Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blue Sky

What will you choose to do on a hot, bright sunny Sunday afternoon? Sunbathing? Kayaking? Sailing? Swimming? Shopping? Outing? Hiking? taking Photos? staying indoors? or ???

I choose to stay at home (rather stay indoors inside the air-conditioned room than sweating outdoors). Enjoying the scenic blue sky, starring at the clouds, looking at the sea.. Admiring the beauty of mother nature. Snap photos here & there.. Nice, right?


L B said...

CHUPPED!!!! Is my HAS showing again?!!! Let it snow, let it snow!!

Chen said...

haha, u are very fast :D
I do hope it snowed once in a while in this hot tropical climate :D

a^ben said...

lols~ I think i forever is Silver medalist liaw` hahahah!!!

Wah wah` ur place near to the beach har? if that's the case I am super envious~~~ I like the beach` heehehehe of cos not those with dypers and nasi lemak all over the place one larh` heeeeeeeeee~~

may said...

take a nice walk in a park... :)

carcar said...

hmm, doctor is not on call today?

Chen said...

not very near & not very far from the beach :D hahhaa...

I used to bring my little doggy for a walk in the beach area in the past :D The people there like him.. cos he is so cute :P

but hot leh.. ;)

Nope.. not on call :)
I'm going for a short vacation very very soon :D

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Wow! That's pretty. Do you have more images of the cityscapes of Penang? The skyline! I would really love to see those.

JoeC said...

wanna spend a beautiful day outdoors, enjoying the big sky and bright day then in the afternoon, have cat nap with birdy and wake up in the evening go out again to enjoy the evening sunset :) but I have to work :( Cheers!

Selba said...

Blue sky... blue sky... blue sky... *singing*

jonboy60 said...

These day quite often we got rains.. hehe.. takes some raining pic instead... tahnks...

Kristopher said...

i rather sleep at home on my off day.... whether the sky is blue, red or black...heheheh

Robin said...

good.. no rain?

_butt said...

Go fly a kite!! ^^

FH2O said...

... blue skies r wasted on some ppl ... heehee ;)

nice shot, great feeling! :)

Chen said...

chuang sc,
yeah I do have some, but most of the pictures I take is more of scenery pictures. Didn't really take cityscape or skyline pictures of Penang.

I will take more cityscape picture of Penang next time :) Below are some of the Penang pictures that I posted earlier on :
- watersports & sailboat,
- haze in Penang,
- beautiful day etc..

Sorry to hear that..
Hope u get your Sunday off next weekend :)

what song is that? :)

Chen said...

hehehe.. I took several rainy days picture in the past too.. few hundreds of them :) I will post some of my collections later on..

Belows are some of my old posts with picture on rain
- rain,
- clouds

hahaha.. that is how we enjoy life, right? rest & zzzz at home :D

now is the "hot oven" season.. Guarantee will sweat when I step my foot outdoors..

Chen said...

wow? Go fly a kite? At first glance, this phrase sounds like the phrase we used to scold people go fly kite !, hahahha :D

Haven't fly any kites for more than a decade already :)

I knowlah... u will choose to go kayaking :D

carcar said...

hey i know! crossing the border ya!!!



Winn said...

i very boring one,...i wld curl up at home like you...

i think LB too.. coz he alwways bake pies at home..

Selba said...

Uhmmm... am not so sure what song that is... hahaha... my own creation lah... :P

Chen said...

yeah, u r correct ;)
thanks & hughug

aiyak, that is not called boring lah.. that is called "smart" :)
smart people like us will do clever stuff ;) *wink*

Hahhaha, yeah, LB will stay at home too.. not zzzz but busy baking pies :D

I just finished watching the 2 hours Amazing Race 9 Finale :) Interesting show.

slurp! said...

you say HOT wor ... so lurk around AIRCON shopping centre is da best option :P

Chen said...

lurk around air cond shopping centre on weekend? that's a big "No-No" to me. Cos u know lah.. Shopping Centre is super packed with people on weekends.. I hate to go to crowded place..

And moreover... the process of leaving the house, going to the car, driving and parking the car in the hot weather... means... I will sweat also prior to reaching the shopping centre ;)

Hahhaa... so many "excuses" :D

L B said...

Let it snow..
Let it snow..
I know I will miss all this cold weather when I invade Penang..

Chen said...

sad huh, right? Hot-hot weather.. Panas :( u have to wear minimal clothings when u balik kampung.

L B said...

Just a towel most of the time...

Chen said...

heheh, don't tell me u going to wear towel when u go outdoors too :P Later kena tangkap for "inappopriate clothing" :P