Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jepun Kia Foodie

My favourite Unagi Rice with Pickled Ginger & tamago (That's the name for the sweetened telur in Jepun kia language, right? How I remember the name? From Tamagotchi !! - the handheld digital pet game. Although I never played the game, at least I know the name)..

Fish Roe Sushi (or Gunkan?). Anyway, the name is secondary.. Savouring the yummy food is my main concern ;)

Some sort of sushi or gunkan.. Not only I forgotten the name, I forgotten what is it too.. some sort of sea creature?


angel said...

fish roe not ebikko meh??

angel said...

the green wan, dunno what it is... tomolo i go eat yapunis then i tell u, ok? :P

ebikko is high cholesterol, rite?

angel said...

where ahboy? liuzzzz liao??

H A P P Y F L Y D A Y ! ! !

may said...

damn, I'm hungry!!

foodle? what is foodle ah? food + noodle?

may said...

ohhhhhh... tersilap baca!! FOODIE!! wakakakakakakakaka!

*piak ownself with sushi*

may said...

green one itu seaweed ler. very nice n crunchy, so the yum!! ok, I also wanna go eat jepunis tomorrow!!

Chen said...

Angel Jie Jie,
u spamming here ah?

fish roe = ebikko ah?
I dunno mah..
I can't remember those long list of japanese name leh..
summore these name won't come out in exam wan mah, hahhaa

tomolo u go makan japanese ah?
good good..
can see-see & look-look for me :)
Arigato gozaimasu

*dig out the nutrition guide for ebikko*

Ah Boy busy eating his late night dipper (dipper = dinner + supper):P

Happy "Hari Terbang" to u too :)

MayMay mui mui,
I was wondering too where I write the word Foodle.. U made me look back at the title leh.. I tot I salah type pulak.
hak sei ngor

luckily u piak yourself liao with sushi before I piak u..

itu green-green tei punya barang is seaweed ah? Arigato for the info :D U also wanna eat Jepunkia tomolo? Err.. Should be today liao... sekarang sudah pukul 12:33 pagi :)

angel said...

no spam ahh... nice mahhh my profile pic, no meh? mine got 3, may oso got 3... waaa may wan reminds me of M&M's!!!

*pops in an M*

Chen said...

cute angel,
your profile of coz nice..
your profile picture ada angel halo, got angel, got baby also.. and wat is that blue layer of thing in between angel & the baby? I still can't figure out what issit up to today.. so liuliu hoh?

yeah yeah..
well balanced..
dua-dua pun post 3 post sekali :D

May's M&M reminds me of "Money & Money" too, besides the ever popular red-red tei M&M choc :P

Rampas Angel's "M" :D

angel said...

aiyooo!!! itu is my liuliu sayap maaa!!! adoiii... lokter got eyesight poblem liaoooo... :P

ei, u think liucas mummy will marah liucas draw her until liddat arr?? hahaha!!!

Cynthia said...

I *heart* japanese sushi! =)

Chen said...

aiyoh.. itu sayap ah?
looks like mountain to me leh..
i tot the Baby Angel stays somewhere high-high up on the mountain earlier on...

Dunno ah whether Liucas' mummy will scold him or not..
He made her look like "lion head" leh.. with the lion mane...

And I remember...
u made sushi too !!!!!
I "heart" sushi too..
in fact.. to be more accurate, I "heart & lung" sushi ;)

L B said...

Are these all Magnets?!!!!

mistipurple said...

lol. why is Loctor calling everybody jie jie and mei mei? *rubs eyes*

and prays that sotong don't gib me nightmare tonight. because i insulted the sotong dynasty. :P

Chen said...

good question leh :D
U really made me ponder for few seconds !!!
But I eat them liao leh..
how how ???
how to check now whether those are magnet?? :P

I didn't call everyone leh jie jie & mei mei lah...
I mulut gatai just now mah :P
temporary only :D

The Sotong dynasty have decided to forgive u (after a detailed discussion few minutes ago). Sotong very good wan... They don't keep grudges leh...

L B said...

Well, walk around a bit... If you start attracting paperclips, and iron nails, and the fridge, they were definitely magnets.

carcar said...


L B said...

so? Are you stuck to the fridge now?

Simple American said...

Ewww. Sushi. I likey. :)

zeroimpact said...

I normally take only raw stuff or teppanyaki
The rest with gravy just does not taste too good for my tongue
I like salmon... why no salmon one!

Pink Cotton said...

the sweetened egg is TAMAGO!!

okok now i remember liao..!!hee i was a big fan of tamagotchi! ^_^

hmm i never remember the names of the japanese food la..JUST EAT!!!

carcar said...

stuck to the toilet bowl

nyonyapenang said...

gua beh hiao chiak yepunis. :(

King's wife said...

I like unagi! I like tamago! I like seaweed! I love jepunis food!
Don't care about all the tongue-twisting names...just gasak everything.

Chen said...

Thank God the fridge didn’t fly towards me this morning…
I was damn worried !!!
Neither was I stuck to the fridge..
what a relief !!


shhh… don’t burp too loud
the kay poh neighbours are listening :P

I was just about to bluff my staffs that I can attract paperclips…
Mana tau my magnetic power sudah hilang…
So fast geh the effect?

Chen said...

u really like oriental food hoh? :D

I love sashimi too
I don’t really fancy tempura :)
I eat salmon too, but couldn't afford to take so many photos lah…
Cannot snap photo for too long, cos the food are all waving their hands, asking me to sapu them :P
How to resist food?? :D

pink cotton,
I will remember the names for the easy to remember wan..
Those complicated wan I don’t care loh..
Practical or not my way of remembering Tamago? :P

Chen said...

your toilet bowl is made of metal wan ah?
My toilet bowl not so canggih wan…

nyonya pg,
aiyak.. jepunis food nice leh…
next time u give your share to me, I will help u to sapu them :D

I love most Japanese food except tempura ;)
kekeke.. yeah loh..
just gasak,
just sapu,
just makan :P
kao tim :)

Anonymous said...

Eeeewww I don't like that orange fish eggs sushi. The taste of the juices is funny. :) Just gimme a normal sushi with cooked meat and I'll be a very happy girl indeed.

mistipurple said...

ah yo loctor, i like tempura best. i not dare eat raw food. so suaku hor?
tell the Sotong Kingdom i say thankliu to them for their big hearts in not keeping grudges. :P

mistipurple said...

*hold hands with TITOKI eat cooked food only* :)

Monk[+]Icon said...

yosh! watashiwa honto like sushi-desu...yaaa...honto kawaii neh...gerogerogerooo~

Anonymous said...


Why all display the Japanese food which I LOVE so much? Here I don't get to eat leh... so kejam! :(

may said...

got eat jepunis but not sushi wor. ate ebi... errr... that mackerel thingy. and it's too big to be a fridge magnet.

Chen said...

so, u prefer eating cooked japanese food :D I eat both but I prefer the raw wan.

tempura fried stuff leh..
i don't really fancy fried stuff, that's why tempura is not my cup of tea :P

why u don't dare eat raw food woh?
so nice...
lao hao sui :P

The representative of Sotong Kingdom asked me to convey this message to u.. whether u interested to join them or not? :)

misti again,
certain raw food is nice leh..

Chen said...

trying hard to figure out what u r talking :D
my japanese language is "limited company" oni..

I guess u mean.. U like sushi?

day dreamer,
Soon u will get to eat liao..
next weekend? :P

luckily u tell me what is ebi, or else i need to crack my head thinking wat issit :P

Nowadays before eating anything, must examine to see whether those food stuff are fridge magnet or not.. dangerous hoh?

mistipurple said...

er... i must become sotong? to join the sotong kingdom? *runs away aaaeeeeooooo...* (runs in small concentric circles again)

mistipurple said...

lemme translate for you monk+icon japanese msg, in my limited company also! lol.
"i really like sushi, they are truly cute/pretty/lovely*

Chen said...

u don't have to become sotong to join Sotong Kingdom. As long as u like sotong, and u think sotong is cute or adorable etc u are qualified to become a member liao :D

wah.. your limited company japanese is very keng leh... I also know he says "I like sushi" :P The others all I tak faham liao...

praise said...

nice blog

Anonymous said...

You belanja me??

Can can...

Monk[+]Icon said...

yes saying their such cute food...hahaha...

_butt said...

Wahh.. so close up.. make me go hungry again!! ps. just had tikus fan for lunch haha

The third pic rite, izit some sort of green dyed jellyfish? LOL

fish fish said...

Pretty photos Chen, bringing me back to the old days. ^_^

Picture one is Unagi Don = Eel rice. An authentic version usually don't have the Tamagoyaki = Japanese omelet.

Picture two is commonly known as Ebikko in Malaysia. However, in Japan, few people know this name. They are more common call it Tobikko = Flying Fish Roe. The fresh Tobikko is one of my favorite.

Picture 3 : Chuka Wakame = Chinese Style Seaweed, which is not a common sushi in Japan. The reason why it is called Chinese style is because of the vinegar, chili and sesame oil that is used for pickling this ingredient. I like this one, but seldom has place that can do it perfect.

In common, Gunkan is a common term to describe a sushi that has the Nori (Seaweed sheet) wrap around it (like your picture 2 & 3). The main reason why they do this is to make the easily fall apart ingredient to hold well on the Shari (a word to describe rice in sushi world).

Hehe... if you want to impress people with your "knowledge" in Sushi, here are a few terms you can fool them. :P

Shari = Rice
Murasaki = Soysauce
Namida = Wasabi
Gari = Pickled ginger

Oops... sorry for the really keypo comment. Hope you don't mind I write so long comment once a while ar~~~ My bad habit when concerning food facts.

Pink Winnie said...

mm... i wan.. looks so.. delicious..

Anonymous said...

Wah... thanks fish fish for sharing her knowledge!

Chen said...

Thanks :)

day dreamer,
kakkaa... u r few hundreds kilometer away, how to belanja u? :D

i gotta thank Misti for her translation earlier on :)
I presume u can speak japanese? ;)
I only know few simple japanese words...

Close up pict is nice mah...
make the photo more lively :)
and make the food looks more yummy too... kakakkak

the third picture is the chinese style seaweed, thanks to the info given by May & Fish Fish :)

Chen said...

fish fish,
Thanks for the detailed explanation.
yeah, u r the expert in food, and moreover, japanese food :) I learn many new terminology today. I really appreciate that :)

Do u miss those days in Japan?

pink winnie,
The japanese food outlets in Kuching are limited :)

day dreamer,
Yeah, thanks to her for the detailed explanation. She is indeed expert in this field :)

slurp! said...

i think that's shrimp roe
the last one is some kind of seaweed

Chen said...

the second pict is fish roe leh :)

yeah.. the last one is seaweed :) I just get a detailed explanation from Fish fish not long ago. She is an expert in Japanese cuisine :D

Monk[+]Icon said...

Lokter, I actually speaks better Korean than Japanese, my Japanese are all adapted from Japanese tv shows...hahahaha...

Chen said...

u learn korean & japanese from those drama series? :D
u must be a hardcore korean & japanese drama series fan :)

The only korean drama series that I watched is "Autumn In My Heart" (2000). Nope, I didn't even watch the ever popular "Winter Sonata" :P