Friday, December 21, 2007

GRB Attack

Yeah, it is the time of the year again. The Winter Solstice Festival aka Dong Zhi (冬至/过冬) has arrived.

The notorious Tang Yuen (汤圆) is a MUST during this festive season. Yeah, The cute GRB (Glutinous Rice Balls) Attack. These klang klang GRB are meant to be eaten and not to be thrown, unless u wanna participate The sticky GRB Fight. :P

So many Klang klangs. So many Balls. So many Bebola. So many 汤圆. In case if u are unlucky and didn't get the chance to eat the yummy tang yuen this year, you can substitute it by eating fish balls (since they are all balls, except that different type of flour is used. Hahaha... is this ajaran sesat?) LOL

Happy Winter Solstice
(psss... Don't Forget to Attack More Balls this Dong Zhi)


moz monster said...

Happy Winter's Soltice ! Now ... where are those rice flour packs !!!

How come you didn't blog about this earlier? I now only know ... have to faitit go and make some GRBs.

Chev said...

Happy 冬至 :)
I still have half a packet of left over glutinous rice flour. U want some? ;)

U dunno meh? At least now u know mah, still not too late. If not, u can eat Fish Ball or Sotong Ball instead. LOL

kyh said...

i dun like tong yuen one. :P

but still, happy winnliu solstice! LOL!

Chev said...

why u no heart tang yuen?
later those tang yuen cry then u know

Happy Winter Sonata
Oops, it's Winter Solstice
Winnliuliu Festival :P

a^ben said...


*sumbat grb into chen's nose and cabutszzzzzzzzzzzzz*

Chev said...

I sumbat the GRB into your ka chng then u know. Not one GRB but several GRBs :P

angel said...

wah liao... really got klang klang attack... sumbat into benben's ka chn'g really no eye see liao! kkkk...

your entry sounded like a MacAttack ad :P

only winnter sonata will eat fishball this winnter solstice ;)

happy tong yuen!!!

Chev said...

LOLOLOL, the GRB Fight has just started? Kkkkkkk

Err, really got such Mac Attack advertisement ah? :P Btw, talking about Mac Attack made me hungwee liao, cos the word Mac reminds me of Mac Donald. Kkkkkk

LOL about Winn-ter Sonata eating Fish Ball. Let's contribute Meat Ball, Prawn Ball, Crab Ball and Sotong Ball. The more, the merrier mah :P)

Happy Bebola Festival :)

L B said...

So many relatives there!!! All inter-related by marriage or thru pots of boiling water!! Happy Klang Klang Winter Solstice!!!

*moves my metal ship onto Park Lane, and builds three hotels there*

may said...

Happy Dong Zhi! I'm not a big fan of those bolas, so don't miss it. I'd rather have some Christmas pudding... or gingerbread cookies...

stay-at-home mum said...

I love those with fillings best - my favourite - black sesame!

narrowband said...

Must attack balls kah? That sounds so salah :p

HAha.... Happy Dong Zhi!!!

Doreen said...

Happy冬至! I so heart 汤圆 especially those cooked in sweet and clear water. *slurp*

Selba said...

Happy Winter's Soltice!!!

We eat the balls according to our age, right?

rinnah said...

Happy Winter Solstice Festival, chen!

I won't get to eat tang yuen this year... it's not on the list of foods my dad can take. :o(

But I love the ones with red bean filling... *o p e n*

kat said...

sigh.. no GRB here, no fish/prawn/sotong ball either.. :(

Only balls around are falafels and gulab jamuns.. can ah?? :D

Happy Winter Solstice, lokter! :)

eastcoastlife said...

How can substitute tang yuen with fish balls!!

*returns to eating my black sesame tang yuens.... throws tang yuens at chen*

Chev said...

Hahaha, yeah.. They are one big happy family, swimming together and floating in the big pot of boiling water. LOL

Let's have tong yuen while playing monopoly. Kkkkkkk..

Wonder if we can mix the tong yuen and Christmas pudding together, and made it into a new recipe. Since Christmas and Winter Solstice is just 3 days apart. Kkkkkkk

stay at home mum,
Yum yum. I still have some leftover flour. Going to made some again tonight, but the plain tang yuen without fillings ;)

Chev said...

Hahaha, we only attack the edible balls, and not the vice versa. LOL

Happy Dong Zhi. Eat more balls, I mean the tong yuen :)

Heheheh, previously when I was at home, we have the salty version of tong yuen too.. Instead of sugary syrup, my mum put in pork, meat ball and other stuff :)

Happy Winter Solstice. Hehehe, I don't follow that tradition. Else have to swallow lotsa tang yuen. Bad for digestive system :p Imagine if a 80-year-old grandma has to eat 80 tang yuen. LOL

Chev said...

Oh.. never mind lah.. U can eat tang yuen some other times since tang yuen is available all year round ;)

Happy Winter Solstice and hope your dad will get well soon :)

Wah, u r now in a place without those edible balls? So weird they dun even have fish balls !! :O

Hehehhe, falafels and gulab jamuns are the "mutated" balls. LOL

Happy Dong Zhi :)

Why not? they are all balls. LOL
better than nothing mah :P

wah, don't lah waste the yummy tang yuen by throwing it at me. Better to eat it mah :P

may said...

take a break from bebola-eating.

you've been TAGGED!

Iml said...

Woke up early to diligently make these little tang yuan. To remember this day of family togetherness.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Oh! This is the wet type! Look yummy!
Have a nice day & marry x-mas!

Berberboo said...

eeeee.... yours got inti one or not? haha... i made one extremely big one with inti... for my FATHER!!! hahaha... but then... looks so ugly la... distorted balls... EWWWW...

haha... happy Winter's Solstice to you all the way from Kuching!!! ^^

Chev said...

Thanks for the tag. I will do the tag soon, since Christmas is just around the corner. LOL

That's sweet. Your family must have a good time enjoying the tang yuen u made for them :)

Hor Ny Angmoh,
Yeah. Did u have some today?
Happy Dong Zhi and Merry Christmas.

Mine is without inti, just the plain glutinous rice flour dough :)
Hehe, I wonder how big is your extremely big tang yuen :D

Thanks. Happy Winter Solstice to u and your family members too :)

nyonyapenang said...

Gua every year also got GRB attack one. Rushed back from Penang to roll those balls.

Happy Tang Chek!

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Happy Tong Zhi to you and your family!

Almost forgot to buy the tong yuens. Must buy must buy.

Cocka Doodle said...

happy tung jit! Aiyoh...still owe you 1 tag.

Chev said...

Yeah, I saw the colorful GRB on your blog. :)

Happy Tang Chek. Ah Boy didn't get to eat any GRB as I sked he might get choked. LOL

Wah, almost forget? It's still not too late. Must buy, Must buy ;)

Happy Bola Festival. Thanks for the Christmas card and the Postcard. Ah Boy so happy leh receiving the Postcard :)

Oh.. that tag. Slow-slow do also never mind wan lah. hehehhe

letti said...

ooo every year i tell myself i need to make some, and never do. I REALLY have to make some this year :)

Redsponge said...

another year older ;p

Happy winter soltice

Chev said...

Hehehe, it is still not too late to make some. Have fun making tang yuen. I'm sure your hubby will love it :)

red sponge,
Hehehhe, lidat cannot lah. Birthday already one year older, and if winter solstice another year older, then really get old very fast liao. Kekekkekkee

Happy Dong Zhi :)

Zhu said...

We don't celebrate 冬至 much here because... well, Canada is cold enough like that, we don't like being remembered!

However, I love the little balls...

my said...

omg this is a ajaran sesat balls n tang uan not the same ;)

Chev said...

Yeah, especially with the freezing snowing season during Winter. But, on the other hand.. having a bowl of hot tang yuen will be nice in such a cold weather. LOL

hehhehe, i thought who is this earlier on, till i clicked on the link to the photo. Oh.. u r Beng Beng :)

Hahhaha, fish ball and tang yuen looks similar from the outside. LOL

mich said...

mummy din make so din get to eat this year...
actually to be accurate its 3 years..sob sob..wish i get to eat!

Chev said...

Aiks, it is easy to made those GRB lah. U can made yourself. Else, u can buy the ready made one from supermarket mah. Better than none :P

mich said...

didnt get to eat cause mummy pantang something..
i dono la...haha..