Wednesday, May 17, 2006

♥ Hug-hug-Club Addiction Syndrome ♥ (HAS)

I couldn't resist but to write this post. Btw, Don't take this too seriously.. Hahha, what is it about? No other than the "Hug-hug-Club Addiction Syndrome" (abbreviation HAS) :D Hahaha, this is a syndrome that appear quite some time already but just discovered by me recently..

What is this Hug-hug-Club Addiction Syndrome (HAS)? Up to date, it is still considered as a highly infectious disease (with high morbidity, but luckily no mortality reported up-to-date). The virus spread very fast.

Those who are affected with HAS will show the following signs and symptoms...

- check the website immediately after waking up from sleep or just before going to bed or before off the pc @ laptop. Who knows, he or she might be lucky? :P
- refresh the browser every now & then to check for any new post/updates. Yeah, refresh, refresh, refresh & refresh..
- get upset when he/she couldn't secure the first 3 comments.
- feel happy/elated when he/she is the first one to comment (yeah!) If cannot secure the first place, second or third place will do as well.
- checking or coming back every now & then to check for any updates
- some desperate one might set one or two alarm clock to ensure he/she wake up in time to secure the top 3 places.

The sad news is that there is no cure at the moment (at least until the time when this post is written). Those who are afraid or fear of contracting this disease are advice to get vaccination ASAP (not in oral form but in IM form... yeah.. given through intramuscular injections with big needles deep into the muscles. Ouch). However, there is no guarantee that the vaccination will 100% work. No money back guarantee either .. Hahhaha...

Who to blame for spreading this deadly disease? The main culprit is.. Albie aka LB.. And he has recruit few "mah chai" lately - May & Carcar.

Hahha, I'm just kidding. Don't flame me huh or throw pies at me :P

It is considered as bread & butter to me to diagnose a disease or ailment & treat the illness; that is part of my job and something that I do daily :P Sort of becoming a habit or daily routine already.. Besides that, I have another habit, which I shared on another post in the past. A very peculiar habit, what is it about? Mmmm... whenever i walk on the street or talk to people, it becomes a "natural response" for me to observe whether this person has any features of difficult intubation or potential difficult airway (eg. small chin, receeding chin, buck teeth, short neck, large goitre or any anatomical abnormalities etc) or looking at the hands, whether the veins or blood vessels are visible or not - for any difficult iv or intra venous access for branula insertion. (especially those cute, fat, chubby babies....) Hahha, when I meet up with you next time, don't feel suprised if I look at your hands or your chin/neck. I guess sbanboy will have similar habit as well? ;)


carcar said...



Selba said...

Chup SILVER !!!

LOL.. aiyoo this Chen ah....

Btw, are you already signed for the HUGHUGCLUB franchise yet?

Chen said...


haven't woh.. too lazy to fill in the forms :P I presume u need to fill in form to join the hughugclub franchise? :P kekkekeke...

L B said...


L B said...

Hahaha!! Excellent Post, Dr Chen! But I need a second opinion now... Hehehe!

Hug Pie? Anyone?

L B said...

What forms?!!!...

Chen said...

hug pie?
clear throat :D

u know right.. when we apply for certain things, need to fill in the application form, right? eg. applying for credit card, applying for loans etc :D

carcar said...

LB! why are you using blogspot ID to comment here? why why why?


psssst..... LB, come here, tell you a secret, is not chen lazy to fill the form (as we know they are no form required), she is lazy to count the point!



ok ok, go go go, pretend u never hear anything frm me.

bye !!

Chen said...

I guess LB use his blogspot id cos got his nice pict there :D

carcar, u want me to throw sotong at u, issit? hahaha.. or squeeze the black ink from the sotong to shoot at u :P

a^ben said...

waleh` when you come kch dun stare at me ah` scary larh... hahhaa~

Have to fill forms kar?? banyak procedure hor ini HHC` soooooo.. when are you signing up?? :P

Chen said...

I won't stare at u.. that will be too obvious liao.. I will look at your veins without u even noticing it :D

have to check with the big taukeh what is the proper procedure like :D

angel said...

*aims @ Dr. Chen's stethoscope*

Eh eh, Loktor... You have left out the MOST IMPORTANT 3 TIME GOLD MEDALIST @ L B slash C K Group's HUGHUGCLUB, ME ME ME, The Pioneer Franchisee of this Club although yeah, I hv to admit, I've not gotten hold of My Rainbow Coloured Logo as yet...but stillll...

BTW, it ain't a piece of cake to make it to the PremierHugHugClub okay... Aitelyu, (ahmay, pinjam your word, yeah!) once you are IN, there's NO WAY OUT! Muahahahaha!!

We lurve LBCKWong!

LOL! Sound so cultish.. :P

L B said...

er... I learnt to use the blogspot ID to comment because having to type out the WP ID might cost me a medal..
~ from "Confessions of a H U G H U G C L U B Addict"..

Thao said...

hehehhe, I think I am suffering a little bit to this syndrome

may said...


good evening everyone, my name is AhMay and I'm a HUG-Addict.

(all around the room...
good evening, AhMay...)

Cynthia said...

oh! Hug is better world.

'blogwhore' ss another world to be used for some ppl...

I suffer from the syndrome abit.. but controlled-able =)

Chen said...

Don't shout at the diaphragm of the stethoscope, especially when the ear pieces are hooked to my ears - cos the stethoscope acts like microphone :D later I become half deaf then susah :D

Heheh, sorry I left u out, cos I dunno u r one of the "mah chai" as well till u pointed out :D

Take your time to create the rainbow -coloured logo :D Since there's no time limit, right? ;)

I can see u r one "kipas besar" oops.. I mean "big fan" of LB :D And confirm liao, u r suffering from HAS too :D

once IN, u can still come OUT to breath fresh air for a while, right? ;)

ahhaha, explanation accepted :D

Woo... Now I'm busy counting how many people suffering from HAS :D

Chen said...

suffering a mild degree of HAS ? ;) counted in as having HAS as well

another victim of HAS :P Too bad no treatment for HAS at the moment :D I will work hard to find a cure for it, hahaha..

what u use to control the disease? A piece of dark chocolate or the mouth watering steak? :P

Winn said...

ha-ha club...

Chen said...

wah.. don't simply rename the club lah.. "ha-ha" club sounds like "siao lang" club leh, hahahhhaa :D

slurp! said...

errrh ... so what you call de club that like to observe people anatomical features & hand & veins huh?

D.D.T? doctor doctor tribes ? LOLz

_butt said...

Oic.. so now I knw hw it works.. hehe, dont mind me sibuk here.. ^^

Chen said...

mmmm... no name at the moment :D But I'm not the only one who does that.. I noticed several of my colleagues have the same "habit" as well, hahha..


oh... u dunno how it works earlier on? glad u get to know the answer now :) u r mostly welcomed to pay a visit here :)

Winn said...

ha-ha club is ok mar..

i think my aunties and uncles who cant pronounce hug will call it ha . hahaha..

or shld i start a funny joke club named ha-ha club?

sbanboy said...

I NEED A VACCINATION RIGHT NOW !!!! I have been refreshing and refreshing and refreshing at ah wong's blog .... hehehe....hehehehe

Oh well could not sleep I am terrorising other people punya blog

Hey chen ... u know what I DO EXACTLY THE SAME THING THAT YOU DO ... I also check for difficult intubation and for veins for intravenous cannulation .... hey you are my long lost twin .... kekeke :D

Wait I need to get an intramuscular injection to bring my back to Mother Earth and stop stalking ah wong's blog .... first must take out the 2 mah chais ... keke

Kristopher said...

like that also can ahhh..i think i have this Hug-hug addiction syndrome.... :)

Chen said...

ic ic.. i like the idea how u come up with the idea "ha-ha" club :D

Lucas can be the president of the coming "ha-ha club" ;) I enjoy reading his humorous post :D

refreshing & refreshing & refreshing till u suffering from sore thumb or fingers? Hahaha... u are severely addicted :D Hope u don't have to undergo "Cold Turkey" sessions for that :P

Hahah, my long lost twin ;) So ... next time when we meet up again, I will look at your chin while u look at my veins :P Settle? :D

u too have HAS ? ;)

L B said...

Where are your forms????? Still waiting liao!!!

Chen said...

I'm lazy ..
that's why I'm lazy to fill in the form :P
so many forms woh...

L B said...

Waaaa, so H A S ! ! H A S B E E N ! kkkkkkkk!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk™!!

rainbow angeles said...

KAKAKAKAKAKA!!! VERY HAS!!! Hahaahahaa... siu sei ngor... so funny! So HAS!!! So HAHA also!!


Chev said...

u so sampat
come and read back the ocipala post written 2 years plus ago

my truly sampat partner in crime
so liu hor reading back this
those were the days :P