Friday, November 02, 2007

Kuching, The Cat Haven

Cats ah cats...
Kucing oh Kucing
Meow Meow ah Meow Meow
Mayau oh Mayau
Pussy ah pussy...
猫猫 oh 猫猫

♪ ♫ Here a meow, there a meow... ♪ ♫

And not forgetting all the other kucing statues in Kuching. Don't u love kucing Kuching? At least I do.


L B said...

Come back soon! All is forgiven!!!

eastcoastlife said...

chup first!

eastcoastlife said...

kakakaka.... Pussy Town add one more pussy to it!

Rece the padang for me! I still have my Kuching airticket!

*piak piak piak chen with salted fish*

Chen said...

dowan to come back yet leh..
Weekend is around the corner..
my hols just started leh..

i must sapu those Swak food first before flying back to Penang :P

Basically u can see cat statues everywhere in Kuching. Okie okie, i kua chiong a bit lah... LOL

The padang race still on ah?

When u wanna fly to Kuching?
I believe I can fly..

apa pasal piak me with kiam hu? :P

rinnah said...

*stalks the pussy statues* Hehehe.

lynnx01 said...

Scary lah those statues. What language is mayau in?

angel said...


Oops... too meow meow sexcited liao... hehe...


Oops... if salah means veli paiseh!!! kakaka...

Wait, lemme go chk my pics first :p

OK, checked liao. I'm right! Muahahaha :p

Kasi satu teh-c peng special, 5 layer!

Doreen said...

Stay in Kuching lah, at least stay till March next year, then we can meet up. Hehehehe

*piggy chasing kucing*

Chen said...

Hhahaaha... poor meow meow. That is a good place to take group photo, with everyone posing with different pose with the cats (since there are so many little cats (statue) over there.


scary meh the cat statues?
I think they look kinda cute?
No meh? :D

That is Iban language :)

Chen said...

clever lah u..
can remember the exact location of the meow meow. No wonder the cats love u. Hahahhaaaha. Did u all pose in front of that meow meow for group photo? LOL

u really love that kiasu 5 layer teh C peng hoh? Should i have it this morning for breakfast together with kampua or kolo mee? :P

stay till March? walao... that is almost half a year leh... Then i really eat grass liao. hahahaah

i can imagine your piggy playing together with the meow meow
so sweet !!!!!

Ehon said...

who doesn't love KUCHING must be crazy!! Even winn got Kuching-Withdrawal Symptoms!

I wanna go home!

L B said...

Got Anjing there or not?

may said...

Taman Kucing? heh, so kiut, all those kitties! Ah Boy got sked of all those kitties anot? said...

Need to have so many statues meh?
scratch head

rinnah said...

Yoohoo! You're tagged for piaking me at LB's! Hahahaha... *runs away again*

Chen said...

i know there are people out there who dislike Kuching leh... cos of the differences in lifestyle :)

i just came back from sampat-ing session with Ah Ben. We sampat with Winn and Angel on the phone too :P

psss.. Angel falls in love with the kiasu 5 layer Teh C Peng liao :P

u going home soon liao mah..
End of the month mah.
Tick tock tick tock...

Got.. many instead
i see more real anjing than kucing on the street. The real animal, not the statues ;)

Woof Woof..

Chen said...

This is not located inside any park or taman, but near the Kuching Waterfront. There are cat statues scattered in several places in Kuching, but the biggest one is located near the Padungan Road roundabout.

Ah Boy not sked of dogs and cats wan. He even barks at gigantic big dogs. *cold sweat*

Hahahhahaha... not my idea woh :P
But at least these statues are not as expensive as the betel nut monument in Penang.

walao.. must double piak u liao..
this time with sarawak laksa.

Thanks for tagging. Wah.. this tag needs to use brain cells wan, not like those sampat tag :P

Kenny Ng said...

I like cats very very much!

Chen said...

huh? i prefer dogs than cats ;)

Simple American said...

How come we never see real cats? Only statues. hmmmm...

Chen said...

In fact, I see more real dogs than cats in Kuching city :P