Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Favourite Subject : Chemistry

My most favourite subject during my secondary school days (Form 6 or STPM) is Chemistry. Among Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry is my favourite. I still remember scoring very high marks in Chemistry. Haha, I get high marks in other subjects too.. Well, well.. come to think about it, that was so long ago already, but still, it seems like just occuring not long ago.

My second favourite subject is Mathematics, and third on the list in Physics. Somehow, I love Science subjects - Am I one of the typical Science Stream student? Biology is not my favourite though :P I dislike subjects such as Geography & History. I don't mind reading History for knowledge purpose, but... asking me to memorise the date & events for exam purpose, that's different story.

DYKT I always until today, I still have the habit of calling the alcoholic beverage as CH3CH2OH or C2H5OH. (which is also known as ethanol or ethyl alcohol or EtOH). Hehehe, cos that is the chemical formula for alcohol. If you dunno any other chemical formula, just remember this one - CH3CH2OH or C2H5OH. Who knows, might be you can impress your other friends with this formula :)


Sometimes, I wonder....
How would life be if I took up or major in Chemistry in university instead of Medicine?
Or how would life be if I took up Physics instead?
And how would life be if I am a Chemist or Physicist? (Well, I do have friends working as Physicists).
So many how would life be...
Mmm.... The answer is...Face the reality lah.. hahhaha...

Well, I guess most people don't end up doing what they prefer or what they like the most..


Winn said...


my fav was art!

a^ben said...

i think if i order a drink giving the chemical formulas, the bartender is gonna look at me, blink eyes twice and gimme the WtF look` hahahah

Daniel Yiek said...

This means your left brain is stronger as it focuses on facts, analysis, measurement and management.

Anyway, the best job is getting paid to do what u luv.

lynnx01 said...

Chemistry is still fresh in my mind.. lol (I just finished A Levels).I would want to choose to remember all the things that I learnt during my two years of A Levels.. don't want to forget any detail even after I enter medical school. But I doubt it. Hehe!

day-dreamer said...

Good answer to the "what would life be" answer.

After being two years of Pure Science students, I think doing Arts is a fresh change. Not bad, I did not regret my decision, as it is more relaxing... :P

Well, put it in other words, I'm a slacker. LOL!

FH2O said...

I'm a straight A's science stream students right up to uni before I took up architecture holding this misconception all the while that science is superior to the arts.

Now I know this to be absolutely not true at all.

_butt said...

I was wondering what trigger u to post this today.. could it be the fact tht 988 talks abt it this mornin'?

'Well, I guess most people don't end up doing what they prefer or what they like the most..'

So true. So I guess I'm still lucky up to this point.

Btw, I'm your opposite. I'm an art student, but I'm not reali into arts either.. in fact, I prefer.. geography!! *haha*

I'm maths best enemy, which is why I end up studyin' mass comm instead.. kekeke.

angel said...

Let's see... my best friend would me Maths & Engrish & BM ... I hate History and I hate Geography and I hate Econs! I cannot hafal lessons... I just cannot...

_butt said...

Why lar hate geography angel? Nice mah.. no need to hafal wan, knowledge ma..

Chen said...

wooh.. I want to see your drawing, can I? :D

Aiyoh, then u should give the bar tender a lesson :P That is the basic of alcohol LOLOLOL

included getting paid with the fair amount of $$$ ;)

Hahhaa, I too hope can remember everything that I have learned.. But the truth is.. we will forget things with time :) How sad :P Well, we learn new things each day as time goes...

Pink Cotton said...

hmm its quite weird to imagine a doctor not liking bio le :p

i just ABSOLUTELY love chemistry too!...why..i can even remember the ion charges of almost all the elements till now ...CA2+,H+,O2+...


Chen said...

day dreamer,
U can always make changes in life when u are still young :) Some people will take these opportunities for "Trial & Error" :)

Nothing is superior in this world ;)
Just like the chinese saying - There is always another mountain that is higher ;) Most importantly is to respect each other & never think highly of oneself & look down at others, right? :)

Nothing trigger me. I normally will write whatever things that come to my mind :P (Except when answering tag etc etc).

Well, I don't listen to radio :P I will only listen to cassettes when I'm driving. At home, I will only listen to CDs :P

Actually hoh, what u major at or what u study at the moment?

Aiyak, why u don't like maths? :P
Syiok lah doing maths.. No need to study one.. Just solve the question with formula only, nyek nyek nyek :D

domesticgoddess said...

ahahaha...my favourite was biology, so i really don't know why i ended up graduating with a physics degree :P
and i wonder, what would life be if i'd taken medicine LOL! but truth is, i never studied hard enough to get in *sigh*

Chen said...

kakkaka.. I was sleepy just now.. I saw what u study liao.. Mass Comm... LOL

U hate to memorize things..
I see I see..
I guess most of us hates to memorize things as well ;)

Sad to say that I have forgotten most of the formulas I learn in Additional Maths in the past.. Aiks..

Geography no need to hafal meh? Need also lah.. although can bluff bluff, but depends on the question also.. hehehe...

pink cotton,
aiks, Medicine is not about Biology lah :P That's one of the common misconception ;) Chemistry & Physics play important roles in Medicine too..

During our preclinical years in Medical Faculty, we have to study Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy,
Histology, Embryology, Pharmacology,
Pathology, Microbiology, Immunology, Epidemiology, Statistics etc...

domestic goddess,
wow.. u grad with physics degree? ;)
That's cool..

zeroimpact said...

I oso take the chemist n physics but then traded bio for accounts...
I like literature a lot n for form 6 have to change back to arts coz din like double maths...
I still dunno what I've done though

slurp! said...

if you can find a way to convert vegetable oil to petrol huh, i'm sure you make alot of money hahahaha .....

Chen said...

so u r still confused?
My poor boiboi :)
Wake up..

wah.. very good idea :D
I will try to work on that, kakakka..

zeroimpact said...

I think I wake up adi
Doing something I had interest in since very young

may said...

I loved Science, though I didn't go into Science Stream when I was in secondary school. despite it having scaled down tremendously, it was one of my favourite subjects next to English and Art...

p.s. did you make home-made bombs with your chemistry set? :P

angel said...

butty baby, must hafal wan lar geography... i got bad memory... that's why now, sekejap-sekejap, everything oso forget... :(

Doc, haha, of cos all the formula sudah kasi balik to the teacher lar... I suppose the teacher also will influence our 'love' towards a subject, no? I love all my math teachers bcos they are good teachers! Unlike my Bio teacher...wakakakaka... now i remember sumting abt my Bio teacher... he always one side got wear socks, the other side no socks wan! *LOLOL* dun ask me why... i pun tak tau!

domesticgoddess said...

eh if you hate memorizing, how come you studied medicine? i thought med need a lot of memory wan? like xxGB... LOL!

sengkor said...

my fav subject was PE. But that comes only once a week..

_butt said...

Really no geography fans here ar.. kesian. LOL

Chen said...

that’s good..
Apa lu buat sekarang?

Woo.. u love Science too :)
Hahaha.. talking about home made bombs, u reminds me of Hydrogen Sulfide or H2S – the offensive foul smelling gas that smells like rotten eggs. I still remember the practical session when we mixed up substances to produce this offensive gas..
Wah.. feel like fainting after inhaling the rotten egg smell..
Really stench..

No home made bombs.. I don’t made nuclear bombs either :P Those who knows what I’m doing now will know what I mean with this statement :P

u r indeed a good student.. giving back everything to the teacher. I
hope u didn’t give back extra things to your teacher.. LOL

wah.. your biology teacher very keng chaw.. wear one sock niah? :P so weird one..

Chen said...

domestic goddess,
hahaha… medicine is more about understanding than memorizing :)
frankly speaking, I think no one likes to memorise things, right? (if given a chance) ;)

PE? Hahha, that was one of the subject that I hates :P
I still remembering running around under the hot sun & sweat... later have to change back to school uniform & continue studying again..
So hot..

I take geography too for my SPM. My geography teacher very leng chai too, but I still dislike Geography :P He is my Physics teacher too. But I get A1 for geography too lah in SPM although I dislike that subject.

IML said...

:( my worst subject but I love art. I had a wonderful artist as my form teacher/art teacher.

**still saving enough to buy a painting from him one day**

zeroimpact said...

Sekalang I buat IT
Support and manage...

Neo said...

I don't like Chemistry, but love Physics and Mathematics. I hate history the most! Haha...

Chen said...

Mr Tan Lye Hoe is your art teacher? Nice paintings.. I’m sure the painting is expensive (but worth it, right? )

boiboi orang IT? Very competitive field :)

Those were the days… thinking back the days whereby we have to study History :P I study History up to Form 3 (SRP) and after that I bid farewell with History… forever :D

IML said...

Yes, he was my form 1 Form teacher in 1977 in Convent light street. He taught english. He would tell us jokes and when it was our turn he would turn red trying hard to keep a straight face ;)

zeroimpact said...

Competitive and sumtimes sleepless lo...
Dunno when sum one will call n ask mi go to work apart from the daily work

Red Sponge said...

Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry, I like Organic Chemistry too especially the polymer chapter. hmm Maybe it is time to get the textbook and study again!

Chen said...

1977? wow.. tat was so long ago..
I'm still a toddler at that time :P

zero impact,
poor boiboi :)

red sponge,
I can't remember much about those chapters cos that was so long ago... :D More than a decade ago already liao.. Wow.. u want to read that up again? :)

Simple American said...

I liked Chemistry in college. Made good grades in that subject. But I forgot everything. Look in my ear. You'll see no chemistry facts in ready access memory. haha

So no art classes for you Chen?

Chen said...

LOL at your "RAM". All the while, I'm Science Stream student ;)

carr0ts said...

funny that you're wondering what life would be if you had studied chemistry instead of medicine, while im wondering what life would be if i had chosen to study medicine... instead of chemistry...(though i used to love chemistry, now im tempted to burn my notes out of frustration) i think i SO want to study medicine..

Chen said...

it's still not too late if u want to made a change ;)