Wednesday, December 21, 2005

tang yuan/汤圆 or glutinous rice balls

冬至 (tung zhi or arrival of winter) or 过冬(guo tong) or winter solstice (normally falls on 21st or 22nd December). The day of the year when the night is the longest and the daytime is the shortest. There's an old chinese sayings that 过冬大过年 or "winter festival is more important than chinese new year". I guess it's not so significant over here in tropical countries like Malaysia whereby the weather is hot and humid all year long. And, there's the saying that after eating 汤圆 (tang yuan) during 过冬, they will grow older by one year. Chinese festival dishes usually have auspicious and meaningful names. Tang yuan (汤圆) sounds similar to "tuan yuan"(团圆) which means family reunion.

I remember helping my mum making tang yuan during my secondary school times. Besides rolling the glutinous rice dough into little balls, I made few tang yuan with various size and shapes, including triangular shaped, pyramid shaped, cube shaped, cuboid shaped tang yuan. Haven't made those weird shaped tang yuan for long time already. Might be it's time for me to restart back ;) During those days, we prepared the tang yuan and cooked it with different ways. One way is cooked with chicken meat and vegetable. Another way is eat it together with sugar syrup. The third way is to mix the cooked tang yuan together with mixture of grounded peanut and sugar.(The taste is similar to muar chee) .


sbanboy said...

I am looking forward to having some at home ... hehe ... I am really looking forward to going home tomorrow after my call ... hehe

Chen said...

I'm sure u will get to eat some tomorrow night :)
Enjoy your time together with your family members..

day-dreamer said...

Issh... I was about to post something about tang yuan too but you got ahead of me. :(

Anonymous said...

i want to eat tang yuan.... :(

Cynthia said...

eh! how come no one tell me one? =S

Darryl said...

My grandma would scold if the balls were in weird or uneven sizes. The "mother-ball" has to be a little bigger than the rest. The others must be EQUAL in shape!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
U can still post mah..
Cos what u post are surely different from what I post :D

Get yourself a pack of glutinuous rice flour and made some ..

At least u get to know now :)

Huh? Got thing such as Mother Ball?
Hard work to made all the balls EQUAL in shape..

chiehchee said...

Ya, there is two kind of tang yuen, the sweet and salty, which refer to syrup or meaty taste, ya, as like you said, we'll get older by one year, and im my family practice, I'll take it according to my age for next year, that is 31, ,my father have to take 60++, good breakfast for him.

Winn said...

yeeee....thats fishballs ..

Zara's Mama said...

aigh.. I thought you are giving out recipe..

but just pix only.

anyway.. happy koh-toong.

Alicia said...

nver tried with peanuts n sugar but i've tried tong yuan with longan syrup :P not bad leh.. but hv to make sure that the syrup is not too thick

nice if served cold

carcar said...

ya, i like to eat if is mix with sugar and grind peanut! and my mum told me before, immediate after 'dong zhi' CNY will come in a month time!

my mum also taught us before to eat the amount of tang yuen according to yr age ! oh no, i don really like tang yuen! haha.

wow, thanks again for the new recipe! eat with longan syrup, must try! and yes it is nice to served chilled!

and ladies and gentlement, i am thousand miles away from home, who can offer me some?

*sob sob*

Chen said...

take the number of tang yuan according to age?
That will be a lot for your father :) 60 ++

aiyak, fishball pulak :P

Zara's Mama,
Happy 过冬 to u too :)
I never measure how much flour or water to use, so hard to write out the recipe :)

longan syrup? Sounds nice.
nowadays we can serve tang yuan with everything.. I read people even serve it together with cooking wine :D
wonder how does that taste like ??

Chen said...

kesian.. poor gal..
u can made some for yourself loh..
since it's not difficult to made.. :)

Tibbar de Gniw said...

When I help my grandmother make tang yuen, I always add in a few rabbit shapes.
..(' .')
c( , ,)

Chen said...

rabbit shapes? That's cool..
Never see rabbit shaped tang yuan :)
Do snap photos of rabbit tang yuan if u make some this year :D

day-dreamer said...

Wah... if an ah po is 100+ years old, then she'll have to take 100+ tang yuans??


Chen said...

day dreamer,
Grin :D

Very dangerous for 100+ year old ah po to take 100+ tang yuans lah..
The tang yuan might accidentally stick at the poor ah po's throat,
cos u know mah.. normally old people has no teeth..

Tibbar de Gniw said...

But they have dentures mah...
(So that they can sing while brushing their teeth)

Chen said...

Have to bear in mind they can accidentally swallow the dentures as well..
It's not uncommon to see people swallow dentures accidentally.
In fact, I have seen quite a number of such cases already..
I blogged about one of the cases in one of my earlier posting eventful on call.

darryl said...

Aih... you don't know the life of a nyonya, who practises strict chinese traditions like making equal-sized balls and cooking good nyonya food. Haha! :D

Chen said...

Hahha, I'm one of those people who dislikes to follow traditions ;)
I like to do things my own way :D