Saturday, July 01, 2006

Little Angel

Angel requested me to draw an angel for her. Well, since she requested with *bambi eyes*, I have no choice but to oblige :P Angel, I just came back home & I started sketching this little angel for you liao.. Hope you like the picture.


may said...

waaaaa!!! waaaaaa!!!
so the very nice! I love that little star wand.

eh doktor, should you ever want an alternative career, consider art as your second major, ok? children's books with sotongs and angels. best sellers!

a^ben said...


i dun care` I am still waiting for my portrait~ wahhaha!

Chen said...

u love the little star wand?
quickly grab the star wand from the little angel's hand & pass it to maymay :P

alternative career ah?
Errr.. I'm not so ambitious lah :P
draw draw or sketch sketch for fun can liao lah...

as comel as your lion picture leh, heehhe...

aiyak, I think u can ask ahmay jie jie to draw your portrait picture for u :P

_butt said...

Wow!!! I'm impressed!! Wait til Angel see this.. sure she like wan.. ^^

angel said...

i love it!
i love it!
i love it!
i love it!
i love it!

T H A N K Y O U !
M U A K ! ! !

angel said...

hehe... butty babe, liu know me so well... i likes!!! so, can u draw too, butty?

Chen said...

aiyak, simple drawing only lah :P
*paiseh paiseh*

you are mostly welcomed ;)
glad u ♥♥♥ it.

Pink Cotton said...

my oh my...a doctor with an artistic flair...thats wat i call COOL! KHIK :)

carcar said...

*carcar MERAJUK here*


hey the Little Angel is so cute!

draw me a Little Car also can :P


The Yongs said...

Wow! You are very artistic for a doctor... but then again, I think most doctors are? As another example, look at the balloon twisting talent from Docfiles (!

I enjoy your drawings by the way.. angelically sotong! Hee hee hee.

Chen said...

pink cotton,
haha, I have been sketching a lot for the past few days.. I guess I can tuck my 2B pencil on my ear liao.. so that easier to get access.. LOL

aiks, merajuk pulak ni carcar LOL
give carcar one lollipop :P
u want a little Car ah?
if i'm free later on, I will sketch for u. (I must oblige Sotong's request too) LOL

the yongs,
Hehhe, I know that guy as well as his wife :) We used to work in the same hospital in the past, and I always get the updates on latest phone & latest pda from him in the past :P He has left for greener pastures few years back.

Angelically Sotong? Hahhaha..

Kristopher said...

nice!!! as a doc u sure can draw.... :)

Winn said...

aiyooooooooooooooo so cute!!!

chen u should quit ur job n b an artist!! seriously!!

BUt angeliu got so angelic mehhh....she;s very evil in real life worrrrrrrrr
kekekekekkekekekek...joking la, angeliu...kkkee..u very the sweet lahhhhhh :)

Chen said...

thanks.. drawing is one of my favourite hobby since childhood time :P

quit job ah?
cannot lah..
i sked jadi artist susah cari makan woh.. :P

wah.. u cakap bad things about angeliu behind her back? LOLOLOLOL
Angel is indeed very sweet, and her name is very sweet too ;)

zeroimpact said...

Angel look so cute
Doc doc veli good at drawing...

day-dreamer said...

*day-dreamer merajuk too*

I want. I want I want I want. I also want!!!!!!!

Draw a cute little daydreaming cartoon for me pls... hehehe! :P

L B said...

Ho ho ho... now I also want one too!!! Gimme gimme gimme!!!! Fast fast, before I have to pack everything up... *LOL*

Chen said...

Thank u thank u :)

day dreamer,
u also merajuk ah?
wondering how a merajuk DD look like? :P

Day dreaming cartoon ah?
okie lah.. I will draw later for u..

u also want?
walao... so many requests awaiting..
wat pict u want me to draw for u?
lormaikai? kakkakka :P
or something else?

angel said...

LOL @ winnliuliu! Oi! Wait till liu see me lar... Very angelic wannnn... So angelic until u pun nak become angel too! LOLOL!

Ya, i very sweet wan... so wanna lick me? alamak! that sounded so so so ....... LOLIULIU!

Yalah doc, u boleh cari makan as pelukis jalanan liao :D can sell @ chowrasta market LOL... nolah, joking nia lar... doc, aren't 6B pencils 'easier' to sketch? last time i went for art class tuition and the teacher taught me to sketch using 6B pencils... i sketch wan very ugry but after he corrected it, waaaa so cantik until can frame up LOL!

TQ again, doc! I'm gonna put it up in my blog :)

plink said...

Picture so nice!
angel so lucky!
So many requests!
I think may could be right: children's books with sotongs and angels could be winners.... =)

Chen said...

wah, u so angelic ah? :P
lick u?
never mind.. I can see how sweet u are soon.. very very soon..

hehehe.. I used to use 6B pencils to shade in the past, but I don't have mah.. yeah, yeah.. one shade with 6B pencil is equivalent to many times shading with 2B :P

I saw liao the little angel on your blog :P

No time leh to publish book, hahhaha... I prefer jalan-jalan & take photo actually (& to increase my collection of photos) :P Actually I just simply draw for fun niah..

slurp! said...

well, keep on nuturing these talents of yours. when you finally have "enough", you'll know what to do next. :)

Chen said...

hahaha.. when I have had "enough", I guess I will stop drawing for some time :P

Simple American said...

Very cute. Nice angel and Angel is nice too as are you doc.

Chen said...

thanks thanks :) I'm flattered :P

Thao said...

Cool, did you learn how to draw? I also like to draw a lot, it's relaxing...

Chen said...

nope, I never attend any drawing class or tuition before. I picked up the hobby when I was small time, started sketching with pencil on papers here & there since then ;) It's fun & interesting activity to pass time :)

dino said...

chen, like the picture so much..
can i have a baby dino picture as well... :)

Chen said...

baby dino ah? If I'm free, I will sketch one for u :)