Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sabah : Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu Park (Taman Kinabalu) is Malaysia's first World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO in Dec 2000. It covers an area of 754 sq km surrounding the majestic Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in southeast Asia (4,101 metres). This botanical site is blessed with astonishing variety of flora and fauna that ranges over 4 climate zones.

For Malaysians, the entrance fee to the Kinabalu Park is RM 3 (RM15 for foreigners). Take Nothing But Photographs. Leave Nothing But Footprints. I'm good and I heed their advice. I didn't curi nor pluck anything; unlike Angel who curi plucked the tea leaves in Cameron Highlands.. LOL (just kidding lah. Angel, jangan marah, okie?)

Hostel - provide basic but clean and comfortable place to rest/sleep for those who wish to stay overnight or for climbers.

Gigantic Temperate Tree Ferns are seen everywhere within the park.

Nice cosy chalet in the highlands. If we visited the place again in the future, we might consider to stay overnight to enjoy the serenity of this place and to explore the jungle trails or mountain trails.

I have no idea what is the name of this plant which is seen everywhere in Kinabalu Park. Pinkish in colour.. LOoks like berries from afar.

The "ripened fruit" was dark purplish in colour.. Nice colour combination. Pink-pink tei and purple-purple tei... :P

Wow... Pink flower buds. I presume the nectar was sweet, judging from the crowds of black ants surrounding the flowers.

I like this photo - The Temperate Rainforest Tree Ferns in Kinabalu Park - black-black tei and green-green tei :P And little bit of blue-blue tei too.

to be continued....


may said...

pink pink tei... so cute!! like my pink pink tei teh kor... *giggles*

carcar said...

carcar tei is here to report!

Chen said...

wow... your pink-pink tei teh kor so pink geh?

will others say we sot-sot tei or not?
don't care lah...
u know i know he knows she knows what we are talking about can liao :P

Kenny Ng said...

Been there last yr... damn nice place n cooling.

may said...

hmmm... if she can be carcar tei...

can I be meimeitei oso?

*pssst*... my teh kor not as pink as this pink lar, that's why it's pink pink tei lor... hahahaha!

mistipurple said...

eh... do we want to see May's pink pink tei teh kor?? :P

Loctor, liu so adventurous. go camping hiking biking mountaineering.. wahhh, respect.

angel said...

Yerrr... I curi for Lil' Joy maa... if u say u want tea leaves, I oso will curi for u wan... Stealing Is Caring :P

Hv u climbed the Mt. Kinabalu before?

Chen said...

did u climb Mt Kinabalu? I didn't :P

of coz u can
meimei tei...
I like :D

can we request to see your pink-pink tei teh kor too?? kekkekekkee

let's request may to show us the pin-pink tei teh kor hoh?

u can join in the fun too mah...
i not so keng yet lah...
i only jalan-jalan nia...

Stealing is Caring?
later orang scold u bagi ajaran sesat leh..

i want strawberry...
next time steal strawberry for me :P

Nope, I haven't...
Didn't climbMt Kinabalu..
No stamina lah..

I take the easy way mah..
or the lazy way?
nyek nyek...

carcar said...

i heard got pink pink tei teh kor to see, so i come back again, mana?

Chen said...

still waiting for meimei tei to show us the pink-pink tei teh kor :P

may said...

carcar tei,

no pink pink tei teh kor for you to see here la. why you wanna see my teh kor? not as sexy as
's teh kor ler.

this meimei tei afterwards become mehmeh tei liao...

sengkor said...

this is the 1st destination of urs that i hv been. see i so ulu.

Chen said...

maymay tei,
We still wanna see your pink-pink tei teh kor. :P

mana ada ulu.. Sini bukan Ulu Yam, okie? :) U been there so long ago liao.. Now only i pergi sana.. I lagi ulu leh.. :P

L B said...

Dun bluff! I can't see any blue blue tei teh kor at all!!

L B said...

ps: Angel, I would like to have some green colored Malaysian Bank note leaves... Lots of them, please, ya?

Simple American said...

Where am I gonna get 15 RM? Haiz...

Like that look up at tree pic too!

Kenny Ng said...

I didn't climb la... cari pasal meh? LOL....
No training, no time, no money... how to climb ah? Anyway... hiking/mountain climbing is not my favorite sports.

Chen said...

errr… I guess someone is wearing the blue-blue tei teh kor at the moment :P
But now we want to see pink-pink tei teh kor liao..
U wanna?

Ps : Remember to send me some of the green coloured Msian bank note leaves too
I like to collect note leaves ;)
The more the better

Ask Angel to send 3 green coloured Msian Bank note leaves to u.. then solve the problem :P
(with reference to LB comment above)
Since Angel says Stealing is Caring…

aiyak… next time if I climb up the mountain, then I cari pasal also lah??

zeroimpact said...

I like the place...
look really nice to be

Pink Cotton said...


esp pink cottons 'x'

mistipurple said...

wah, stealing is caring ah??
i oso want green color malaysian bank note leaves. Angeliu don't forget to throw some over the causeway hor.

Chen said...

wanna climb the Mt Kinabalu? ;)
it’ll be cold-cold tei up there :D

pink cotton,
aiseh… cakap till so obvious..

But I agree with u, pink cottons ARE sweet-sweet tei :P
Or should it be… Pink Cotton IS sweet-sweet tei?


looks like angeliu going to be busy liao for the next couple of days…
everyone wants the green-green tei Msian bank notes :P

_butt said...

1.. 2.. 3.. 4..

Wahhh.. I've missed more than 5 post leh!! So 'out' edey me *sob sob*

I've heard hor.. Mt Kinabalu got spirits guarding the place.. you have to get their blessings or something before hiking it.. true ka?

Anyway, breathtaking pictures you've got :)

*breaathes the imaginary fresh air*

Pinky_piglet said...

Chen, u always go to travel de kah?? have u been Kuching before??

Pinky_piglet said...

ah ha, don't forget vote for the final Pink pig contest...ok?? hehehe

nyonyapenang said...

last visit there was like 14 years ago. enjoyed very much.

Anonymous said...

Wah... nice nice photos leh~

*so peaceful*

liucas said...

i wanna go there with ahboy

Chen said...

wah... u so outdated liao

u hibernate too long mah...
sembunyi kat mana all these while? :P
hiding behind heaps of books?
nyek nyek..

i didnt go & explore or read those "stories" leh.. Must go & dig the story of Mt Kinabalu liao, but later lah when I have NBTD time..

Thanks :)

pinky piglet,
I went to Kuching countless time liao lah.. kekeke...
I worked there for 2 years in the past from 1998 till early 2000 ;) I presume u were a secondary school student during those days ;)

Kuching is now my second home. I will go back there at least once a year. I had written several entries about Kuching & my adventures there in my July & August 2006 archives ;)

any present for the voters?
Will the voter get the pink pig as pressie? :P

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
14 years?
wow.. that was ages ago liao..
This is my first visit to Sabah :)

day dreamer,
enjoying the beauty of mother nature...
listening to the sounds of insects and birds...
looking at the flora...
something that we don't encounter in cities ;)

ah boy never go travelling leh..
so kesian..
all the while stay in Penang only..
next time u both can go together :)
Good loh he has companion..

angel said...

phewww... luckies all these ppl oni want Green Coloured Notes...

*begins working on it*

13th Panda said...

i wanted to ask u did u climb the mountain, but already saw the answer here.HAHA

Chen said...

waiting, waiting for the green colour notes..

we cannot be so tamak one..
if ask for purple colour notes, sure u won't give mah...

13th panda,
hehhee.. clever hoh u :D
yeah, I didn't climb ;)

Pinky_piglet said...

hehe, no bo, don't have any present...
now ur piglet don't have any vote, so ko lian...u should support ur piglet la...

Bernard said...

Aiyo.. really lovely place.. but have to book in advance very long horr?

Chen said...

pinky piglet,
hehhee.. I will vote later tonight :D
my piglet?
wah.. since when that piglet become mine? u wanna give it to me, issit?

book in advance?
u mean the chalet?
should be alright if u don't go during peak seasons or school hols time :)