Sunday, July 02, 2006


I was looking through the scenery photos I took from my apartment few months ago and I came across these photos taken at dusk.. At the same time, co-incidentally, my CD player is playing the "Song of Sunset" or 夕陽之歌 - the movie theme song of 英雄本色III夕陽之歌 (A Better Tomorrow III) by Anita Mui/梅艷芳. This is one of my favourite song and until now, I 'm using it as the default ringing tone for my handphone. This is the video link to the song (Courtesy of Slurp).

There is one Chinese phrase saying "夕阳無限好,只是近黃昏" which means no matter how beautiful is the sunset, it is near dusk.. Well, I don't agree with that :)

I love the striking colour of the cloud & the sky.. warm orange colour. Indeed I can spend hours looking out from the windows everyday (provided I'm free)..


carcar said...

ok, july must count the HHC point ok :P

Selba said...

Oooohhh... so beautiful!!!
especially the colour for pic no. 2.
Love it!!!

a^ben said...

the clouds like so scary like that`` over shadowing the condo~ aiyoyoyoyyoyoyoyy` scary scary` Bhoooooooooooooooot~~~~

Chen said...

aiyak, u know right, there is no HHC here :P

Yeah, I like that picture too.. The striking orange colour ;)

see lah.. I tell u liao not to watch so many horror movies, hahahhah..
If like this also scary, then I really no eye see liao.. hahaha

wah.. u bring the Bhoooooooooot from YM till here? :P The Bhoooooooooot has no effect here cos no audio effect :P

may said...

awesome photos, Doktor! I would love to have sunsets like that everyday...

Winn said...


i m obssessed with orange too!!

got a lot of vitamin C.. right?

day-dreamer said...

LOL at Winn's comment.

Nice pictures...

*day-dreamer holding bogus lollipop, continue to merajuk*


day-dreamer said...

Oh yeah, by the way, "夕阳无限好" by 陈奕讯 (Eason Chan) is very nice...


_butt said...

Hey day dreamer, I was thinking of that Eason's song too when I saw the orange pic.. so warm and nice color ^^

Ahhh.. there's nothing more lovely than dusk. I liked the sky when it turned purplish too. :D

Chen said...

Mmmm.. might be u can consider.. shifting to Penang? ;) But no money back guarantee that u can see such sunset or such scenery everyday :P

yeah, Bingo :)
I love the way u think :D
By just looking at the orange sky, u can have sufficient vitamin C supply for the day. LOLOL So no need to waste $$$ to buy Vitamin C liao. Good hoh?

day dreamer,
Give u another extra lollipop :P
Don't merajuk for too long..
I will sketch a pict of u eating lollipop, how about that? kakkaka...

Btw, do u have the mp3 of 夕阳无限好? I dunno how's the song like :D

Some people prefer dawn, some prefer dusk.. Well, I don't mind both ;)

Purplish sky? Woo... I don't have photo of purplish sky but some other colours. I will post it up one of these days :P

day-dreamer said...

Don't want lollipop... it's fattening! :P

Also don't want a picture eating lollipop --> so CHILDISH!! :P

_butt, you like that song too??!

Sorry Chen, I don't have the mp3 for that song. You can try to Google it and see.. :)

_butt said...

Ahahaha.. looks like Day Dreamer has high expectation there.

Day Dreamer: Yep, I loved most of Eason Chan's songs. Eh, he's coming to KL rite? Duno can get his tic or not leh (actually me tak sampai hati, so expensive ler~).. anybody wants to come with me? Or beta still, free tics??

Woops.. hope Doc Chen don't mind me chatting with Day Dreamer here.. heheh.

_butt said...

Hmm.. Chen, some other colors?? Green color got ah? or bright fluorescent pink wan? :P

Chen said...

day dreamer,
haahaha.. I'm the one who draw, so I will draw whatever I like :P Anyway, cartoon are supposed to be childish.

okie, I will google later on.

hahhaa... searching for kaki to watch concert ah?

Green coloured sky? wah.. this is not watching monster movie leh.. whre got green sky one :P

Fluoroscent pink? Pinkish sky got lah.. fluoroscent pulak? Unless I photoshop the window, kakaka... but i won't, cos I prefer natural coloured sky ;) Natural is still the best :P

_butt said...

Hahaha.. u say other color ma.. so I was thinking what color got lo :P

Yep, nature is best left at its best.. ^^

Chen said...

I guess all the rainbow colours (violet, indigo, blue, yellow, orange, red) except green :P

slurp! said...

aiyoh, this song youtube got ah ...

Chen said...

Thanks for the video link on the song :) I have the 夕陽之歌 mp3 song on my pda too.

zeroimpact said...

I am amazed...
totally amazed

angel said...

waaa so much yakking here ;)
i'm so sleepy liuliu... so i'm gonna liuzzzz early today...

Hmmm... i must take some scenery pics soon...

G O O D N I T E L A D I E S & B A B I E S

Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

Chen said...

err... are sure u r not hypnotised? :P

Do join in the fun of taking scenery pictures ;) It's indeed something very "rewarding". I have taken thousands already :P

day-dreamer said...

_butt: Me also no $$ to go to Eason's concert... :(

Hehe... if the Sotong Doctor minds you can always chat with me in the SayBox at my blog... :P

Simple American said...

You have marvelous clouds there. I love the way the Texas sky gets painted by the sun too.

Awww... It is nice when there is time to watch the sun rise and fall. I must try and see some on my cruise.

Christine said...

nice pic. I love beautiful sky!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
promoting the chatbox here? :P

I will send u the pict later on tonight or tomorrow :)

HOpe u enjoy yourself on the coming cruise :) My last cruise was to the Three Gorges in 2004 and it was marvellous :) Love the scenery

Thanks :)

Simple American said...

Where is the Three Gorges. Sounds, uh gorgeous. ;) keke

Chen said...

The Three Gorges is in China - located along the Yangtze River :)

IML said...

Such rich golden cotton candy clouds. So spectacular

Chen said...

cotton candy clouds?
yum yum..
used to like that a lot (refering to cotton candy) during my childhood days but not now ;)