Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thanks, Cynthia

When I opened my pigeonhole mailbox this evening after coming back home from work.. Wah.. I saw something !! Cynthia sent me a greeting card from Australia.. So nice.. I haven't receive cards from friends for quite some time liao...

This is a handmade greeting card from my dear Cynthia. Thanks gal.. Very nice & very sweet of u & Kian ;) You are indeed very creative.. I like the card very much. Muaks :)

I wonder... how she gets my address? I can't remember giving her my addy, or did I? Might be I gave her long long time ago & then I forgotten.. Must be lah.. I'm having amnesia liao.... Hahahaa..


plink said...

So nice!
Eh, maybe Doktor got proper stalker already. No need to give address, they find by themselves wan!

angel said...

chupsss b4 i balik!

wooooo... waaaaa.... wooooo.... waaaaa.....

Winn said...


sweet ..i wan to makan ah boy:P

Chen said...

hahah.. LOL about stalker :P
no lah, I don't think there is any stalker here :D

apa tu woo.. waa... woo.. waa?
breathing exercise? :P

apa pasal u want to makan my ah boy?
kenot..u kenot do that :P
I forbid u ...

zeroimpact said...

So nice...
I wish I receive 1 oso...
or am I wishing for a stalker

carcar said...



Cynthia said...

you gave me your address long long time ago. I am glad you like it. =)
Except for the blue and brownish one.. I made the rest of the paper myself =)

Chen said...

when is boiboi's birthday ah? :P
I sent one for u loh on your birthday :)

thank u Sotong Carcar..
and thanks for saying 300 times goodbye yesterday night LOL
can made that into Guiness World Record liao LOLOL

oh.. issit?
I really have amnesia liao..
must drink more ginseng chicken soup liao.. hahha :P

Your card very special leh.. got chinese writing at the back summore.. earlier on I didn't notice the writings on the back ;)

Thanks a lot :)

Simple American said...

I love the colors she used. Any special meaning for you doc? And Happy Anniversary. :)

slurp! said...

Quick! give me 4 numbers to buy lottery hehehehe ...

Chen said...

simple but yet very nice :)
This is the first time I received a wedding anniversary card from friends. Used to receive lotsa other greeting cards or birthday card but not wed anniversary card (cos most of them dunno when is my anniversary :P).
There is even chinese writing at the back of the card..

4 numbers?
777 + another number - u choose yourself loh the other number u want to pair with 777 :D

day-dreamer said...

So nice!!

Happy Sotong Anniversary!! :P :P

Daniel Yiek said...

Physical cards are much warmer than e-cards...gone are the good ole days

may said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! hubba hubba!!

izso said...

Anniversary is for your wedding? All the best Chen!

As for the card, Cynthia said she made the paper herself? Uh.. right.

Alicia said...

waaa.. happy 7th anniversary..

babe_kl said...

wahh how sweet!

agus said...

That's nice. It's always uplifting to receive handmade cards from friends. The thought is much more precious than the object's value. I haven't got one since... ages!

Oh, happy aniversary Chen!

sbanboy said...

Wah so sweet !!!!

_butt said...

Happi Anniversary!!! ^^

Nice card.. makes your day, eh?


Chen said...

Many thanks to day dreamer, Daniel, May, Izso, Alicia, BabeKL, Agus, Sbanboy & Butt for your warm greeting & wishes :)

Cynthia said...

chen, this is how i make the recycle paper =)

zeroimpact said...

Still long long way wo
how bout 100 day i start visiting here
heh heh heh

Chen said...

yeah, I read liao..
u are indeed very creative..
can come up with such idea :D

100 days? apa tu?
tour around the world ah? :P