Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tauhu Sumbat

Tauhu sumbat (which means stuffed beancurd) is one of my favourites. The fried tauhu is cut diagonally into halves and stuffed with shredded cucumber, carrots, taugeh or beansprouts and Chinese turnip and served with the spicy peanut sauce (similar to the Satay sauce). Healthy foodstuff served together with the sinful sauce. So, the final result is ---> neutral :D

Tauhu Sumbat

Bought the tauhu sumbat from a Malay street vendor nearby my working place. On & off, I will stop by that place on my way back home to pack or tapao few pieces back home. 3 pieces for RM 1. Very reasonable price. Nice stuff. I can just eat this for dinner :)


a^ben said...

Waiseh~ busy sumbat-ing ur mulut with toufu ey chen?~ hahahha

But too bad i dun really enjoy this type of toufu.. prefers japanese egg toufu or other forms of toufu ie toufu shui@ soya bean~ hahahah! :P

may said...

oh gosh... yumyumyummmm!!!! that's a really good photo of tauhu sumbat! I'm not really a fan of tofu, but that certainly made me drool abit... heheh!

YD said...

Stopping by to quench my cravings for malaysian food... yum yum..

u ar... keep menggoda-ing me with the good food. =_=!!

Chen said...

wah.. why your mouth so bad.. I sumbat your mouth with .. let me think what to use to sumbat your mouth first.. but definitely I won't sumbat your mouth with $$$ :D. Mmmm.. sumbat with bills, how about that? ;)

tau chui ah? next time I post tau chui for u loh :D

hehehe.. I didn't buy the tauhu sumbat today, but I continously buying it on Tuesday & Wednesday :P

hehee, when will u balik kampung?

L B said...

Ok, this one no need to pie it! This will do nicely as is! Very very good looking.. looks so real... looks so appetising.. looks so big... *opens mouth*.....

Winn said...

*a mosquitoe flies into LB's mouth as he opens big big*


Eh chen, i duno why when i first read the title it reminds me of 'Jamban sumbat! '

Chen said...

Haha, luckily u didn't plan to pie this one.. or else this will be called tauhu pie :P (another new recipe)

luckily u mentioned a mosquito instead of a fat fly :P

Winn oh winn, why u think of jamban sumbat @ 5:07 in the early morning? Don't tell me u r inside the toilet at the moment, kekkeke.. that's why u r thinking of toilet? :P

Selba said...

Ah.. the same as in Jakarta, we call it as "Tahu Isi" but don't eat with any dip, only cabe rawit (the green small chilli).

Tahu isi, is my favourite! :)

Alicia said...

i like it.. healthy food and low fatttt

_butt said...

Tauhu sumbat is orginally a malay dish rite? Cuz Malay tend to 'malay-nize' chinese food.. haha, if there's such a word.. just look at Chee Cheong Fun and Yee mee.

Pandabonium said...

Now you're talking my kind of food.
Looks great.

slurp! said...

hmm ... is it the same as tahu goreng as have here in SG?

Chen said...

more delicious to eat with the satay sauce dip leh.. :D

Is the cabe rawit similar to our chilli padi in Malaysia (the super hot chilli) :D

slurp :) Tomorrow evening I'm going to buy some :D

Yeah, it's originally a Malay dish.

LOL at your terminology regarding "malay-nize" chinese food.

;) Yeah, yeah.. after I posted so many "meaty" dishes :P

Sorry lah... I dunno how's the tauhu goreng in Singapore looks like, so I can't answer u :)