Thursday, June 29, 2006


Butt & Day Dreamer insisted on wanting to see my handwriting, and they even say I might purposely write nicely to take pictures to show them. Aiyoh.... Well, this is how my handwriting looks like in my daily practice. So, is my handwriting legible? I know there are lotsa medical terminologies there (which is norm in medical practise)

Many thanks to ahmay, the great artist, for the nice Rainbow Sotong picture. Today is a tiring day.. Time for the tired Sotong to ZZzzzzzz ........


L B said...

Can't read a thing... Blurblur here anyway... Ok, I am gonna post another sotong tomorrow! Mm seh tak!

may said...

so fast draw another sotong! you having a sotong week or what?

and that handwriting is too neat for a doktor's... may I see your licence please? sure not a fake ah? wakakakaka!


may said...


l b sotong... click on the collage lah, larger photo mah... *blur blur*

L B said...

I did.. I still couldn't understand all that breast talk stuff..

angel said...

*clicks on the collage (thanks ahmay!) comes close to the screen and looks at the writing*

Hmmmm... quite doctor also...

Doc, draw lah another type of sotong, like the octopussy wan... this type of sotong makes me wanna makan lar... :P

BTW, thanks DocChen, the doc i saw said that it's a muscle problem...

Chen said...

can't read a thing? u really blur sotong then :P What sotong u gonna post tomorrow? the fried sotong? :P

easy mah to draw sotong.. Few minutes kao tim liao :D Now is the Sotong season.. must come up with more sotongs..

Aiyak, this is my handwriting style all the while leh.. during uni time, my handwriting is even more neat ;)

Want to see my licence ah? Show u my Cert & APC :D

LB really blur sotong huh? :D

aiyak, u understand it's breast talk can liao.. no need to know the details :D

my handwriting legible, right? :P
octopussy ah? tat one is mutated sotong.. mine is pure breed sotong :D

Muscle ache? Good to know that nothing sinister loh..

L B said...

You chopped off a breast?!!

Chen said...

aiyoh.. apa lu cakap? :P
Chopped off?
Ini bukan pasar woh.. tak jual daging kat sini. Hahha

U go & search for the meaning of mastectomy? The breast was removed cos of malignant cancer mah..

Cynthia said...

I've seen countless doctor handwrittings. I can say, yours one.. so far the best. Readable. =) Eh, if other ppl say cannot read, is OK. They are not trained to read loctor handwritting =) Ekekekekek

_butt said...

Wah so fast you post already eh?

Hmm.. memang a lot of jargons there.. words I can recognize are 'computed' and 'breast'. *haha*

Wait ar..

Psst.. Day dreamer, so wut do ya reckon? Can pass the legible test or not? :P

Btw, that sotong looked so cute when they sleep.. Eh, sotong will sleep oso meh?

Chen said...

I have many colleagues who have better handwritings.. Some of their writings are just like typewriter writings.. Very neat & tidy :D Syiok to read.

Hhahha.. I like your way of thinking ;) Manyak bagus.. Pharmacists are good in reading doctors' writing, right? :)

of course :D Cos u two don't believe me... That one is not "computed" lah.. it's "completed" kekkee..

This sotong is a special sotong.. Need to eat & sleep just like other human :P

_butt said...

Eh, really??

*checks back the photo and scrutinize word-by-word*

Oops. Sorry doc. Err.. technical error. *paiseh*

*Fast fast change topic*

Yaya, I like typwriter writings too.. so 'computed' wan.. *heheh*

Man, what was I thinking? Computed? Haih.. blurr sotong la me.

a^ben said...

ahhahahahah` not bad leh ur handwritting` cantik cantik`

I am expecting a pic from u owh` hahahha :P

Chen said...

wah.. what happen ah? Eat too much sotong liao? :D No need to change topic fast fast, I just pretend I didn't see can liao mah.. Pretend nothing happened. LOL

Sotong Rocks ;)

tq tq..
aiyak, sorry.. I forgotten liao I'm supposed to draw one pict of u :P This coming weekend. okie? ;)

_butt said...

OK lah.. gotta admit, your writing is better than wut I've seen.. I'm expecting big and cursive type wan.. :)

Chen said...

big and cursive type? Wah.. wasting paper lah.. It's bad to write that way :P

Simple American said...

You must have got my handwriting Chen. My penmanship had many believing I would go to medical school. But no. So it must have been transferred from a neat handwriting capable medical professional. Like YOU, doc!!!

I must demand you return my handwriting now!!!! Or I'll hold my breath until...

izso said...

That rainbow sotong was funny XD

And yeah, your handwriting is very neat, your drawing skills is very good.. how the heck do you learn to shade like that? I've been trying to figure it out on my own sketch since the first sotong drawing came out

zeroimpact said...

Doc doc write nice nice

IML said...

Surprise surprise your writing is actually neat coming from a doctor!

sengkor said...

i tot dr r not suppose to write 'readable words' so that the patient can't read and be worried by all the huge medical terms one?

Anonymous said...

De-Escalation therapy...sounds very familiar. One of my lecturers talked about it the other day. SOmething to do with starting a patient on a very aggressive antibiotic while waiting for the C&S results to come back?

Btw, nice handwriting you've got there ;)

eve said... paiseh handwriting not as good n legible as urs...used to be dem nice one ok...but after housemanship..hehe..cos the MOs n specialists tok dem fast..have to write down every dem terjadi la liddat...yaya..excuses excuses..hehe..

agus said...

Weh, that's a fine hand writing.

And your sotong seems to have gained weight. Mana tidak, makan tidur saja...hahaha

slurp! said...

well, they (handwriting) are much much legible then some other handwriting i seem. sometimes i can't even understand my own handwriting hehehehe ...

cute sotong & very well done shading. you should create a sotongmaid (half sotong, half lady hehehehe ...

Chen said...

LOL with your hypothesis :)
Wake up, SA.. don't stay asleep for too long, later we finished all the Sotong Kangkung, no leftover for u..

The rainbow sotong was a brilliant piece of art ;)

How I learn to shade like that? I have been sketching & shading small pieces of artwork since secondary school time. this is just an "old hobby" that I have abandoned for long time :)

thank u :)

I presume our little cute & adorable baby sotong's handwriting is nice as well?

Chen said...

hehehe.. there are lotsa doctors with neat handwritings out there ;) Just that u never realise..

Hahaha I like your point of view regarding illegible handwriting.
Anyway, patients today are no longer the same from patients in the past.
They have the rights to know their ailments and what treatment is given to them and what are the alternatives :)

LOL... I'm using the the pad given by the drug company (Tienam) to do the sketching :P

Yeah, De Escalation Therapy is starting a life threatening infection with broad spectrum antibiotics (with high coverage of the likely pathogen)& reduce the medication subsequently when causative pathogens or microbs is known :)

Thanks :)

Chen said...

Hahah, yeah, during HO time.. indeed have to write very fast. Most of the Consultants talk very fast & we need to scribble everything or as much as we can in such a short duration of time.

Hahhaa.. what else are sotongs suppose to do beside eating & sleeping? I guess it's time to do some exercise or hiking.. LOL

Can't even understand your own handwriting? Oops.... Most importantly is the handwriting on the cheque is legible :P

Sotongmaid as mermaid? What a suggestion.. LOL

day-dreamer said...

Hmm!! I still beh kam muon... the handwriting surely must be you pick the best of the best one to show us... the not-so-legible one sure keep and hide in dunno which hole.

Hahahaha!! Kidding only, no offence meant.

_butt, I'm still thinking... but I think is pass la, hehehe!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Hahahhaah, Day dreamer, aiyoh.. if u dowan to believe, i really have nothing to say liao loh.. :P The best is u come & visit me in my clinic.. LOL. But u must make appointment early :P

_butt said...

'..the not-so-legible one sure keep and hide in dunno which hole.'

LOL@Day Dreamer!!

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

What?!? Wait a minute! There is something wrong with this picture!

Winn said...

dun belip... how can doktor not have doktor's writing???

then i think i can swap job with u liao..

i cant write!! they all looks like cacing!! my writings always lost their balance.hahahah

Chen said...

don't choy that day dreamer :P
she jealous i guess...
cos her handwriting is not so nice :P

nothing wrong lah..
u can readjust your spect to have a clearer view :D

i haven't show u some of my doctor colleagues writing yet.. extremely neat & tidy.. i'm amazed each time I read their reports. Very nice to read ;)

swab job with u ah?
then i really lulu loh.. kekkeke...

cacing has the cacing character lah, just like sotong has the sotong character. LOL

day-dreamer said...

Who say??? My handwriting nicer than you leh!! (although this assumption may be a bit biased as the author is still under the influence of the Doctor's Handwriting Theory)


bluewave said...

Can't read but still know good
handwriting Doc........
blur blur ....