Sunday, March 05, 2006

Watersports and Sailboats

Yesterday late afternoon, as usual, I looked out from the window.. Well, I enjoy looking at the blue sky, at the cloud and at the sea.. Very peaceful. I noticed something different yesterday. Do you notice anything from the picture above? Yeah, you can see lots of little white dots in the sea. What are those things?

Those white little dots are sailboats. Took the picture above with optical zoom 10x. Mmmm... I found this interesting since I don't get to see these everyday. After enjoying the view from my apartment for a while, I make up my mind to go to the destination for a nearer/clearer view. I brought my camera and drove my car to the nearby beach. I guess uncle will be interested with all these. Uncle, I did something "different" this weekend (since uncle asked us to try to have a different and interesting weekends).

I reach the beach within minutes. All these shots were taken in the beach, under the hot sun.

Jetskiing and Sailing Boat

Kite Boarding


Sailboats and Wind Surfing

Mini Island with Little Coconut Trees?

Anyone interested to take part in the watersports and join in the fun?


Winn said...

wah ini penang kah?

Chen said...

100% Penang :)
I went to the beach near TBBH to take the photos :)
I presume u know what is TBBH cos u r Penang kia, hahaha :D

FH2O said...

well done doc!
that's so nice and refreshing to look at ... more healthy than all those snacks!
thanks n have a relaxing sunday or what's left of it! :)

Selba said...

WOW... I never knew that Penang beach looks so nice... Your apartment has definitely a nice view :)

Chen said...

Thanks unker :)
Next time, I will put up clouds pict ;)

Chen said...

Hehehe..better to be late than never ;) You don't have to travel far for nice beaches :)

I have posted some photos taken from my apartment in my previous post..
1)View from my apartment
3)Haze in Penang,

Pandabonium said...

Oh yeah! Sailing, flying, and kayaking are my favorite things to do.
As a kid I used to sail small boats similar to those pictured, from Marina Del Rey and Santa Barbara Harbor in California. Sailing is a wonderful sport.

Thanks for the memories...

Chen said...

I have never tried sailing and kayaking yet.. I must do so one of these days :)

carcar said...

hey thanks for the sharing! is something refreshing! wow, wat a sunny sunday morning ya! your apartment can really have a good view ya!

love water sport too! woohoo~~*

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Wow, what enviable scenery! I really love the seaside.

Your second pic is so pretty. Makes me want to jump in for a swim.

What kind of scenery do we have? The opposite building. :( At least we get to see people eat, cook, do the laundry etc. lol.

Chen said...

Sunny sunday morning? I will say the weather is too hot lah.. Will start sweating once I get out from the car :P

The water sport events is still going on today :)

Furkids in HK,
Woh.. u love swimming in the sea? My doggy hates water.. He hates bathing . He will try to hide each time when we want to bath him :)

Seeing people is nice as well.. Different type of scenery :D

Jee said...

Cool.. I love kayaking. Last time when staying in Ipoh always went Pangkor and spent a day or two.

Never knew that Penang also got these kind of leisure.

Cynthia said...

wow! what chil-out day you ve got there! nice!!

Loong said...

Well looks like time to crash your place~!

Winn said...

TBBH...? duno. what is it har?

Anonymous said...

looking at the pics make me miss penang terribly!!!!

i love the beaches, sky, clouds, sea and water sports....and foods.

i must make it a point to go back home more often this year but my work.....

chen, more pics of penang, please as and when u can :)

er...what is TBBH?

Anonymous said...

alamak, that's me lah, grace

Alicia said...

nice beach :/ when i was in penang.. i never see that sort of beach b4..

Sam I Am said...

Yeeeessssssss! Our weather here is still cold.warm water swimming and Jetskiing ,Why do you tease us soooo. The scenery WOW!!!

Selba said...

Just looked to all your previous post of Penang's pictures :)

All this time, I've never got a real idea of how Penang looks like. It's really great to see those pictures.... more pictures, please... maybe the city's scenery :)

agus said...

That's a great view from your home! An even excellent zoom from your camera! What time was it when you decided to venture into the blazing heat? Did you put on sunscreen?

Jacky said...

The view from your apartment is marvelous. You surely have fully utilised your camera's 10x optical zoom :)

Chen said...

Personally I also didn't realise about all thes earlier on till last Friday :)

yeah.. something different :)

oops.. Crash??? :D

Winn & Grace,,
aiyoh.. ini Winn & Grace.. :D
TBBH = Tg Bungah Beach Hotel lah :D

Hehhee.. u all should come back to Penang more frequent :D

Chen said...

There are lotsa nice beach in Penang :) The one in the picture is in Tanjung Tokong.

Sam I Am,
err... I prefer cold weather than hot weather :) My personal preferences :D

Sure.. Will do so next time :)

Around 3 pm in the late afternoon.. Nope, didn't put on sunscreen.. I stand somewhere nearby the coconut tree (oops... dangerous spot - I mean the possible falling coconuts) to shoot the picture..

Yeap, nice view :)
That's why I enjoy staying here..
Must fully utilise what I have ;)
Most of the time, I under utilise it at the past :D

Anonymous said...

malu lah....TBBH is new or what? didn't think i have heard of it before.

ya, u r right, i must go back more often. every time i go back, there seems to be some new hotels or condos which weren't there in my previous trip.


Chen said...

TBBH is consider old hotel liao lah :D
Previously known as "Paradise Tanjung Bungah Hotel".