Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 8th Anniversary, BabeKL

Happy 8th Marriage Anniversary to BabeKL & her beloved hubby. 4th July is an “easy to remember” date since it is also US Independence Day. I would like to take this opportunity to wish our dear Simple American (whom I prefer to call as SA) Happy 4th July too. There are few friends of mine celebrating their anniversaries this month (including myself too).


_butt said...

Yay!!! First again!!

Doc ar, u seriously have to set up THHC liao.. so I'll be qualified to get points ma *hehe*

Happi Anniversary to everyone celebrating their umm.. anniversary!!! ^^

_butt said...

Oh.. forgot. And Happi US Independence Day too.. :D

babe_kl said...

Wow my eyes nearly popped out when I saw this hahaha never expected a wish on someone else's blog :p

Thanks so much for remembering and all your wishes. I havent even move my arse to post anything yet... dang lazy hahaha

may said...

Happy Anniversary to you too, babe_kl!! and more to come for you!

pssst... Doktor... so what special events do you have planned for your hubby, eh? more skeletons and STNGs?

angel said...

Waaa so many happies liuliu!

Happy liuliu anniversary babe_kl!
Happy liuliu anniversary to US!
Happy liuliu anniversary to doc!
Happy liuliu everyone!

LOL @ _butty. Getting kiasu liao, aren't we? *LOL*

Winn said...


your anniversary in july too? how u gonna celebrate har? with bread ? if u gonna makan bread then we shall call it celebread...MUhahahahah.:P

carcar said...

happy happy to babe_kl ♥

happy happy to chen&hubby on the coming 3 more days :)

happy happy to everybody :)

Chen said...

Give butt another lollipop (this time is cappuccino-flavoured lollipop) so that she won’t ask me to set up THHC again :P (trying to bribe the innocent little girl with lollipop, but I scared she might have dental caries later after so many lollipops..)

TQ for the wishes… U can wish me again on Friday LOL

Hahha.. This is what we called as… surprise ;) Hope u have a nice celebration with your hubby, and your little boiboi too..

special event? Mmmm… I guess none lah… Hahah, so many years oledi, no need to celebrate liao :P

No skeleton nor STNG this time(but I prefer Stong then STNG --> this one sounds like star trek oni) :P

Chen said...

Your liuliu song veli de nice :) So u gonna sing that again on Friday? :P

Yeah yeah.. this coming Friday.. I might take your suggestion & eat bread.. really nice way to celebread huh? Thanks for the great suggestion., Winn Winn ;)
*hug hug Winn Winn for the great idea* LOL

I complete the song with..
Happy Happy to carcar too..

Happy mah for u cos start another “new phase” liao (u know what i mean, right? )

Waiting for Carcar to repeat the song again in few days time.. LOLOLOL

jonboy60 said...

hehehe.. when iz ur wedding aniversary?

Cynthia said...

in 2 more days time..is chen's 6 yr anni also right?


Chen said...

this coming friday :)

err.. should be 3 more days lah..:P
it's 7th, not 6th ;)

_butt said...


Let's see, so now little girl got lime, orange, strawberry and cappucino.. *big grin*

Durian wan I dun wan ah. Caries? Nvm, u pay the bill :P

Chen said...

is that sufficient, or u want more? :P

if dental caries.... I will cabut the gigi for u, LOLOL

L B said...

Must post comments.. must post as many comments as possible, before my battery runs out.... Happy Independence Day!!! Well, and happy anniversary!!! CHUP..

babe_kl said...

thanks all for the wishes

Chen said...

wah.. u just come back home for a short while & u learn all the kiasu tactics liao? :P

hope u have a wonderful time with your hubby & your boiboi :)

Simple American said...

Thanks Chen for the 4th of July salute. And I liu you too Winn. Wow so touching of you all.

And Anniversary to BabeKL and her mister.

Look forward to hearing of any special anniversary activities you might have Chen. :)

Chen said...

I'm sure u see lotsa fireworks in US on 4th July :) No special anniversary activities leh.. :P