Thursday, December 21, 2006

Klang Klang BKT

Still pening with the ongoing **KLANG**KLANG**, thanks to KLANG KLANG LB. Winnie also 唔拾输, started klang klang-ing with her little klang klang drum. 我都咪拾输, now is my turn to Klang Klang with Klang Klang BKT :D

After the eventful Crappy Meet on Friday night, I finally reached Legend Hotel at 2 am in the early morning. After a quick refreshing late night (or early morning?) shower, I packed my luggage. Didn't really slept much that night (might be an hour or two only..) and I woke up again at 6 am the next morning, for Bakuteh in Klang-Klang Klang.

AhBoy came & fetch me at 7:20 am. (Psss.. This AhBoy is not my dog, okie? He is a friend of mine who shares the same nickname as my doggy. Both of them have one thing in common, the big round eyes !!) We went to Subang USJ to pick up Chiew before heading towards Klang to meet the not so anonymously anonymous Will. We spent almost 30 minutes at the second toll in Federal Highway waiting for that bugger ayam panggang Will to arrive. Guess he must be busy pang leng leng before he left his house, that's why he took so long :P

The Klang-klang boy brought us to one of the BKT place that he used to frequent - namely Li Yuen Restaurant. There are few hundreds BKT stalls/restaurant in Klang.. Really kia si lang.

The BKT side dishes : Kee Yia Kueh & Yew Char Kueh - both ready to be tortured inside the so called Bakuteh Jacuzzi.

The sinful hak sei yan Fei Chu Yoke Bakuteh. Really kia si lang looking at the skin & the thick layer of fat hidden underneath.

This is my serving. Equally sinful :) Look at the layers of fat!!!!! I didn't really savour the fei chu yoke. I ate mainly the lean meat. Wah, if eat like this everyday really can die one :P The BKT soup is indeed yummy !! Thanks AhBoy for the BKT treat. We waited & waited for hours for Sbanboy but he never turned up.. He FFK us :(


Anonymous said...

ai si ah! pui kao pua si!!

i stil prefer pork ribs and lean meat~ and stomach, yao zha kuai, jing zhen ku~ wah!!!! lao hao shui`

*klang klang klang klang~*

Winn said...

* klang* klang * klang! *

wah scary la the bkt...SO HUGE how to eat????

that will late 30 mins coz he actually went to the market in the morning to pick and slaughter the pig mar.... thats why u all get to eat big fat pork.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may there be more BKT discovery days ahead and more photos of cute cute doggie! Cheers!

carcar said...

i have no comment, just wanna tell u im super super hungry now....and super super super super hungry even after reading your blog!

kee yah kuey si simmie? beh hiao leh..

and size doesnt matter, i just love BKT!~


kat said...

Hahaha..see all the fei chee yoke also feel a bit queasy inside!! I beh tahan all those gelatinous tissue, but the fat is what makes the lean meat so smooth and yummy!

Didn't save any big bones for AhBoy or Liucas?? No wait, your AhBoy doesn't eat bones right??

L B said...

Aiyoyo yoyoyoyo yo yo yo!! Aiyoyo!!! AIYOYO!! How can wan? Liddat also can wan meh?!! *sob*... WAAA!!! So the very extremely *KLANG**KLANG* liuliuloh!!! Hahahaa, aiseh, after our July 14th, we must do a *KLANG**KLANG* too, ok? MUST! MESTI! AhBoy can drive!!!

Simple American said...

Wat is FFK us mean?

I eat the fat okay? Remembers my brother. Maybe not.

Klang Klang!

kyh said...

OMG!!! so kia si lang 1!!! geli gao pua si looking at the fatty layers! soooo thick!!! cant imagine i'm eating that =.=

see... i did say u everyday eat ho liao one... this entry testifies it. XD

Anonymous said...


sengkor said...

wht cutlery needed to eat that huge piece of meat? chainsaw?

Anonymous said...

yummy leh :P

Anonymous said...

SA: FFK = fong fei kei (in cantonese)... it's direct translation is "launching aeroplane"... something like that... it's a colloq for not keeping promises or taking a last minute rain check :D

may said...

got BKT in Subang oso!!!

hmmm... maybe go eat BKT next week... yummmm...

angel said...

Waaa... everyone oso KLANGKLANGKLANGKLANG... i oso wanna klangklang liao!!!

yeee... me no likes this type of BKT... gimme pork ribs and all the 'organs' please! tq! :P


Chen said...

next time I will take lean meat too
u like gizzards & intestines ah? :P
I take tat too but that's not my favourite loh..
I love the soup :D

Klang Klang

Klang Klang Klang
scary leh..
I see liao also sked :P
How to eat ah?
Mmmm... let me recall..
Poke the tu bak with fork...
then pray hard...

aiyak.. Slaughtering pig pulak?
then Will mai become Chu Yoke Weng?
nyek nyek..

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to u too :)
Ah Boy send his regards to u too ;)

Chen said...

wah.. no comment also can write so long geh.. if got comment then can write half a page liao :D

kee yah kueh is some sort of tasteless kuih. I also dunno wat is that, Will told me it's called kee yah kueh :P Size doesn't matter ah? Good lah u :) And I remember u love fei chu yoke too :P

Last but not least..
your avathar pict in YM is very confusing leh.. :P

feel queasy ah looking at all those fei lam lam chu yoke?
wanna assam or soey boey? :P

Wah.. u remember Ah Boy doesn't eat bones :)

Ah Boy actually likes bone..
but just that I don't allow him to "eat" bones, cos I scared those spikey bony compartment might cut his throat or stomach.. So I don't allow him to "eat" bones, for his own good :P

can can..
of coz can :D
Now is the Klang Klang season :)
Must Klang Klang Klang more..
Ah Boy becomes our chauffeur..
wait, u r referring to ah boy the doggy or ... ? :P

Chen said...

FFK means not keeping promises at the last minutes, ie not turning up for a promised meetup or appointment etc :D
Will gives a good explanation too for FFK in his comment above :)

Might be u just eat one mouthful can liao.. and sacrifice the rest :D

I think the layer must be chewy like chewing gum :P
I didn't actually bite on it too ;)

Hahha, I only ate those yummy dishes during my few days trip to KL. Normally I don't savour all these foodstuffs ;)

u wanna some?
btw, u r .. ?

Chen said...

Not the manual chainsaw but the electronic chainsaw ;) So must bear in mind to bring one chainsaw together with u when u makan BKT, hahhahah :P

Yummy, of coz yummy
Lao hao sui type of yummy :D

I want to eat too!!!! Can I join?
BKT in Penang tarak sedap langsung :(

Now is the Klang Klang Klang season mah.. Klang Klang here & Klang Klang there..

Wah... u likes to eat gizzards wan ah? I do eat a little bit bit but that was not my favourite loh.
Next time we go BKT, okie? :D

Anonymous said...

Sinful, sinful, SO SINFUL!!

But then... *drooling*

Hundreds of BKT stalls in Klang??! Really kia si lang leh!!

ah nel said...

my relative all called me xxxxboy isit im a dog oso?

wuahhh...BKT i scared ler...drink few sip on the soup then nose bleed...

ah nel said...

btw u no tapao the fei chu yok for ah boy as he so skinny... ;)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
sinful leh...
at least I didn't eat the fei chu yoke, so I won't feel guilty :P

Yeah, there are hundreds !!
The Bakuteh stalls are budding like mushrooms after rainy days :P

ah nel,
if u think u r a dog, then u are :)
if u think u r not, then u aren't..
Does this sounds logic? ;)

Wah.. drink few sips of BKT can get nose bleed? So cham geh? Sounds like u cannot eat lotsa things leh..

Cannot feed Ah Boy all these high cholesterol stuff. Later he gets high cholesterol then susah :P

Anonymous said...

Long time never eat BKT oledi... will go gasak this weekend... kekeke

ah nel said...

i think im a jerk than i reli a jerk ho?

ya ho since so many thing cant eat die better ho? :D

he so skinny wont get high cholesterol wan as got lokter around... :P

Chen said...

Go go go..
I feel like eating BKT again :)

ah nel,
Yes, u are whom u think u are :D

Cannot eat many things still can survive lah. Life is not about eating only.. ;)

Ah Boy eats healthy food :D (Not that he wants but being forced.. He has no choice :P)

cynthia said...

the FAT is bloody awesome!!!! I want!!!!!!!!

L B said...

hahaha, now I have to decide between making BKT this weekend, or Seafood BBQ!!! Sei lor! How KLANG KLANG!

Chen said...

Wah... u want ah?
Then we shouldn't have wasted it earlier on liao..
can give it to u :P
We scared to eat the fatty pork leh :P

Made Bakuteh !!
Klang Klang mah..
must made BKT
BBQ Seafood can postpone till next week.. for New Year Celebration :P

Simple American said...

Thanks Will and Chen for the explanation.

Okay. One mouthful.

Chen said...

u r mostly welcomed ;)
But I sked after u eat one mouthful, u will ask for more... hahahha...

_butt said...

*stomach growling*

oops.. excuse me.. lol

Chen said...

Errr.. not only u stomach growling leh.. Now my stomach is growling too after seeing the BKT picture in the early morning at this hour :(

Cham cham cham........

Ditto said...

Wow Dr, you still enjoy eating pork huh. Thot the ministry of Health had already advised people to cut down pork consumption especially in Klang valley where the use of beta-agonist is already a scary issue here..hahaha there u go the delicious BKT