Saturday, July 01, 2006

Carcar, the car ...

Cham, The Sotong Carcar merajuk & wanted me to draw her a little car :P Since she is a cute adorable sotong, I will draw one cute little carcar car for her on this beautiful Saturday evening.

Since this is a cartoon car, so the car as expected, is disproportionate. (Alamak, no doors pulak :P Cincai lah.. I know Carcar won't mind..)


Pink Cotton said...

i m first!!!! :)))

cool car...looks like the CARS cartoon :p

may said...

that almost looks like a cross between a Gen2 and Waja... alamak! eh, but it's a cool car nevertheless!

*baby you can drive my car...*

*toot toot!*

Winn said...

so niceee!! lighting mcQueen!!!

a^ben said...

hehehe` shud draw sexy eyes with long lashes and also thick thick angeliuna lips on the windscreen marh` ahhahahaha :P

day-dreamer said...

*day-dreamer continue to merajuk*

When will be my turn?

Though it looks a BIT weird, it's a pretty nice drawing all the same. Maybe after you retire you can open a stall somewhere and draw... kekekeke!


Chen said...

pink cotton,
heheeh, yeah.. u r the first one :P
CARS cartoon? I haven't watch that animated movie yet :P

hahha.. kahwin campur I presume.. then the offspring is the kacukan.. LOL

wow.. maymay singing ;)
I better take a chair & sit down..

Lighting McQueen ah? kekkee... I haven't watch the movie yet :P Might be it's time for me to get the dvd liao :D

Chen said...

lazy to draw so many things, hahahha... I think Carcar won't mind. As long as I draw a car, can liao.. :P

day dreamer,
Give day dreamer a lollipop :P
Little girl cannot merajuk for so long lah.. I will draw the picture for u later on ;) Meanwhile, enjoy the lollipop first :D

Wah.. after I retire ah... After I retire, I want to enjoy life & rest liao.. why want to open store at the roadside pulak? kekekke...

zeroimpact said...

Later doc doc can open gallery adi
Sketches by the doc
heh heh heh
I like I like

angel said...

waaaa.... doc in a drawing mood!
LOL @ a^ben! *imagines the car with eyelashes & angeliuna's lips* waaaa, hou sexy lohhh...

carcar said...

wah!!!!!!!! love it love it!!

thanks !!

*missy kissy giving chen 2 lorries of kisses*

no doubt wtth a^ben's description the car will look sexier, but i like chen's design, even though it is not as cute as me, (no, don't get me wrong, the car is cute enough, but i am cuter) but i really appreciate her effort beli beli beli muchie!

but no door how to go in?


yes i don't mind, but you must draw me a remote control mah :P

kakaka... just kidding! thanks a million..

*continue to give you kiss...*

Chen said...

zero impact,
open gallery? walao..
cannot lah..
nobody will come to visit one, hahaha..

weekends mah.. draw & sketch a bit loh.. since I haven't draw for so long already.. Syiok also to start sketching again after not doing so for so long ;)

hehe.. missy kissy kisses manyak powerful :D I know u r cute mah :P
and that one sided dimple make u look even cuter ;) Just like ah ben, he has one dimple too.. LOL..

no door ah? can climb in through the window mah.. make it more happening though.. LOL remembering the old days, hahahha..

*continue to receive kisses* :P

_butt said...

Wah.. if everyone can merajuk like dat get free drawing *nice and cool ones sumore* I oso wan lo.. *start pouting in the corner* waaaaaa....

Kidding.. *LOL*

Hmm.. but I wonder hor, what are you gona draw for me leh if I request it one fine day? :P

Cute car eh. No door oso nvm la.. can climb through the window ma, more dramatic.. *hehe*

kat said...

Wah..Dr Chen, your sketches are really nice!! I especially like Sotong in Dreamland. Cute, like lying in a sleeping bag!

How's about a self-portrait, eh??

carcar said...

mogok mogok mogok~~

yes! agree with kat! how bout a self portrait?


wah climb in to the car! really so happening! terlalu happening man! nanti polis datang tangkap!

Chen said...

wah.. don't tell me u want to merajuk also? LOL..Cos day dreamer already merajuk liao & I have to pacify her with lollipop :P

Trying to imaging also how the merajuk butt looks like :P Sucking her little thumb? or Stomping her little foot? ;)

if u request ah, i will draw a baby for u, kakaka... cos u use little baby picture as your profile pict :P

yeah loh, climb in through window..
easy mah.. as long as can go it & doesn't get stuck halfway LOL


Self portrait?
dowan lah.. Drawing portrait consume time.. Sketching cartoon or other things take me few minutes but drawing portrait will take longer time at least one or two hours leh.. :P

aiyoh.. mogok pasal apa woh?
lazy to draw portrait lah.. cos time consuming :P

Hahha, kalau polis datang tangkap, u bagi tau sajalah dia orang kereta tu takde pintu.. terpaksa panjat masuk.. kalau tak, takde cara lain dah :P

Good or not my bahasa pasar? :P

Anonymous said...

You can always self-sketch yourself as a what cartoon would you be??

kat said...

eh..that was me, kat..

Chen said...

hahhaa... just take the sleeping sotong as me :P How about that? LOL

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, I hopr Carcar's surname is not the unique Penang's " Ch'ng " :)

Chen said...

hahaha... Luckily, nope. She shares the same surname with me in Chinese language, but not in English :D

Simple American said...

I think it is a wonderful car. Guess I should ask Carcar for a ride. ;)

Chen said...

Thanks :) But I hope carcar & you can climb inside the car via the windows, cos this is a modern design and there is no door :P All entrances are via window ;)