Monday, July 03, 2006

Taiping Zoo (12) : Rhinoceros

The lazy rhino lying on the ground, Zzzzz... This is what I feel like doing now.. Relax, Laze Around, Resting & Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ....... This is how life suppose to be, right? But... not everyone has the luxury :P


_butt said...

FIRSTT to comment!!! woo hooo!! Doc, you should have THHC lah..

Looking at the pic makes me want to be a rhino sometimes.. Zzzzzzz

_butt said...

Darn my grammar! Become like a rhino lah.. eat, sleep, eat, sleep.. laze around under the shades.. bliss.

angel said...

i second _butty. faster set up the SotongHHC here! fai tit fai tit!!

I am also having a blardy lazzzzzy Monday... but gonna go body jamming aftwds, yay!!

a^ben said...

free facial for the rhinos` hahahahah :P

i think they are bored to death and they might be thinking why cant they be like humans~

Chen said...

congrats congrats
give butt another lollipop
strawberry flavoured lollipop ;)

There are so many THHC around liao... no need to start here liao loh..

Haha, I know what u mean lah :P
I'm not your English teacher, so don't worry. Nyek nyek nyek..

eat, sleep, eat, sleep only meh?
must add in some other activities too.. Or else u will be bored to death leh... LOL

LOL at SotongHHC pulak, kakkaka...

Monday blues ah? Monday is going to an end soon liao.. another 5 hours to go..

Body Jamming? yeh

I like your Ben idea..
luckily u r thinking of free facial only for rhino & not about BBQ rhino meat or roast rhino LOL

Life is like that loh..
We always envy of other people ;)
lu kua wa hoh, wa kua lu hoh

Winn said...

hm...are they elephant of a kind? without the trunk? ...

maybe the trunk kena chopped off or sthg?

_butt said...

'must add in some other activities too.. '

Like wut eh? :P

Boss Stewie said...

i think the rhino is more bored than happy

Chen said...

hahaha, u r really good leh :P
always bring a smile on my face :D
kakakka... Come to think of it, really huh, rhino = elephant without trunk :P both also have kedut-kedut skin

I will show u pict of rhino's twin brother (not the evil twin) aka elephant very very soon :P

tat one ah... up to your own imagination loh.. wak kong chai mg sai wak chut chiong keh :D

boss stewie,
well well, it's human nature.
Always be optimistic :P
That's why we prefer to think of the good things only ;)

_butt said...

Eleh.. but I duno ma.. me innocent punya.. I'm a baby remember? :P


may said...

oh, zzzzzzz... that is what I should be doing! zzzzzz... such a mad, busy monday... zzzzzz... another 4 days to go before the weekend, sigh... zzzzzzz...

zeroimpact said...

How I wish to be a rhino now...

Simple American said...

I wanna be a rhino too. Double nice as the rhino has a friend. :)

slurp! said...

Sexual maturity: Males 7 years, Females 4 or 5 years
Gestation: 15 months
Life span: 40 years in captivity

hmmm .. anyone still wants to be a rhino? LOLz

Chen said...

aiyak.. the other activities can be innocent activities too.. eg, playing ah, teasing each other ah, watch people doing dunno wat ah, bla bla bla..

kakka, don't think so much leh.. blek

Poor maymay, such a busy day for u..
hope the weekends will arrive soon ;) give maymay a warm hug

u are weary & tired too?
Poor boiboi :(

Hehhhe.. suddenly so many people wants to become rhino :D Yeah, u noticed the other rhino inside the pict ;)

kakkkaa... But... human takes even longer time to reach puberty leh.. :P

Mmmm.. 40 years in captivity? Mmmm..

Selba said...

For sure.. I don't wanna be a rhino... ugly, rough skin :P
better to be a hypo or elephant, hahaha

Chen said...

actually, Hippos & Elephants have rough skin too (including the babies) :P I will post up photos of elephants later & u can have a look :P

Selba said...

yeah.. but they are CUTE!!! :p

ok, gonna look forward to those posts!!!

Chen said...

yeah, the elephants are indeed cute, especially the baby elephants :)