Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sotong Picture

Yesterday night, I had NBTD (nothing better to do), and I started drawing... sketching few pictures, including a sotong picture with my 2B pencil.. With my imagination, I drew a cool university graduated sotong (with Sotong degree) wearing big round sunglasses. You won't find this picture elsewhere cos I draw it out of my own imagination... Sorry, it's black & white picture with some degree of shading with 2B pencil (no 4B or 6B pencil though, I guess it's time to get one again?) and I don't have any colour pencil or crayon or oil pastel.

This "one & only" Sotong picture is specially dedicated to my dear Sotong sister ahmay. Hope she won't feel sotong today :)


may said...

OMG doktor... that's a darn good Sotong drawing!! much better than what I'd wanted to draw! eh, maybe you should change profession and become professional sotong artist. better than autopsies, yea?

HUGS... thanks for the Sotong!
not too much of a sotong day today...

may said...

hmmmm, I just realised I'm a few tentacles short... LOLOL!! kena chopped off & eaten liao...

zeroimpact said...

Sotong graduate ah
So major in what ah

day-dreamer said...

Dear Doctor Sotong,

With greatest pleasure, I hereby award you with a PhD in Sotong Studies.

We at the Sotong University are proud to have a Sotong like you. We sincerely hope that you will be a good Sotong Example to your sotong juniors.

We would also like to take this oppurtunity to wish you all the best in your sotong undertaking.

Thank (sotong) you!

Best wishes,
The Chancellor
SUM (Sotong University Malaysia)

Chen said...

*hug hug* Glad u like the Sotong pict & glad to hear ur day is not so sotong (today).

Sotong artist? Cannot lah… I sked no future :P At least now I have stable income :P See lah one day if I’m tired with my current job, might be loh… hehehe..

I only sketch here & there on my free time.. U know.. normally there are sketches or drawing on my books or notes ;) Very bad habit, huh?

Looking forward to seeing your rainbow sotong picture ;)

Mmm.. u notice? U really notice the missing tentacles? :D No lah.. no one dare to chop off the tentacles..
Just that the tentacles are hidden inside the sei fong mou.. (the tentacles act like hair mah.. )

zero impact,
major in Sotongism & Sotongology :P
Double degree..
This Sotong very keng one…

day dreamer,
walao.. good lah u..
sotsot talk..
let me translate the name Sotong University Malaysia to malay  Universiti Sotong Malayisa = USM?
Later USM graduates will throw sotong at me & u :P

L B said...

HarHarSotSot!! Really NBTD degree!! Great work! Nice self portrait.

_butt said...

Not bad wor.. and they say doctors have the most 'beautiful' handwritings in the world.. *hehe*

Cool drawings. Serious.

Universiti Sotong Malaysia?? Must tell my friends liao.. who study in USM :P

day-dreamer said...


USM = Universiti Sotong Malaysia.

*thumbs up* Good good good good!! :P

*runs off to prepare Sotong Shield and placard writing "Throw it at Dr Sotong"*

Chen said...

Sotsot craze still going on :)
This is not self portrait lah.. I’m drawing someone else :P The one with PhD sotong doctorate degree :D

TQ TQ for liking the sotong pict :)
aiseh.. I must show u my handwriting one of these days to break the rumours :P Will u believe me if I tell u my handwriting is nice? Will u, will u? :P

But don’t tell your USM friends who come up with this name.. I don’t want ppl to throw sotong at me later on LOL

day dreamer,
nyek nyek.. u started it.. I just translate the name only ..
kekeek.. so u are the main culprit.

I’m thinking..
USM = Universiti Sotong Malaysia
UKM = Universiti Kerbau Malaysia
UM = Universiti Monyet


Kristopher said...

nice drawing.....

agus said...


Your subject is so smart.
Your drawing is so crisp.
Your imagination is so tong.


FH2O said...

Nice ... encore! encore! ;)

Looking forward to more nice sketches/drawings from the nice good doctor!

Nice! :)

day-dreamer said...

Wei... what I started it? I just put "Sotong University Malaysia"... dunno who tangan gatal go and translate it into BM leh?

*runs off to prepare Sotong Shield and placard writing "Throw it at Dr Sotong"*

zeroimpact said...

Y sound so familiar 1 the university
Wei I grad from USM leh

Chen said...

thanks :)

wow.. i like your little "poem"
Your subject is so smart.
Your drawing is so crisp.
Your imagination is so tong.

indeed very so tong :P

I will sketch one monkey on kayak especially for the great unker :)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
of course u start it lah.. if u don't write that down, how am I gonna translate it :P

zero impact,
hahha.. so u r one of the little sotong.. the baby sotong..
*pinch baby sotong's face*

day-dreamer said...

Ooh... finally we found a sotong from Universiti Sotong Malaysia --> zeroimpact!!!

He/she may as well be the president of the Sotong Alumni...

Kekekekeke... :D

Chen said...

day dreamer,
walao.. good lah u, can come up with things like dat :)

day-dreamer said...

Hehe :P

To zeroimpact, NO offence meant ya... saja main-main, since everyone is in the sotong mood. :D

jonboy60 said...

Sotong is like to be eaten lah.. no need to draw 1... haiz~

angel said...


*prepares to smack some _butts*

zeroimpact oso from U.Sotong.M?? OMG! OMG!! Do I know liu???

Doc, really nice drawing! Memang NBTD, CPBSC (ciak pa bo su cho) LOL! Liu! Damn liu!!!
Gib u A+.

_butt said...

Hahaha.. really? u show your writing first lo, then I'll believe :P

OKOK, I won't tell them it's you, but I'll probably supply sotongs for those who might need it soon.. just in case la.. can make money sumore wut.. *evil grin*

_butt said...

Oww!! angel, pain leh! Why tiba-tiba smack me pulak?


a^ben said...

o loktor chen owns sotong~ eee yaaa eee yaaa yo``` and sotong liuliu went to uni~~ eee yaa eee yaaa yo~~ with a sotong here sotong there~ here a so there a tong` everywhere sotong~ loktor's sotong earned a degree` eee yaa eee yaa yo~~~

pandainya loktor ni lukis lukis~ sipeh kiang~ hahahahha :D

day-dreamer said...

*claps hard*

Bravo, a^ben... bravo!!

Encore... encore... encore!!

Ee ya ee ya oo... :D

Winn said...

wah u had posted so many sotong posts:) HAHAHA..good this sotong is a boy or gal?

so sad hor, sometimes we eat animals without knowing their genders..

plink said...

angel and zeroimpact no need to worry wut: Sotong University is not UniMaS(otong), ar? ;)


winn: Why must know gender before we eat?

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, That would be a very cool tattoo pattern.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
LOL at your sotong mood :P

aiks, you shouldn't restrict yourself to things.. or else life will be bored.. :D

LOLOLOL.. so u r from Sotong uni? :P
Wooo at CPBSC.. Mmmm...Sounds like some sort of degree pulak --> CP BSc :P Wah A+ ah? u manyak generous. I sayang u :)

show u ah? no problem... One of these days, I will take a snapshot of my handwriting ;) U judge whether it is nice or not. LOL

*point finger to daydreamer*
She is the one.. I'm just the translator lah.. Don't throw sotong at me :P

Angel smack u cos your name is too nice...... Hard to resist :P

Chen said...

Wah.. another song specially written for me.. I'm so touched !!! I'm honoured :P

TQ TQ very muchie :D

day dreamer,
hehehe.. main duet pulak :P

Now is the Sotong season mah..
This sotong ah? I guess is a gal kua.. I dunno leh.. Let's interview the Prof Sotong :D

hah? u want graduates from UNIMAS(otong) throw sotong at u ah? :P

Tattoo pattern? Never come across my mind :P Might be I will consider "drawing" that tattoo on my arm on of these days (with ink, of course):P

Simple American said...

You look pretty talented their Chen. Quite lovely. Need to get you a few more pencils into your aresenal.

day-dreamer said...

I also waiting to see your handwriting, because people said sotong... oops! doctor's handwriting is sotongly illegible one. Muahahaha!!

*runs off to prepare Sotong Shield and placard writing "Throw it at Dr Sotong"*

Chen said...

Thanks.. and thanks for the free pencils too. I love that :)

day dreamer,
wah.. mencabar I?
I will definitely post up my beautiful handwriting.. very very soon. Stay tuned :P

plink said...

But I heard Sotong is very-the-intelligent one.... Why UNIMAS(otong) or USM people not happy?

*innocent look*

izso said...

tat's actually velly good leh loktor. Wow.. u shud consider being a comic artist or something

day-dreamer said...

Cannot... you sure purposely write nice nice and post it up.

I want you to capture the words you write on your patients' cards and post it here... those handwriting baru really illegible!

Muahahahah! :P

Chen said...

yeah, u are absolutely correct.. Sotong are very intelligent & brilliant :) but there are people who are sensitive with being called Sotong mah.. cos of the social stigma, kakkakaka :D

I just draw or sketch for fun niah..
Not to the level of being a comic artist yet ;)

day dreamer,
Hahhaha.. Okie, I will take some snapshot of my handwriting on patient’s follow-up notes…

Why u don’t believe my handwriting is nice? LOL

zeroimpact said...

Wei... not baby sotong
Cute baby sotong

Chen said...

muahahha... sorrie..
the correct version should be like this..
The cute & adorable baby sotong :D

day-dreamer said...

Why I don't believe? Because generally/normally doctors' handwriting are illegible.

This makes me think of a joke.
Have you heard of the student who failed medical school?
-No, why?
His handwriting was too legible!!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
aiyoh, aiyoh... how many doctors u know of ah? I know few thousands doctors leh.. and only a small minority have illegible or horrible handwritings. Majority still have nice, legible handwritings ;) hahha..

_butt said...

Good idea day-dreamer!! Support support!!

Becuz I was thinking if just post like dat.. sure it's written nice nice edey wan ler.. like dat I oso can ler.. *hehe*


Chen said...

posted liao.. u can go & judge liao.. :P

Anonymous said...

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