Thursday, June 29, 2006

童年 / Childhood

I was listening to this old song 童年(Childhood) by 刘文正 (Liu WenZheng) on my PDA (My PDA is my mp3 player too) earlier on. There was a flashback of my childhood days when I listened to the song..

I enjoyed climbing during my childhood time.. Climbing gates, climbing fences, hehhe.. and climbing trees? Nope, I'm definitely not a little monkey. And I remembered I had fell down many times from the staircase as well.. Rolling down like a ball. Luckily I didn't suffer from any head injuries :P Well, if this happen to the little child nowadays, the parents will definitely worried. But those were the days... Things were very much simple in the past, and we were free to play around without much restriction ;)

Another flashback that came to my mind was catching fishes and watching tadpoles in the drain or longkang nearby my house together with my childhood friends. Remembering the days of going "inside" the drain (which is less than 1 metre in height), and scoop the fishes out with the little filter. Yeah, I know it's dirty, but the activities were indeed fun and enjoyable. I really enjoyed my childhood..

Walao.. I feel so honoured... Ben Siu sang the 童年 song with live performance for me @ webcam.


a^ben said...

*bow bow after performance` hahahaha*

Chen said...

nice nice..

L B said...

*io ka chng* along....

L B said...

Heh, yes, childhood memories are vague, but the best! The innocence of getting up to things we would freak out now if we see some child doing! I remember waddling into bushes/hedges to 'capture' spiders, and the fishing expeditions to collect free longkang fish! And leaping like Superman, only to find out it was ALL A LIE! We can't fly..

a^ben said...

ai si` making fool for chen to listen` hahahah! :P

Chen said...

wai u so gatai? io ka chng pulak :P

yeah, last time we did all sort of stunts :D Remembering the days of catching grasshoppers, smashing snails etc etc :P And flying kites too..

hahhaa... u really sotongified all the english & chinese songs with sotong lyrics. LOLOL
I love that

Cynthia said...

I love that song.
Loktor Chen.. you look so cutee when you were a baby. Just like me.ekekekek
Perasan. Miss Jellyfish alot. =) Even he is not around..that perasan disease never gone. Ekekeke

Chen said...

Tat song is my favourite too.

yeah yeah.. we are cute babies :)
TQ TQ TQ. Yeah, that perasan illness is highly contagious & very dangerous :D Merebak everywhere...

slurp! said...

wah loktor looks so chubby chubby & cute heheheh ...

eh i thought 罗大佑 is the original singer? so when a^ben coming out a album har? :)

plink said...

I did a lot of climbing also as a child. Luckily didn't get hurt oni....

I remember playing (inside) drains also....

Simple American said...

Cute baby. No t-shirt with "future doctor" written upon it.

I really have been protective of my kids. Poor things did not get to do half of the stupid things I did. Now I send them to these camps so they can stretch their wings without the no-no man around.

domesticgoddess said...

ahhh... i know this song :)
haha you are so right about parents being too worried about their kids... heheh me included :P

may said...

ooooo... being serenaded in the middle of the night, webcam summore! did any boys serenade you while you were a kid too?

*listens... hums...*

a^ben said...

I think ppl will faint if they listened to me sing`

therefore, I conclude that Loktor has a strong sotong heart` hahhahaa :D

Pink Cotton said...

wah!..seems that someone was a noti baby...chen, i think your anak next time will b equally noti..cos wanto take revenge on u..HAHAAH :P

day-dreamer said...


Although I didn't climb trees, I climbed fences and gates. Hahaha!

I don't catch tadpoles (so geli...), but I watch my friends catch them.

I remember catching snails at night with my cousin. He catch it while I scatter salt on the poor thing. Hehe!

*sighs wistfully* These days are all over now. Back to reality... :(

babe_kl said...

wahhh such a cutie

Chen said...

hhaha… most babies r cute (including me of coz) LOL

I have no idea who is the original singer but I always hear LiuWenZheng singing that song…

Ah Ben might come up with the Sotongified Album soon.. He went & sotongified all the songs lyrics yesterday night :P

Those were the good old days..
Chasing games (including falling down of course when running), cycling, hide & seek etc etc etc..
I still remember injuring my knees several times in the past when I feel down while running. Ouch.. can still remember the pain :P

TQ TQ. I share the same batch of clothes with my siblings when I was small time ;) Looking back at my younger cousins’ photos, I noticed my cousins wear my old clothes too..
And our kiddie clothes in the past are very durable… Hahaha.. Kids previously don’t have the luxury of wearing fancy & nice clothes like kids nowadays ;)

Chen said...

domestic goddess,
That’s a nice song, right?

Another thing I noticed is that kids nowadays don’t have much chances for outdoor activities.. unlike what we used to do in the past.Well, well, we don't have computer games or VCD/DVD in the past LOL

Hehehe.. I can’t remember how many sotongified songs Ah Ben sang for me yesterday night… I guess more than 20? Can’t remember liao.. He even changed the lyrics of “The moon represent my heart” by Theresa Teng to “Sotong represent my heart” LOL

Kiddie time ah? Can’t remember liao.. I guess the song they sang were those pure cute kiddie songs.. like twinkle twinkle little stars :P

akkaka.. wat lah u.. Say I have sotong heart :P

Chen said...

pink cotton,
apa pasal take revenge on me pulak? :P I’m good gurl gurl at home..
I don’t give trouble to my parents leh.. and they are very proud of me *ahem*

I’m very hardworking leh & I pay full attention is class ;)
Kekekke… and I’m my primary school headmistress’ favourite student leh :P
Nyek nyek nyek…

mmm… I miss my primary school headmistress… wonder where is she now and how is she doing… haven’t see her since I left primary school liao…

day dreamer,
wow, u'r professional climber too :P
Yeah yeah… I still remember pouring salt on the poor Snails & watching them bubbling white bubble in agony
Hhahaa… jahat huh? :D

well, u can still dream once in a while mah.. That’s why your nick day dreamer, right? :P as long as it doesn’t affect your work or studies or performances…


Robin said...

So nice to be reminded of this sound, I like Sylvia Zhang version ..

The little girl really u?

zeroimpact said...

I remember catching so many things including the longkang thingee...
But no fishing la...
It's just so memorable

agus said...

Eh doc, no Permanent Head Damage you say ah? That PHD what la?

How do we listen to the song ah? Went to a'ben's blog but couldn't find the link.

Oh, hi ben! Hehe...

Chen said...

I have both mp3 (one by liuwenzheng & the other one by Sylvia Zhang) in my pda.

Hahah, why u think that is not me? That was indeed me many many years back :)

Memorable leh.. Those were the good old days :D

What u catch previously? Butterfly? Grasshopper? Snail? Frogs? Bla bla bla ...

That’s why I don’t have PhD doctorate degree.. LOL
Cos no head damage :P
That song ah.. Ah Ben say cannot broadcast for other people to listen .. So only I myself can “enjoy” the song LOLOL

day-dreamer said...

*hi 5*

I am so proud to have a fellow sotong professional climber!!


Chen said...

day dreamer,
hehehe.. I have retired from "climbing" for long long long time liao :P Might be I should consider rock climbing in the future :P

fred said...

you make me remember.. those day... Open wound can be treated with a slap of sand.. no wonder our health seem to be better last time.. higher imune system... not like the city childs nowadays :)

_butt said...

Cute girl leh you. A trip down to memory lane.. that's nice. :)

Wah.. can catch fish and tadpoles, that's fun!! I wasn't even allowed to go to playground when I was a kid.. :(

Mom lar.. said too dangerous la, this la that la.. and see now I don't even know how to ride a bicycle.. *sob sob*

Wut a childhood I had. *sigh*

angel said...

wot song is this? i know the singer but not sure of the song. who can sing for me??

my childhood quite kesian wan... bcos i got asthma last time, and was a very skinny child (now no more skinny! cheh...) ...and i was the only child for 8, my parents quite protective of me... i seldom go out and play with the other kids... but still, it wasn't too bad... :)

Chen said...

yeah.. or rub the open wound with salt :P Hahhah.. *ouch* but it works leh..

wah, so kesian ah? don't allow to go to the playground? There is a playground not far away from my house previously.

aiyak, dunno how to ride bicycle ah? Come, come.. I teach u ;)

Chen said...

wat song ah? i send u the mp3 loh..
then u can listen to it :D Old song, but nice :)

Only child for 8 years? sure your dad & mum sayang u a lot liao.. Childhood asthma i presume? now no more liao :)

_butt said...

Yalo.. last time stay in those flats ma.. like kena penjara like dat.. but it's not too bad la, cuz sometimes I curi-curi go out with friends oso.. damn cheeky *heheh*

Now no more la.. very guai already.

You gona teach me? Yay!! When, when? Friends say I'm a hopeless case when it comes to bicycle.. cis.

Chen said...

hahaha... wonder how u curi-curi go out with friends in the past. Don't tell me u climb out from the windows :P

Now u big gal liao mah.. No longer little kid ;)

U get a bicycle, then I can teach u liao.. :D Not difficult lah, as long as u have the determination..

Depends on how many hours u practice a day.. If fast, one or two days can liao.. if not, less than one week also sure u can ride bicycle liao..

_butt said...

No lah.. climb out the window too dramatic dah *haha*

Last time whenever I had to attend tuition class, I would set an earlier time to hang out with my friends in the playground before going off for tuition wan.. the place is just a few blocks away lah. Mom never question why so I happily curi-ed keluar loh.. we would just sit on the see saw, eat ice cream under the hot sunny afternoon.. (yes, siao to be around playground at that hour)

Ahh, those were the days.. :)

I never ponteng tuition though, too risky. Mom would find out.. :P

OKOK, I go get one first.. then u teach me ar..

Chen said...

cheeky lah u... can come up with such plan :P How old are u at that time?

Actually easy to learn how to ride a bike.. U can learn even all by yourself? ;) I can give u some online coaching, kekekke.. unless u come to Penang loh, then I can teach u personally :D

_butt said...

Waseh.. it's a privilege :)

Someday, someday..

Quite old already la. I was 9 then.. I think. *ahaks*

Chen said...

9 years old --> still young lah :P

Hehehe, I'm now listening to the 童年 song continously for the past half an hour (after I sent the mp3 to Angel)

_butt said...

Curious. Wonder wut song is that..

zeroimpact said...

I catch the figh fight worm lo, spider lo, snail thingee lo
wah so fun so fun...
When we go catch again ah

Chen said...

I can send the mp3 song to u if u r interested :) Just drop me an email.

fight fight worm ah?
hehehe... when we go catch again?
Your mama & dada will scold u or not?