Friday, April 28, 2006

Beautiful Day

I just posted few photos regarding sunrise in Penang few weeks ago. This morning when I looked out of the window (prior to leaving the house for work), I saw another nice sunrise :) The colour combination of mother nature is so nice..

The day continues as usual. When I reached home in the late evening, I looked out of the window again..

It is really worthwhile to spend time looking at the sky.. If u don't look up into the sky, u will never know or u won't realise what u missed in life !!

And these few pieces of clouds are nice artworks of mother nature.. White cloud at the back with dark greyish cloud in front and the blue sky as background :)


Thao said...

Interesting pictures...Sometimes I spend time on daydreaming, so looking at the clouds is one of things I do ;-). Unfortunately, right now I am having final exams, no time to dream ;-)

Sharl612 said...

Beautiful pictures!
I used to like blue sky a lot, spending time lying on the grass, under the shade of the tree and looking out to the blue sky and the interesting cloud. But but but ...... no digital camera back then. *lol*

Cynthia said...

sunrise is very early nowadays.. =)
I hardly see one nowadays

izso said...


carcar said...

food blog? huh? hehe...

i think can put up some verse to your photo and make it as post card or something.


Pink Cotton said...

hee..ur house really have a nice view la!! *envy*

never realised penang is so biology teacher used to tell us that penang is full of pollution cos the river is the most polluted in the country or sth?wahaha ^_^

will make it a point to visit penang sometmie... ;)

may said...

it does look beautiful. I spied a rainbow yesterday morning too, when it was wet & gloomy. stood out really nice. :)

Selba said...

OH.... beautiful... !!!
Penang has really beautiful view...
Love the blue sky... :)

Chen said...

looking at the clouds is definitely very relaxing, and I enjoy shooting cloud photos.. Have a huge collection of photos on this :)

All the best to u for the final exam. U can continue to day dream & looking at the cloud after the exam :)

lying on the grass? I have not done that before.. the most is sitting on the grass :D

Yeah, we missed out lotsa nice shots in the past cos we don't have digital camera during those days..

Sunrise is even earlier in Sarawak esp northern Sarawak or Miri.. Heheh..

Food? Cloud & sky also included in the food category? :D

agus said...

You are so blessed with location, location, location!

Chen said...

I dunno woh.. what has cloud to do with food? Might be Izso is thinking of the round and fluffy candy floss or 棉花糖? Cos the clouds look like 棉花糖 at time :D

Haha, tell me which photo u want, I will send u the ori copy :P

pink cotton,
Penang is full of pollution? Penang has nice blue sky and nice beach leh.. :D

Did u snap any photos of the rainbow? ;) Occasionally I see the "double rainbow".. which is very seldom..

might be u should pay a visit to Penang one of these days? :)

Chen said...

blessed with location? Hehhe.. yeah, I like the scenery. That's why we bought the place :)

carcar said...


Winn said...

whrs the superman?
rumours say he's flew to png!!!!!!!

Dr chen faster cari him!!

Robin said...

Nice, cloud post is definitely better how-I-torture-my-dinner post.

Hmmm.. beautiful sunrise..

Sun rises, sun sets, but how many of us actually stand there and admire the daily beauty.

thanks for sharing this!

Chen said...

ok, I will send u the pict later on tonight (if I forget, please remind me :D)

hah? got such rumours ah? I dunno about that... might be huh.. He is busy eating Char Koay Teow at the moment? or eating chendol? :P

Just wondering, do u always get to see the beauty scenery of sunrise or sunset in Singapore?

jonboy60 said...

Great view, i think i shud take some of the pic my own.. hey. u live in a apartment? where ah? ehehe...

FH2O said...

monkey see, monkey do ...
juz kidding! ;)

invigorating isn't it?
have a nice long weekend! :)

The Yongs said...

Beautiful shots Chen! When I was in Penang, I did enjoy gazing at the sunsets... but not early enough to catch the sunrise as we were on holiday then.

However, I think Miri has one of the best sunsets in Malaysia! Will try to capture some good shots and post them in my blog next time... provided if I remember to bring my camera to the beach next time!

Chen said...

yeah, u should definitely take the cloud picts :) Where I stay? yeah, in apartment, "somewhere" on the island :D

who are monkeys? I'm human leh..
I'll go jalan-jalan this weekend, I know u have kayak programmes too :) Enjoy yourself..

the yongs,
I have see few pictures of Miri sunset from one of my miri friend's blog :) Nice.. those pictures were taken on the beach opposite SMS Miri.. Is this the place u planned to take the sunset shots?

Hehe, remember to bring your camera when u go to the beach next time ;)

fooDcrazEE said...

imagine the sky from up in Genting

Chen said...

got difference ah? I didn't notice :)

YD said...

yea yea cloud post!! love it..

IT IS 棉花糖! ... well, at least that was what I've alwys thought it was when i was very small. somebody told me that when i m at the age of 'innocence' that i actually believed it. hehe.

hav a nice day!

Chen said...

hahah.. the round & fluffy 棉花糖 :) Our favourite childhood candy. Good resemblance :)

spinosum said...

Miss the days in Penang... Anyway, how's working life in Penang? Are u in GH? Which dept? I have lots of friends and juniors in PGH.

Chen said...

Life is ok here. Yeah, I'm working in GH. Come here in year 2000. I worked in anaes dept for several years previously and now I give myself a change :) I guess I will know your friends who are working here (since I'm here for 6 years plus already), unless those who are now working in HO.