Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sabah : Mt Kinabalu

Entrance to the "starting point" for the enthusiastic climbers who want to conquer Mt Kinabalu (the tallest mountain in South East Asia with the height of 4,101m).

The "Hall of Frame" - The 19th Mount Kinabalu International Climbaton 2005. My name will never appear on the board unless I photoshop the picture :P *grin*

Mmmm.... The "anaemic" looking trees which require blood transfusion :P

The climb (up Mount Kinabalu) begins at the Timpohon Hut/Pondok Timpohon (located at the 1866 m altitude). Nope, I didn't climb the Mt Kinabalu (might be I will do so the next time, might be not.... )

I love this - The Misty View. Fresh Cool Air and Refreshing Cold Breeze. We can temporary forget about the haze which hit the whole Malaysia during that period of time (early October), whereby the API hits unhealthy value in several places.

I can 101% assure u this is definitely NOT haze (else I will cabut as fast as I can..) :P

Two successful climbers on their way back from the summit trail, to Pondok Timpohon. Might be I will take up the challenge in the future? Mmmm... or might be not? Let's see...

And I was amazed with the attires they wore for the climb. Shorts? It is freezing cold at the summit of the mountain in the early morning. Nah... they must had changed their attires somewhere on their way :P

Leaves with different colour..


may said...

looks cold...

may said...

*brings out another box of kleenex*

Anonymous said...

Post this comment first, even before the pictures finish loading, so that my comment would be third. Hehe!

Anonymous said...


Nice pictures, so cooling!

But the trees... not so nice. So dry and thin, suffering from malnutrition eh? :P

slurp! said...

waaaaahhh drive all the way there but didn't even think of attempting the climb! chey ...... :(

Chen said...

poor maymay..
still sneezing ah?
must rest more hah and drink more water...
hope u get well soon.

day dreamer,
kakaakakka... cute lah u :D

seldom see u comment in chinese leh... u must be very happy today, hoh? :D

高高在上的感觉的确是很爽的 ;)

Might be those are the trees in the "slim & sexy" category? LOL

hahaha, i have to stay for another extra two if I wanna climb up that mountain :P Need to build up stamina first before the climb ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmm...mai..i dun wan to pa Mt Kinabalu.


lynnx01 said...

So you managed to reach the peak?

Anonymous said...

Happy today? No la~ frustrated got la, thanks to assignment.

I commented in Chinese because I found it easier to convey what I want to mean in Chinese (for that particular sentence only).

"Slim and sexy"?? =.="

mistipurple said...

AhBoy will make it easily to the top!

angel said...

Nxt time u must climb!! Yes, with ahboy!

Daniel Yiek said...

Mt KK is not a difficult climb from what I heard from my pals.

Chen said...

yeah, I know climbing mountain or hill is not your cup of tea. I still remember your Gunung Serapi "adventure".. u all cabut balik after makan. kekkeke :P

Hoh? I didn't climb the mountain, how to reach the peak? :P

day dreamer,
Stay cool ..
don't let the assignment made u become a frustrated day dreamer :P

cos "slim & sexy" = might be cos of malnutrition?
*must cabut fast fast*

Chen said...

wah... thanks for having faith in Ah Boy. Ah Boy feels touched leh..
But very cold leh up there in the summit..
Temperature near freezing point.
He will be freezing if he goes there :P

Next time I might be lazy as well..
See how :)
We only bring Ah Boy hiking & climbing hills in Penang leh, and he never travel to other states :(

but it is not an easy climb too :)
Few of my friends have conquered the mountain too in the past.

Anonymous said...

thanks Misti jiejie & Angel jiejie for having faith in Ah Boy :) Ah Boy has climb few hills in Penang liao.. dunno what are the names of those hills... But Ah Boy never climb mountain yet

Monk[+]Icon said...

Wahhhhhh....I missed the mountains! I used to go mount climbing at Batu Puteh because that's the only affordable place I can go, but one my dream mount is definately Kinabalu! Wa...lokter chen, next time can ajak u go climb together gether hor hor...

Pink Cotton said...


i very sked look at mt kinabalu...dont knwo i can survive if i go n climb it or not...wahaha

a^ben said...

hahahhahaa~~ you daki the whole thing kar???

Chen said...

ah boy,
yeah yeah... we haven't bring u out for hiking for long time liao :P

wah... I dunno u like to climb mountains :D I dunno yet whether I wanna climb the Mt Kinabalu or not yet lah.. If I wanna climb, then I can ajak u :)

pink cotton,
sked to look at Mt Kinabalu?
Mt Kinabalu won't eat u up lah.. :P

ah ben,
never read wan lah u...
I didn't climb the whole thing,
I didn't climb anything in fact :P

fred said...

actually its quite hot on the way up and down.. :) need to wear thick clothing at night. it start to get cold past the laban rata hut.

mistipurple said...

i make sweater for ahboy if he wants to go mountain climbing next time.

nyonyapenang said...

been to the foothills but neber climb lor - not my cup of tea. ;)

Chen said...

it's quite hot on the way up and down?
err... u mean hot or.. cold?
i have friends who climbed Mt Kinabalu and yeah.. I saw their thick clothings on the summit :)
I presume.. u had climbed the Mt Kinabalu too? :)

wah.. good lah u :D
imagine ah boy wearing sweater
must be cuteeeeeee :D

nyonya pg,
hehehe... climbing mountains is very taxing, hoh? :D

fred said...

its not that cold lah.. still can use shorts. climb it already and I look like an idiot wearing my thick clothing ;).

Simple American said...

I like to climb mountains. Do this more I can lose my daitodum (big belly).

Chen said...

hhahahha... but the summit is cold, right?

LOL.. Great...
u can speak cantonese too ;)
dai-tou-nam (canto) or ta-du-nan (chinese)