Friday, August 12, 2005

Haze in Penang :(

Haze start to hit Penang today in the late afternoon.. :(
Things turn blurry & visibility drops..

In fact, haze just hit Penang not long ago (in June 2005). I took some pictures as well at that time & posted on my blog on this topic as well.. Really "thanks" the Indonesians for the unregulated open burning of their forests and farmlands...... :(

I took some pictures of the blue sky at 6 pm yesterday eveing.. (don't know lah.. yesterday, I had some sort of instinct that haze might hit Penang anytimes... that's why I took those pictures yesterday evening..) I snap few more photos this evening, around 7 pm. Can really see the differences..

11 August 2005 6 pm

12 August 2005 7 pm

11 August 2005 6 pm

12 August 2005 7 pm


Shackks said...

wah... Wonder will the situation worsen anymore...

izso said...

Aiyo.. so THAT'S where all the smog in KL went! To Penang! Aiyo.. well.. faster build a big fan on Komtar towers and blow it back to Indon! Just like my twin tower fans! :D

Chen said...

Keep fingers crossed...
Yesterday afternoon the haze is very terrible, but towards the evening, start to clear a bit..
Early morning today, it rained..
Still hazy but much better than yesterday...

I hope i know how to do that; hahhaha... your twin tower fans really is a good one :P

Jellyfish said...

here rainig now