meh..

u spamming ah? :P

may said...

that looks like... the size of my thumbnail...

may said...

hmmm, do they look pink-pink tei, or purple tei? kinda like... violet tei oso...

nyonyapenang said... male and one female izzit?

angel said...

must be very small wan... smaller than ah boy...

why ah boy no make cookies for sotong-sotongs leh?

Chen said...

kkeekke... thumbnail ah?
u mean the sotong or the whole thing?
I will post up the comparison photo with the some other object tomorrow :P

pink-pink tei?
aiseh.. reminds me of "something" pulak... *ahem*
dunno wat colour lah..
wat i know is.. they are cute-cute tei :D

bringing out magnifying glass
might be hoh?
One has more tentacles, one less tentacles..

kakka... good comparison :P
definitely smaller than ah boy !!

sotong eats cookie wan meh?
i dunno about that leh.. :P

Kenny Ng said...

Luckily not blur like sotong... LOL

Cynthia said...

i cant believe u eat them! u so cruel. they r so cute!!! =)

carcar said...

listen to me, not spam, it is not funny at all u see.

i just forget to say wat i want to say, im serious :P

trust me okie!~

that sotong so small, enough meh?

*full or not?*

Chen said...

after eating tat sotong, might become blur leh..

if i eat them, i jialat loh..
*faint again*

*faint too*
u think I should go & eat them ah?
so cute woh..
so chu bee woh..
shouldn't eat lah..
*faint kaw kaw*

carcar said...

carcar: the sotong so small, for who?
carcar: for blogging?
chen: nope
chen: i see cute mah
chen: then i buy loh
chen: so chu bee
chen: u know wat issit, right?
carcar: chu bee ended up in your toilet bowl after u pangsai tmrw morning
chen: faint
chen: cannot eat wan lah
chen: kakakak
chen: eat liao i die loh
carcar: why??????????????????
chen: u dunno wat is that meh?
carcar: shit
carcar: dont know leh
chen: faint
carcar: i go and see again
chen: the magnetic thing ah
chen: put on the fridge wan
chen: kakakka
carcar: FAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King's wife said...

How to eat steam sotong?
not real one lah....

Chen said...

I really laff leh earlier on during the conversation
imagine if I really eat that..

must "dramatic" a bit mah..
to make the sotong looks real..
but the sotong indeeds looks so real leh..
so cute :D
I see liao I cannot tahan but to buy it :D

angel said...

cheh!!! kena tipu liao!!

mistipurple said...

LOL! your conversation with carcar!! i wouldn't have known too! *faints with carcar*

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, how can? Potong Stim liddat! One moment I was ready to drool, the next it's fake sotong!!

Simple American said...

stim? uhm mingbao. (Dun unnerstan)

I bet it is smaller than AbBoy's snout.

Anonymous said...


Alicia said...

waaaa u ate the sotong... and it's no longer cute in ur stomach :P

See Fei said...

to know its size, must use cocka daching to weigh this sotong!!

Winn said...

poor sotong..

how cld u eat them.. they are jus innocent babies

and u killed them!!!

Pinky_piglet said...

hehe, cute ar...suddenly think of the pink sotong doll...if got pink sotong doll, anyone will buy it or not hor??hug the sotong anak patong...hehehe

Chen said...

Those are indeed “steamed sotong” mah.. :P
I mana ada tipu u woh… hahahha
I didn’t say those sotong are edible leh..
Did I?
Nyek nyek…

The sotong looks very cute leh..
And looks like real too
Tat’s why u almost thought those were real sotong too initially hoh?

Those sotong are very cute, right?
Sotong really Rocks !!!

Chen said...

‘stim’ – short for ‘stimulating’, means syiok or excited :D
cos those sotong are too adorable :)
I will post up another pict of the sotong later on tonight,
Then u can see the size of the sotong :D

Drink Aik Cheong coffee instead?
I don’t like to drink coffee leh..
Can I choose to drink milk? ;)

Those sotong are not edible lah…
It’s still lying there safely on my fridge :P
“Safe & Sound”

Chen said...

see fei,
The sotong were too light to weigh with Cocka’s daching scale

They are indeed innocent babies..
I didn’t eat them leh..
If I really eat them, then I jialat loh…
Those are non edible items..
They are still lying on my fridge :)
Lying happily there…

pinky piglet,
pink sotong doll?
Sounds a bit eerie….
Unless if the sotong doll has big round eyes :P
Cartoon with big round eyes always look cute & adorable..
But.. mashimaro looks cute too although he has slit eyes ;)

Cynthia said...

u tipu orang mia!!! Haha

Pink Cotton said...




as compensation..u shud send everyone of us one sotong each..MUAHAAHA

Chen said...

Did I mention it's edible earlier on?
no mah...
I didn't say I eat it also :P
so I didn't tipu :P

pink cotton,
err... I only say it's very cute & hard to resist woh..
i tarak cakap sotong itu sedap woh..

Cute leh the sotong? ;)

angel said...

*piak piak piak piak*

Anonymous said...


Phien lang arrhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

Rockin'!!! LOLOLOL!!!!
You main tipu bagus bagus, eh? Nanti kena piakked by ownself, lagi tahu!

Chen said...

u tengah piak apa?
u tengah piakking the flour to make fish balls ah...
put a dash of pepper & salt to the tepung mixture :D

piakking Aik Cheong's coffee?
don't piak coffee leh..
the coffee is hot..
later spill and kena burn then not good liao :D

who is cheating here?
got meh?
See see look look?
tarak nampak woh..

kena piaked by ownself?
this sounds serious.... :P

Anonymous said...

Wa... sotong. Just like the blog owner. No? :P

lynnx01 said...

It looks pretty real lah.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
hah? u think i'm fridge magnet ah?
Of course not...

I collected few fridge magnet in the past, but then I stopped half way.. till I saw this cute little thing last Sunday ;)

may said...

ha, I was right lah! somewhat. 50sen coin bigger than my thumbnail, so thumbnail is about the size of the sotongs put together.



mistipurple said...

i getting old. sotong hard to digest.

mistipurple said...

also hard to chew.

mistipurple said...

plus stinky if not fresh.
spam spam. *cabut*

Chen said...

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah..
u have the closest answer :D
Don't piak me, okie? ;)

I still LOL at Angel's answer --> smaller than Ah Boy. Hahahahha
What a comparison :P

U talk so many bad things about sotong???
mei sei kor meh????
summore spamming here pulak ?

I hope the Sotong won't come & haunt u in your dream tonight leh...
nyek nyek..

Simple American said...

So I was right on the size. :)

Monk[+]Icon said...

larrrrrrrrr.....mati mati aku ingat sotong betol...its just magnet....gerori~

Anonymous said...

No, not fridge magnet. Is sotong!

Chen said...

yeah yeah.. they are smaller than ah boy's cute little snout :P

next time before we eat any foodstuff, must check to see whether those are fridge magnet or not.. hahhahah

day dreamer,
we are talking about fridge magnet :D

Anonymous said...

hahahahha baby sotong looks so real! cute! ;p

Chen said...

that's why I "fall in love" with the baby sotong the moment I saw them..
This is what we called "Love at First Sight"? LOL