Friday, June 30, 2006

Ben, The Lion Prince

I almost forgotten that I have promised to draw one picture for Ben Siu, The Lion Prince (after he sang several sotongified Chinese & English songs for me, haha). How he gets this name? Read this post and you will know the answer :P Initially I planned to draw a portrait picture for him, but after thinking for a while, I changed my plan. Why? cos drawing a lion is much easier (well, drawing & shading a lion takes me less than 10 minutes.....) So I proceed with drawing a male lion with nice mane ;)

Ben's hair & The lion's mane... Looks similar, right? If he keeps beard, even better.. more similarity.. LOL. Seriously, Ben Siu.. Time to gunting rambut ... (I curi Ben's picture from his post :P)


angel said...

waahahahaha...yr lion damn cute liuliu! u so pannai lukis wannn?? i oso wanntttt!!!

L B said...

Waaa!!! Ok, ok, you're the Vincent van Gogh now! We Want Oil Paintings next!!

Chen said...

kekkeke... u like the picture?
Errr... u also want an animal potrait picture of u? :P What animal should i draw? ;) kekekkee...

I'm not Vincent van Gogh leh.. I just simply lukis punya.. Oil painthing ah? That one more leceh. The last time I draw with oil pastel is my "Lion & Lamb" profile picture, and that was something like a decade ago liao... Now I only have my HB & 2B pencils & no other "instruments" :P

angel said...

No no... i donwan animal lar... i want an angel... can?

*bambi eyes*

day-dreamer said...

Why this L B. so obssessed with Vincent Van Gogh?? :P

Not bad leh, your drawing... Ben must be so proud! :D

_butt said...

Nice one!! ^^

Eh, but why the lion looked so sad wan?

L B said...

I also like Sunflowers :-)

may said...

eh, why lion king looks so sad wan? I did a rough sketch today of a funky lion, but not as cool as yours... hair not as much oso!

Pink Cotton said...

hmmm color and hair style also same like lion's mane...WAHAHAHA

a^ben said...

wei wei wei loktor!!! this one not counted ah` you say wanna lukis my portrait not ini lion owh` hahaha dun fake fake owh``

Chen said...

u want angel ah? okie okie.. one of these days.. might be on the weekends :)

*trying to imagine how your bambi eyes look like* LOL

day dreamer,
I guess Vincent Van Gogh is LB's favourite artist :)

Cos Ben looked sad in the first place (after he woke up from sleep) :P

Chen said...

Sunflower? how about sunflower oil? :)

this one is lion prince ;) Cos Ah Ben looked sad in his photo.. so the Lion Prince inevitably also have to look sad :P

Wah... u sketch the lion already? I want to have a look ;) Can I? :D

pink cotton,
that's why i called him The Lion Prince.. LOL

kakkaa... too troublesome to draw your portrait.. easier to draw lion :P

slurp! said...

i tot that's the preferred hairstyle of most classic musician? hehehehe ...

ger 0:0 arg

Chen said...

Come to think about it, tat's true..
Most musicians have "unique" hairstyle :P

a^ben said...

wei wei wei` that is only when I din visit the hairdresser for two months okay!

besides` I am a music student` not a musician.. yet` hhahahah!

Chen said...

LOLOL... i'm now trying hard to imagine how u will look like if u don't cut your hair for 3 months :P

music student is musician wanna be also lah... cincai lah..