Thursday, April 27, 2006

Kuih Kapit / Love Letters / Egg Rolls (蛋卷)

Whatever you called it.. Kuih Kapit or Love Letters or Egg Rolls or 蛋卷...All refer to the same thing :) This kuih kapit/love letters/egg rolls/蛋卷 is not in the conventional "rolled" form but in "folded" form (triangular shape). I found these snacks few days ago inside one of the container. Didn't realise there are still leftovers from Chinese New Year. Still in good condition and still crispy. Give some to my dog and he loves it :)

p/s: Anyone has any idea why is this popular snacks also known as Love Letters?


Cynthia said...

This is my all time favorite!!
They sell in in Perth in all seasons.. heheh..
Speaking about CNY, maybe I need to check the expiry date if im going to get one of them!!

By the way, I am FIRST!!

miss Jellyfish...

YD said...

roll them up into scrolls and they look like love letters. add a ribbon if you must :-)

now i miss home...

Pink Cotton said... good ho? ur cny goods can last till now.not bad! :p

i think when its folded/rolled it looks like love letter le,don u think so?unless, theres some kind of history like the bak zhang history wehre ppl distribute love letters in the kueh or

Selba said...

All this time, I thought this snack is Indonesian, ah... now.. since it also has chinese name then must be originally from China, kekeke...

Not really a fan of it, because it containts santan (coconout milk), although I like to play with it when I eat it.. you know, open it slice by slice then start to bite it, hahaha....

Hmmm... love letters...??? give me time to think... then will come back again... ;)

Kristopher said...

mayb last time when GF baked the biscuit for the BF, she put love letter inside to avoid thier relationship being known by thier parents but at last thier parents know about it so it become love letter lo... :)

jonboy60 said...

love letter, hmm... Cant find it at yahoo... ehehehe...

FH2O said...

I love these ... and can consume any amounts! So keep 'em away!

Chen said...

cool :) We can get it here all seasons in Malaysia as well, especially from the roadside hawker stalls :)

Hehe, I totally forgotten about this "I'm the FIRST" thingy liao.. :D those were the days.... :)

Jellyfish just came back from climbing Mt Kinabalu. Now he tengah sakit kaki.. hehe :D

add a ribbon? that will look more like a scroll then :D

pink cotton,
hehe, I still have some bak kua leftover inside the fridge too :)

huh? dunno ah.. those people who came up with the name is really "creative" :D

Chen said...

aiks.. how come u think this snack is Indonesian all the while? :D Never mind, at least u learn something today.. kekekek.. u called it the same name in Indonesia as well or with different name?

wah.. play with kuih kapit? open too many up is messy leh.. the bits will fall down.. have to clean the table or sweep the floor :D

wah.. put love letter inside the biscuit? :D This sounds similar to putting message in paper form inside the mooncake :P

yahoo don't know what is love letter, huh? :D

I thought unker only likes to eat bak kua.. now I know he likes another thing... kuih kapit :D

cheng sim said...

urgh. why does Love Letters exist in the first place? i hate Love Letters. can someone created a new version of Love Letter that tastes like hamburgers? urgh. i hate it.

Kristopher said...

chen, that different for love while the another one is for rebellion ma....different... :)

Tibbar de Gniw said...

Yum yum.......^^

Daniel Yiek said...

Love letters because it's like love - can be crashed. lol

Chen said...

huh? u r the first one that I know who hates love letters. Well, one man's meat is another man's poison. Everyone has his/her own preferences :)

but both using the same principle.. stuff things inside food :D

hehe, another love letters lover :)

this sounds logic.. How true :D
Bravo :)

cooknengr said...

What's up doc, you know those rolled up kueh Kapit, most included would pretend they were smoking cigarette, bad influence from th adults. My childhood creativity include stuffin Johnson and Johnson baby powder in the Kueh to simuilate a "smoke screen".

Our Tak Nak eduacation should start at an early age.

ac said...

yum yum...

can courier down to KL 1 tin ah?


nice to eat with anything, my fave is with tea (with milk) :)

Chen said...

gosh.. this sounds so familiar.. I totally forgotten about this till u mentioned... Hahha, I did the same thing as u before previously.. pretending that the rolled kuih kapit as cigarette or cigar. But u r definitely more creative, with the J&J baby powder to simulate smoke ;) We just hold & blow the kuih kapit only,imaging that as cigarette :D

I would love to, but I don't have so much (1 tin) to courier down for u leh.. paiseh.. not nice to courier u just few pieces of love letters :)

a^ben said...

ohohohohoh~~ Food again~

I had the same thoughts as christopher leh.. this proves that great mind thinks alike~ wakakak!

maybe they are too bored.. so they fold some msg and "siap" in the kuih sipit~<< some ppl call it that. Maybe it's black mail but ppl calls it love letters just to make it sounds nicer? hahahahaha~ :P

slurp! said...

a very long time ago, egg rolls were used to hide secret messages between army factions fighting off the Mongols

then a long time ago, but not as long as above, in southern province of china, an intelligient chinese casanova found new uses of the egg rolls for senting secret love letters to all his lovers. Of coz his methods were eventually exposed.

Henceforth, the eggs rolls were rename to love letters in remembrance for thislegend

hehehe ...

sbanboy said...

Hmmm how come all the food you post on ur blog ... I also like ... hmmm

Chen said...

haha.. I do agree on "great minds always think alike" :)

kuih sipit? I have to rub my eyes cos I read it as "kuih sepit" earlier on.. (luckily not "kuih siput" :P)

black mail becomes love letter/

wah.. this storyline is well written .. :D

hmmmm... I guess this is what people says as "Great mind thinks alike". Hahha..

Sharl612 said...

This is my CNY must have item! We usually dipped it in kopi-o, made it like a straw to drink the kopi-o.

Aiyo, now you make me miss this food liao! ;p

Thao said...

Good question, I asked myself the same question as well? Why "love letters? So at the end, have anyone managed to find out why? ;-)

Chen said...

dipped into kopi O? Sounds great too although I never tried that. The great fun part is sucking the coffee via the "kuih kapit straw" :D

Most of the time we will dip in the "Yew Char Koay" into the hot Kopi O :)

Aiyak, I guess this item is available in KL all year round as well, right? :P

I also dunno.. so many answers given here.. I guess we choose the version that we like :D

Sharl612 said...

Chen, the one here not nice. Hmmm... must find way to get someone to bring some over here.

By the way, out fav way of eating Yew Char Koay is with Kaya or Condensed Milk. hehehe..

Selba said...

Am back... but I still don't know why it's call as love letters (maybe because it is thin like a paper and tasted/looks sweet as love?).

but I think slurp wrote a good story of it :)

Chen said...

Yeah, the taste is different. Is it something to do with the coconut milk or texture of the love letters itself ? I dunno.. cos I dunno how to bake this thing :D Too much hard work ;)

eating Yew Char Koay with Kaya or Condensed Milk? Woo.. something new I learn today :) Never think of eating it that way :D

"thin like a paper and tasted/looks sweet as love"? This one sounds good too :)

Anonymous said...

What i know is egg roll is known as love letter...but kuih kapit is abit weird for me when it named as love letter...