Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Horn + Bill = ?

Finally I have stepped my feet once again at the Land of Hornbills or Meow City, after almost half a year since I last balik kampung... unlike that Ehon, although studying in Oz, but he can go fly back home so frequent. I have counted inside the flight just now (better to use my brain cells a bit than purely sitting there day dreaming and fatt ngau dao... )*Ahem* That lucky boy has been flying around and he terbang back home to Sarawak 3x within half a year. Wah...

Tomorrow and Thursday will be busy and hectic days for me, with meeting and discussion till late at night. (Well, the main reason I come back home this time is for work related purposes, hence official visit). Looking forward for the coming weekend ~ this is the time when the short vacation starts ;)

p/s: I will turn on the word verification at the meantime since there are few cilakak %^$#@*& spammers who EFND and kaw kaw cheng. I hate word verification cos damn ma huan wan to type all those weird combination of alphabets, but I have no choice but to turn on it temporary.


angel said...

Kakaka... I think yr SMS jz toot toot came in, fon is inside my room :p

Yalor, I wanted to ask oso, mana itu sumua Hornbill??? Terbang mana liao? And also the kucings... why so few kucings in Kuching?? Why why why??? :p

Happy Kolo Mee-ing! Happy Teh-C Peng-ing! Happy Kueh Chap-ing! Happy 3 Sour Mix-ing! (I lup this too!) Happy Kong Pia-ing! (gua pun sukak!) Happy Sunny Hill-ing! Happy Kuching-ing lah basically! :p

Order satu kolo mee & satu teh-c peng special 10 layer!!! kkkk...

plink said...


Psst... skunkie! Eat full already, what to do ar? Jom, we go disturb Loktor Chen!

I also wish I can fatt ngau dao....

Chen said...

muahaha.. BINGO
yeah, that's my sms :P

itu hornbill ada kat hutan
dan ada kat taman jua

itu kucing ah.. The truth is.. i see more dogs than cats in Kuching leh..

Happy Kampua-ing
Happy Bilin-ing
Happy Lak Kia Kio-ing
Happy everything also lah..
Happy Happy :D

Okie, i will sapu on your behalf
Hiakssss :D

Chen said...

hehehe.. long time no see and long time no talk
I miss u and Skunkie leh..

Kkkkkk... Let's disturb each other

moz monster said...

wow ... back in MeowyCity ... so, have you been gorging yet ? Or that's only after all the official business ? Happy trip !

Cocka Doodle said...

No more hornybills liao. Only Cocka Doodles left! Yay!! Long live the cock!

L B said...

I thought you were going to smuggle me in too? How come? How can? Tipu?!! *LOL* Oi, don't forget, ok? Leopard!!

Chen said...

not yet, will only do so after i settle the official stuff. Looking forward for the coming weekend :D

But I eat the ayam yesterday woh, neh.. the Nando's peri-peri extra hot chicken. How to long live leh if lidat? LOL

Kakkaka.. cos i saw u r too busy manja-ing the Leopard, so i dun kacau u loh :P

*searching for White Leopard* ;)

yenjai.net said...

Government sponsored holiday
The best kind of holiday :P

Winn said...

can tapao hornbill meat for me to try ar?:P:P:P

then u sure get to come back more often, free flight from the government.....haha

mich said...

wei wei..i wan nice nice stuff...wakkakaka..
just joking la..
enjoy ur hols and nvr forget us here ah!

Giddy Tiger said...

Eh, how come I was not asked to verify any words wan?

Doreen said...

wah~~~3 times in 6 months! Ehon must be very fit in adjusting the time difference!

Hope you enjoy your time there lah. Eat the laksa, kolomee and kueh chap for me wor.

Now I miss home liao.....sigh....

rinnah said...

Why is everyone going on holiday (official or no) except me one? *pout* I also wanna try the kolo mee...

Ehon said...

why lar u all pigi kuching when im not arnd har?

hehehehe. how long did u take to count how many times i was back?! lol!! eh, i was back for "official" visit also hor! not for fun ler. :P

narrowband said...

Word verification memang sibeh mahuan wan.. but then I understand the reason behind it. Recently I noticed my Akismet spam filter didn't manage to filter out some spam... really beh tahan nia. For a moment that made me consider installing word-verification or soemthing. But that would mahuan-ify my commentors... aihs....

Enjoy your trip to the land where the hornbills *used to* roam!!

lynnx01 said...

I also don't like word verification... cos I always seem to type the wrong thing. And then have to type so many times. HAha! What I see, what I perceive and what my fingers type don't correlate at all! HHahaha

may said...

I saw hornbills in Sabah wor... maybe that's why angel can't see them, all in Sabah liao! LOL!

eastcoastlife said...

Woot! Balik kampung ah. So you're gonna pig out on Kolo mee, Teh C pengs and pussys. Oops. hehehe....

I hate word verification.

fibrate said...

Envy envy! I also want to "balik kampung"! First stop probably to eat Sarawak laksa!

_butt said...

hope you have a good weekend ahead. :)

aik. how come I don't see any word verification here wan? you turn off already ar?

day-dreamer said...

Yoohoo~! I am back! Hehehe...

Have a nice time in Sarawak ya! :)

Simple American said...

I'm jealous of you both. I never have been ot Horn + Bill land. :(

But someday! Someday!

Chen said...

such opportunity only come once in a blue moon leh. I have worked for the gov for almost 10 years liao and this is the first time i get to travel back to Sarawak officially :)

Yesterday night we had meeting and discussion till 1 am. Sibeh tired..And this morning had to continue back at 8 am. Tonight i gotta sleep early liao :D

aiseh, i dowan to end up in lokap leh.. I give u fake meat can liao.. or how about the ikan terubok masin that the west malaysian craze about? I dun fancy the kiam hu :P

That free flight only come once in a blue moon leh.. this was the first time i get such a chance after working for 10 years woh :P

Chen said...

hahhaha... wat nice nice stuff u want? Everything here is nice. I have bought some ocipala stuff. See la first if i get the chance to meet u or not :P

The holiday has just begun. Tomorrow i will wake up late, coz feel tired leh as meeting finished at 1 am yesterday night and continued at 8 am again this morning..

giddy tiger,
Oops.. cos the clever me on the word verification earlier on and dunno i some how ter-off it accidentally. Hahahhaa.. very clever, huh? :D

*No eye see* :p

Chen said...

That Ehon indeed very keng. Master of flying, luckily not master of fong fei kei @ FFK. kakakaa

Came back 3 days plus liao but dun have the chance to eat laksa or kueh chap yet, but i have eaten kolo mee liao. Might be tomorrow :)

u r coming back home next year, right? Very soon liao, since it's now end of 2007 oledi ;)

cos now is the holiday season kua? I presume school holiday will start soon.. although i dunno when issit.. Kkaakkaka... ocipala talk since all of us are no longer students, hence nothing to do with school hols :P

I just tried the kolo mee on your behalf. Kkkkkk...

Chen said...

on the other hand, why lah u fly back to Kuching when we all not around? :P

How long ah? Few seconds only mah.. The other time, i was busy playing Bejeweled 2 :P

when is your next "official" visit to Penang? ;)

The blogspot word verification is the super duper mahuan thing, and it is hard to differentiate some of the alphabets, such as r & v, vv & w etc. At times i had to type few times before i manage to get the correct words. Grrrrrrr....

Thanks. Nowadays i see lotsa "fake" hornbill instead of the read bird :P

Chen said...

The blogspot word verification is the super duper unwelcomed stuff, at times the word verification is long, and other times it is hard to differentiate some of the alphabets, such as vv & w , r & v etc. At times i had to type few times before i manage to get the correct words. Really beh tahan. Grrrrrrr....

I HATE word verifications !! :D

Wah.. those hornbills migrate to Sabah liao ah? How Come? Why ah? Must be they ter-sesat liao.. blown away by the wind to The Land below the Wind, aka Sabah. Kakakkaka..

Chen said...

I will pig out on Bilin Jungle Fern & Iban Brinjal (aka Lak Kia Kio) and kampua. I dun really fancy kolo mee. Teh C Peng is available in Penang also leh, but not those super kiasu 5 layer Teh C Peng lah. hehehehe..


*High 5*
I HATE word verification too !!!

ehehehee.. I prefer Penang Assam Laksa more than Sarawak Laksa :P
I haven't try the Sarawak Laksa yet this trip back home. Might be tomorrow or Sunday loh.. :)

Chen said...

Thanks. Finally the weekend is here and the holiday has begun !!!
Yipee :)

why u didn't see the word verification ah? very paiseh to tell u that... *ahem* the clever me turned on the word verification earlier on and dunno somehow I ter-off it accidentally. Hahahhaa.. very clever, huh? :D

*No eye see* :p

welcome back DD.
Thanks. I will eat more bilin on your behalf :P

someday, one day..
u will be here @ South East Asia :)
i never been to US nor Texas leh..
jealous of SA too ;)

mich said...

bila u balik?
missing u d..
sob sob..

Chen said...

wah, my short hols just begun leh..
i dowan to go back yet lah..
but i will be back soon :(