Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sweet Potato Tangyuan (蕃薯汤圆)

Yesterday I cooked Sweet Potato Tang Yuan (蕃薯汤圆). Since it's so common to eat the normal plain tang yuan, I decided to cook something different. Some people only cook tang yuan during 冬至 / 过冬 / winter solstice , but not me. I cook it anytime I like. Since the ingredients are simple. The dough (glutinuous rice flour mixed together with warm water) were kneaded to achieve the chewy texture. I never measured how much flour or water to use, but never added in excessive water initially cos one can always add in extra water later on if the dough is hard :P The glutinous rice dough is then rolled into little marble sized balls.

I added in the half of the blended steamed sweet potatoes to the dough (glutinuous rice flour). The other half I used it as fillings inside the sweet potato tang yuan. I didn't add in any artificial colouring to my tang yuan. The orange coloured dough is the natural colour of the sweet potatoes.

The tang yuan are then dropped into a pot of boiling water (it's important that the water must be hot or else the tang yuan dough will dissolve in the water, and all the effort is then wasted). Once the tang yuan start floating in the boiling water, they are cooked.

The cooked tang yuan, served together with sugar syrup cooked together with slices of ginger. Nice :)


sbanboy said...

Yummy ... when u gonna make me some ....

Jellyfish said...


Chen said...

how to make for u?
U are so far away :D

Your beloved mummy will made some nice tang yuan for u tonight.

DHL tang yuan?
I think by the time the tang yuan reach KL, it won't be nice already cos soaked too long in the syrup :D

Winn said...


Sounds cool ehhh

if add wasabi inside can play games dy:D

Robin said...

Sweet idea.. yummy or not?

Tazz said...

First time I have heard of Sweet Potato Tang Yuan (蕃薯汤圆). Sounds very interesting and yummy. :)

Chen said...

yeah yeah, potato balls :D

Add wasabi inside? Wonder how will it taste like then...

Btw, can use it to throw at jellyfish as well, if he is notti :P

sweet idea of course sweet taste loh :D
if u like to eat sweet potato, I'm sure u will like it :)

We want to break the traditional tradition and create some new menu :)
I'm sure more will come

Alicia said...

waa can try leh.. looks nice ~.~ me might try to make nxt time

Jellyfish said...

u got a lot of weapons to throw at me hor?


Chen said...

u can give that a try if u are free :)
Something different..

I will use the biggest sweet potato ball to throw at u :)
Diameter more than 10 cm, The Cannon ball huge tang yuan :D

day-dreamer said...

Your dough (the first pic) looked like zau yu dan (fried fishballs) leh... Hehehehe...

I will also make some extra hard tang yuan to throw at "notti boiboi with baby smell". Yucks!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
zau yu dan? Now u made me feel hungry :D
*thinking of eating fried fishballs*

Hahaha... why everyone want to throw things at jellyfish? :D

Jeremy C said...

wow, looks really yummy!! may i have some? i'm in kuching only...

Chen said...

It's indeed yummy..
Too bad I'm not in Sarawak at the moment... so, I can't give u.

Tibbar de Gniw said...

*television announcer voice*
Throwing things at Jellyfish has now become the latest fad in Malaysia. How long will it keep up? And what does the SPCA think about this cruelty to nasty underwater creatures? What shock and horror!

SPCA rep: Actually, throwing things at Jellyfish is quite a good exercise since the things concerned would just bounce off. Throwing Jellyfish, however, is not reccomended since the stingers could cause irreversable damage.

Chen said...

tibbar, u can use your rabbit shaped tang yuan to throw at jellyfish :D
let's exercise :D

Desmond said...

*gulp* looks delicous but i need to taste it :)

Winn said...

Happy Winter Solstice

sbanboy said...

Hurray just had home cooked meal by my mom and had the tang yuan also ... hehe :)

JoeC said...

hey, simple and nice, thats the key. Cheers1

Chen said...

Too bad, u can only taste it virtually..

The same to u too :)

Finally u get to taste tang yuan.
Home cooked food is still the best.

Simple is Good ;)

Jellyfish said...

u throw i catch and cook it.
FOC wor.. whre to find

eh? rabbit shaped tang yuan?
i've just bloged a JELLYFISH shaped tang yuan


Chen said...

if I want to throw something at u, I will make sure u won't be able to catch it,
or else what's the point? :P

read your posting liao..
why u made your jellyfish tang yuan RIP?
Kill your own kind?
U are found guilty of ~ murder :P

Anonymous said...

tight up jellyfish...
kakaka.. now he got no hands to catch the tang yuan liao...
now, everyone can throw tang yuan at him d.. :p

Chen said...

Tie jellyfish tight tight? :D
Later he says we all bully him

day-dreamer said...

LOL at Tibbar de Gniw's comment!

This girl's very witty lar.

carcar said...

aih, was struggling for some times, now don care lah, since everybody placed in their order, i just do so lah!

Tang Yuen one Bowl! Less Sweet pls!

*cabut also*

(If not tang yuen become weapon leh)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Yeah, she has bright future :D

Wah.. since when I changed job to sell tong sui? :D

Lesson learned today :
tang yuen has multi purpose. Not only as food but can use as weapon to throw at people..
Especially the big hard round tang yuen.. :D

babe_kl said...

so innovative and creative! great, keep it up. remember to bring some for me :p

Chen said...

babe kl,
I'm going to made some star-shaped and other weird shaped tang yuan :D
Wonder if u r still interested?