Friday, December 22, 2006

Klang Klang Ball

I didn't realise 冬至 / 过冬 / winter solstice is just around the corner till I received a SMS greetings yesterday night from my friend.

Since I still have a packet of glutinous rice flour in the kitchen, I will play around with the dough. Last year I came out with Sweet Potato Tangyuan. Mmmm... This year, I want to made something different too - the traditional round marble sized tangyuan (汤圆) seems like too plain, too ordinary... or might be too boring? And I come up with this... All the weird shapes & sizes.. Hahaha... (Psss.. I don't like to follow traditions).

This is how the cooked multi-shaped "tangyuan" looks like ;) Aren't they cute? Better don't let those poh-poh or any grandma sees this, else they will start shouting or yelling or giving long winded lectures :P

I know Winn will say this looks like fishball.. Or.. LB might say this looks like klang klang balls?

Happy Winter Solstice


Anonymous said...

First comment?

angel said...

Happy Klang Klang Tong Yuen!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Hahaha...

Wah... got rectangle and star shape some more?! Omg... pengsan!

Chen ah Chen, 汤 are not called 汤 if they are not !

First picture? Fail! Redo!

Kekekeke... :D

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, btw, 冬至快乐!

Winn said...

little_angel_baby: tomolo u eat tong yuen??
Winn: no worrrrrr
little_angel_baby: oh i forgot... liu eat apple wan...
little_angel_baby: go eat at chen's ;)
little_angel_baby: ;)
Winn: i oso forgot tomorow tong yuen day
Winn: i eat fish ball la......

wahh..before i check your blog i was oredi tellng angel i eat fish ball..then i come read ur entry..u say fishball again!! we so 'sum leng seong tong'one!!!!! LOL!!!!

i love tong yuen , i oso like to make weird shapes one..but this year no eat tong yuen..i'll eat fish ball...:)

may said...

tong yuennnn!! once a year, and I'll be missing it again... *sigh*

Merry Klang Klang Tong Yuen Bola to you!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Happy Klang Klang Tong Yuen Festival to u too..

Wah.. U started giving lecture liao ah? Don't tell me u r in the "poh-poh or any grandma" categories who will give lectures if they see the tongyuan is in different shapes !! Hahahha...

I stated ealier on liao I don't like to follow traditions :P

Happy Klang Klang Tong Yuen Festival to u too :)

I know liao.. I know earlier on liao u will talk about fish balls :D
Really "sum leng seong tong" hoh?
Scared or not? :P
I can read your mind !!!!

Merry Fish Ball Festival to u :)

U can always eat it some other time :P Mmmm... might be a week or two later? ;)

Merry Klang Klang Tang Yuen Fest to u too :)

kyh said...

Happy Dong Zhi although I don't celebrate it!

Cos I jz dont like tong yuen la! I dont like the tooooo sweet syrup plus the artificial-coloured balls, jz gross. So can say that I'm pretty healthy on dong zhi days cos no artificial colours in my body! :P

might wanna try urs since it's natural colour! jz that ur syrup must not be too sweet la... den i'll bei min u... XD

Anonymous said...

wah...i long time never had tong yuen...long long time....*sighs*

angel said...

Kakaka!! Itu winn summore say wat u know, she said hor, since u so sum leng seong tong with her, nxt time dun ask her want to eat wat liao...

Chen said...

Happy Dong Zhi to u too :)
I don't put any artificial colouring all these while. The green, blue, pink or whatever colour looks scary as what u mentioned :) Sweet stuff is for little kids only. Adults don't have to eat so sweet, right? Hehhehe :D

Get some tomolo? :D
Then your long long time will be no more long long time liao :D

that is Winn loh..
So Winn.. hahahha
if not, that is not her liao :P

L B said...

Waaa, more Klang Klangs!!! Tis the season of Klang Klangs, ya? LiuliuSotSot!!! Happy Merry Very Klang Klangs!!!

Chen said...

Yeah loh..
This is the time to Klang Klang :D
All your fault :P
So the liuliu & sot sot..
haven't sot sot for quite a while oledi..
Will continue to sot sot tomolo :)

Happy Klang Klang Ball Ball to u too :D

Anonymous said...

aiseh... so liu liu klang klang one your 汤圆


Anonymous said...

whahahaa~ i thought i already comment here~

must be dreaming~ :X ahhahahaha

happy winter solstice~ *sumbat klang klang into chen's nose~ :X*

Pink Cotton said...


hahahahah very cute leh!!!!! i like the star shaped one! ^_^

i m also like that mom cannot ask me to help her to make biscuits wan ..cos for sure i will make those weird shapes like smiley face or snowman..muahaha...

u kno?at first when i see ur first pic..i tot its snoww 'x'

mistipurple said...

merry tang yuan christmas! klang klang klang!

Anonymous said...

Choi!! I am NOT in the popo or ah mah category lah...

Joking only mah...


Anonymous said...

I missed few years already... so I still young right? People said once u eat mean u getting older 1 year, if like this I still 25 years old only... kekeke.

Happy Tong Yuen Jie.

Anonymous said...

Hey chen, happy guo tong to you, oh you cooked so many tang yuan, u know one tang yuan equal to 1 year older? um, i wonder how old are you now.. :p

sengkor said...

can send some over?

Chen said...

This is special limited edition tangyuan :P
cannot find elsewhere one

yeah loh..
u must be dreaming of io ka chng too much liao..
I just saw your liuliu drawing from Carcar latest post..
Chio kao wa beh tahan..
so liuliu lah u :D

pink cotton,
Happy Bulat-Bulat Festival to u too :) Initially I wanted to made GingerBread Man.. But then I lazy to made.. hahahha.. might be next year? or might be tomorrow? See how :D

Oh, snow ah?
yeah hoh? white-white tei..
just like snow :P

Chen said...

Can I greet u with the 3-in-1 combo wishes? Happy & Merry Tangyuan Christmas New Year :D Makan your share of tangyuan liao or not? :P

Kkakkaka, just in case mah..
I'm worried too yesterday..
luckily u r not in that category :D

Wah.. if I eat tangyuan many times a year, that means I'm very old liao?
Si beh jialat :P

Happy Tangyuan festival :)
If can't get tangyuan, eat fish balls will do too :P

sin ling,
Hhaha, I don't follow tradition one.
And btw, I'm definitely older than u ;) hehhehe..

I will ask Liucas to send over some..
Tapi... bolehkah si Liucas ini dipercayai? Dia akan curi makan tak?

Anonymous said...

lui yan: so your one is not 汤圆 but 汤方 and 汤星?


Simple American said...

Klang Klang or is it glut glut. hehe

Very cute Doc. You is such a crever cooker.

Anonymous said...

tomolo? no one doing it here...*sniffs*

ah nel said...

it look like rambutan or longan ler!!! :P

ah nel said...

i skip this soup round/tang yuen few yrs ledi...hehe

Chen said...

ayam panggang, 汤方 and 汤星 is good also mah, but sounds like human's name :P

LOL at glut-glut
so cut geh the name :D
errr.. Luckily u didn't say that I'm playing with food ;)

u can always made it yourself ;)
very simple niah ..

ah nel,
how about lychee? :P
why skip leh? no chance to eat or u dowan to eat?

ah nel said...

ya ho...seem like lychee oso...

no lar as no ppl cook for ah nel eat sumore it made from rice flour and ah nel cant consumed so much flour food... ;)

_butt said...

happy eating tong yuens!! :D

Chen said...

ah nel,
if lidat, then might be u can eat fish balls to substitute tangyuan.. or might be lychee too? Since they look similar :P

Happy Bola Festivals :)
hope u get your fair shares of tang yuen too yesterday night :D

Anonymous said...

After eating the "balls" feel older and wiser?

Chen said...

just me,
hahaha, still the same old me :D

ah nel said...

can lokter made fishball for ah nel eat?homemade wan not much flour as eaten outside wan all flour nia eh...

maybe i just had lychee... :P

Chen said...

ah nel,
i lazy to made fish ball..
making meat ball or pork ball is much easier :P

nowadays hard to get fresh lychee..
easier to get longan instead :P

ah nel said...

same mar no mer?all need to tumbuk tumbuk til the meat soft soft then make round round... :P

i jobless then can lokter sponsor some longan? :D

Chen said...

ah nel,
fish more leceh mah..
have to made sure there is no fish bones in the flesh..
not like pork balls :D

wah.. so poor meh till need me to sponsor u eat longan? :D

ah nel said...

that show lokter sincerity if lokter made pishball for me... :D

ah nel veli the poor til drink water oso drink longkang water...

Chen said...

ah nel,
kakkaka.. so if i dun make fish ball, then i'm not sincere liao? :P

Mmmmmm.... u really exaggerate lah..
u mana ada drink longkang water? u say pipe water, might be i will believe u :P

ah nel said...

ya lokter wana b sincere onot?

in kiasuland we drink pee n shit water...

Chen said...

ah nel,
i guess i'm not "sincere" today :P
how about one bowl of fish ball soup or pork ball soup from the market? :P