Saturday, November 03, 2007

Photo Hunters : Classic

photo hunters

Today's theme is Classic.

Presenting one of the Classic Sarawak culinary dishes ~ my all-time-favourite Sambal Belachan Bilin Jungle Fern (one of the dishes I had for dinner yesterday night).

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L B said...

I like!!! So nice!! So succulent looking! Can pengsan!! Can melt!! Gimme!! O P E N ! ! Fatser! Faster!! Piak!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I never had it before but I imagine it must taste very yummy!!
The Rocky Mountain Retreat

A. said...

That looks so delicious! Making me really hungry.

pelfy said...

I am feeling so hungry when I look at your picture. Ha! Getting my dinner soon. Will try to look for this dish. ha! Have a fun weekend!

Prudence said...

Oh wow! I think I want to have a taste of that. I've never had that before

Dawn said...

Yummy, I had that a long time ago and I can eat that right now.

eastcoastlife said...

What is that? Looks like kangkong. It looks tasty. *slurp*

Chen said...

it's crunchy
it's yummy
it's delicious
it's mouth watering..
it's ... finger licking good :P
lao hao sui liao..
die-die also must eat !!

yeah, it's yummy and delicious

Hehehe, this mouth watering dish is only available in Sarawak ;)

oh? u ate it before? :)

Chen said...

that's the ever popular Bilin jungle fern which is only available in Sarawak. Too bad u didn't get to savour it...

It's mouth watering good stuff leh..
u gotta taste it, and i'm pretty sure u will love it.

Bila nak terbang pi Sarawak? :P

ipanema said...

i love this veggie. In my country we call it pako [stress on the last syllable]. We also serve this as salad. One recipe to die for is fern cooked in coconut milk with prawn. :)

I'm going out now, am so hungry!

Happy weekend! :)

Trinity said...

OMG Chen!! I forgot photohunt this saturday!!!

Hey, looks really delicious! Yummy!

may said...

ok, enough talk, let's eat! *brings chopsticks*

Chen said...

We have several different types of jungle fern and paku over here. Bilin fern is the one i love the most :)

Hahahha.. still not too late to do the post :)

it's indeed yummy ;)

Chopstick licking good stuff

it can be fried with sambal belachan or rice wine or plain with garlic. Semua pun sedap ;)

Anonymous said...

yum yum yum..looks good!

Jun said...

eh i like this dish too!!! next time fry for me ok? i exchange w penang hokkien mee ;p

mistipurple said...

not like kangkong hor? nor like lady's finger slimy hor? just crunchy is it?

moz monster said...

gee ... that looks really good ... so, when will you tarpow some for your friends on this side of the pond ?

pelf said...

Jungle fern..? Err, what is it called in Malay? Or Cantonese? Because I'm not very sure I know what jungle fern is.

Fern = Paku Pakis! Can be eaten meh?!

angel said...

Hah! I have eaten before... nehnehnehnehneh.... kekekeke!!


Bilin bilin, wo ai niiii!!!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Is it as spicy as it looks? Mmm...

tegdirb92 said...

that looks delicious!! Have a wonderful Saturday.

Doreen said...

Aiyo, my fav dish also leh. This is torturing lah, can only see but cannot eat. Arggghhhh~~~~~

Siani said...

It looks very tasty - great pic. Have a lovely weekend!

gwapasila said...

gosh, makes me want to eat again now...great shot,
mine is up at My two Cents Worth and or at The4Seasonsofmylife Hope you can visit me too.

Happy Hunting!

stay-at-home mum said...

What veggie is that - looks like all stems. I have never tried it before

Chen said...

yeah, it's tasty and delicious :)

next time ah? Can, but have to wait till i balik kampung time liao (which i dunno when), since the bilin fern is only available in Sarawak :P

different from kangkung. It is slightly slimy but yummy. Hahahhaa, i'm bad in describing the taste. U gotta taste it yourself, and i'm sure u will love it :P

psss.. I heard Angel and gang wanna re-order the bilin belachan again last week, but too bad it's out of stock liao :P

Chen said...

It's good stuff. If tapao, it won't taste nice liao and won't be crunchy. U need to eat it there and then after it is cooked. Angel loves it.

Come lah to Sarawak one of these days :D

This is one of the fern or paku available in Sarawak. Up to date, I didn't see it elsewhere in Peninsular.

There are several different varieties of paku available in Sarawak, and bilin is one it. I have taken few snaps of the different varieties of paku seen in the local wet market in Sarawak.

Yeah, this is one of the edible fern or paku. Among all the edible paku, I love Bilin the most ;)

Chen said...

yeah yeah yeah...

Ah Ben told me u all wanted to re-order another plate of bilin but too bad it's out of stock liao. I wanna eat bilin too yesterday night but the restaurant I went to, bilin was out of stock as well.. :( But at least I get to makan it the night before. Bilin is just so popular.. hehehhehhee..

Really Sedap kaw kaw,hoh? ;)

it is not that spicy :)

yeah, it's delicious
Happy Weekend to u too :)

Chen said...

u can eat it soon liao...
Another few more months to go :D
Have u made a list what are the food u need to savour when u balik kampung time? :D

yeah, it's tasty.
Happy weekend to u too :)

Thanks. I will drop by yours in a short while :) Happy Weekend :)

stay at home mum,
This is one of the nice and edible local jungle fern available in the Borneo Island :)

Bengbeng said...

u cook it yourself? it looks great...but some stalks look a little too old. i prefer the very young stalks..Mrs BB always scolds me for eating the young stalks and leaving her the rest hahahahahah

Chen said...

nope, i ate the bilin sambal belachan at one of the restaurant in Kuching.

Hahahhaa, the young curly stalks are the best :D

mich said...

wat vege is this?
i think my dear like this alot..kl takde la...

YTSL said...

Typical Malaysian -- thinking of food!!! And more than BTW, that sure does look good! ;)

_butt said...

ok, I changed my mind about mr. bilin. looks real good here! :D

have a good remaining Sunday! :)

Dragonheart said...

Great photo! :) Sounds like it would be delicious for humans, but not so much for us cats. ;) Great interpretation of the theme!

rinnah said...

Is it like pucuk paku? It looks somewhat similar.

Chen said...

it's midin jungle fern.
errr.. i thought u commented liao not long ago u won't refer to him as my dear again, and so fast u lupa liao? Hahahaha..

He visited Sarawak before? Cos i can't find it in other states in Malaysia.

Hahahhaa.. cos we live to eat, not eat to live.. LOL

Most people loves it. Only a small minority differs. I'm pretty sure u will love it :)

Chen said...

Yeah, u r right.
cats won't eat this :)

There are several different varieties of edible paku or fern available in the market. It looks similar from afar but the taste is different.

It u look closely, the stalk and the thickness is different. Bilin taste much much much better than pucuk paku. Up to date, I still can't find bilin in Peninsular Malaysia. This is a MUST EAT vegetable each time I balik kampung :)

mich said...

he's from sibu ma...
i forgot liao..
but if wanna say things abt him use wat word to replace?

sengkor said...


Chen said...

I see.. He Foochow ah? :D

can use his name or nickname or whatever not so yuk mah words mah.. hhahhahahaha

Manyak sedap sehingga menjilat chopstick :D

bilin and paku, which one u prefer?

I dun like paku cos of the "after taste". Hahahhaa, u know what i mean, right? I heard someone thought he has food poisoning cos his tongue was sort of "numb"

Kekkekkekek :D

slurp! said...

i think it's called 過貓 in taiwan
fiddleheads elsewhere in the west

kyh said...

i'm very hungweee rite now. *swallows air liur*

Ritsumei said...

That's a great shade of green! You oughts post a recipe with this for those of us that've never heard of it.

Come see my classic.

mich said...

yea foochow but too sad i dono tat language though...

Chen said...

is the fiddle head in taiwan taste the same as bilin? I know there are fiddle head available in Canada or US but taste wise, i dunno :)

kkkk.. u can eat the bilin vege fried with garlic :D

i ate the dish at the restaurant :)

Hhahahaha... did u get a shock when he converses in Foochow? I'm not Foochow but i understand Foochow :)

Doreen said...

no lar, haven't really sit down to think about the "must-eat" list yet. I think I just walk fast fast with my mouth open and eat lah, like Pacman. Muahahaha

Chen said...

can eat such way wan ah?
Geng lah u..
hopefully u dun swallow much air in the process. Hahahahahaha

mich said...

i will be like staring at him..oi don talk language i don understand la..

slurp! said...

>> is the fiddle head in taiwan taste
>> the same as bilin? I know there
>> are fiddle head available in
>> Canada or US but taste wise, i
>> dunno :)

only tasted Taiwan ones, taste similar lah. i don't think modern folks in US/Canada would want to try them since these are considered carcinogenic! LOLz

Chen said...

haaha... u better pick up the dialect. Else how u gonna communicate with your future in laws and the relatives


A friend of mine (He is a Sarawakian but staying and working in US) told me in the past that the fiddle head fern was sold at an expensive price in US. He didn't buy nor taste the fiddle head there :)

mich said...

y everyone asking me to learn one...
even his hometown fren also ask me to learn..

Cocka Doodle said...

eh...the sarawakians always bluff me that they pluck from the jungle wan.
Jungle got so much bilin meh?
Eat kenot habis meh?
I think they are all planted commercially these days.

Anonymous said...

Something different, I have never had. I bet it is yummy! Great photo and have a good weekend.

Chen said...

of coz lah..
for better conversation.
And can amaze your frens in KL too :D

we have huge jungle here mah..
From my observation each time when i was in the wet market, the bilin jungle fern is only sold by the Ibans and the natives :)

Yesterday night we had bilin in TopSpot, and they ti(p)u wan, coz they mixed the sambal belachan bilin together with paku :(

Yeah, it is crunchy and slimy and of coz yummy. Happy Weekend :)

mich said...

come come..
jie jie teach me can arh?

Simple American said...

SAmbal is nice. We had that at the Cafe Malay. I wonder if they prepare it similarly?

Chen said...

u should ask Foochow to teach u mah, I'm not Foochow. Neh, u have a suitable candidate to teach u, whom u meet up every now and then :D

wow, u actually eat sambal? o.O
Good lah u :D

There are several different varieties of sambal, and the sambal belachan is made from shrimp paste, with it's "unique smell" ;)

mich said...


Chen said...

aiseh.. ini really dunno or pretend dunno wan? Ask your bf to teach u lah, since u meet up with him something like once a week mah.