Monday, November 05, 2007

Breakfast Tag

Doreen sampat and and openly wanna know what I had for breakfast by passing me the Breakfast is Important Tag. Err.. normally I eat grass take chlorella cereal for breakfast niah (simple leh?), but for the last few days, I had lavish Sarawak food for brekkie :P

Kampua Noodle (干盘面)

Kompia with meat stuffing (光餅)

Kolo Mee (干捞面)

Sarawak Laksa (叻沙)
(and up to date, I still prefer Penang Assam Laksa than Sarawak Laksa:P)

And now I wanna know these kor kor and jie jie have for breakfast. I will pass the tag baton to..
* Angel jie jie
* Yenjai kor kor
* Bernard kor kor
* Jonzz kor kor
* Selba jie jie mei mei ~ Breakfast Tag

LOL.. now i sounds so young liao... :P

39 comments: said...

hmm.... so many photos ... how to kumpul?

angel said...

Ai si! Tempt me again??!!


Chen said...

i took those snap shots over the last two and half days using my handphone :D

tarak tempt...
wanna know when u wanna come to Sarawak again?

I had 3 sour mix this morning.. Till now my stomach is sour. Hhahhahhah... I didn't drink the kiasu drink (5 layer Teh C Peng) leh :P

L B said...

WaaaaaaaaaaaQQQQQQ!!!!!!! So sampat breakfast wan! LOL,sour stomach? Sounds like a dish, like chee chap chuk!

You been TAGGED, again!

Chen said...

hahhahhaha... lidat also can?

SK is fascinated with the drinks available in Sarawak, such as Cincau Sarsi, Sugar Cane lemon drinks, Coconut + sugar cane drinks and of course the kiasu 5 layer teh c peng :D

Kkkk, just as i thought i can clear some tags, another one is coming again. Heheheheh...

Doreen said...

Sarawak still the BEST! :P Actually, I haven't really try the authentic penang asam laksa yet lah. The one i tried here, with pineapple and sardine one doesn't taste good. Authentic one may be very good la.

Thanks for doing the tag *hugsss*

moz monster said...

Aiyor ... your breakfast so geng one ! Overseas I either eat hotel brekkie or McDonald's, while locally, I just have butter-kaya bread (3 -4 slices) ...

Ehon said...

wakakakakakakakaka!! i know angel sure complain liao. and winn also! lol!

where u got the kompiah?

angel said...

ehon, clever laa you... nxt time u go back to kuching that time, DUN post sarawak food, ok!! oni we all west m'sians can post kakaka :ppp

aiks... 7 morning 8 morning u had 3 sour mix?? how can??? waaa... jialat liao liddat... morning morning shud hv teh-c peng special!!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ah! This is the sort of breakfast I have everyday! Kampua kampua everyday! So u enjoy urself in KCH?

Kenny Ng said...

Cry... So hungry now

eastcoastlife said...

I have not tried all those Sarawak dishes! Never mind. i still have my air ticket. Must give me the address for the best Kuching eats ah!

Chen said...

hehehe.. i lup Penang Assam Laksa.
lup lup lup..
Now i feel like eating Penang Assam Laksa pulak.. LOL

Hahahha, i dun eat everything in one setting (unless my tummy has 4 compartment like Moo Moo's tummy) :P

I still haven't eat the kueh chap and ting bian hu yet, and I'm flying back tomorrow liao :(

Chen said...

LOL, but Penang and KL also has lotsa nice food which is not available in Sarawak leh. Ah Ben miss Penang food too ;)

We ate the kompiah at Song Kheng Hai Foodcourt in Padungan, together with Ah Ben & Pink Cotton. We had rojak and coconut/sugar cane drink too at the same setting :)

Ehon will post those fine dining and seafood instead. LOL

not 7 morning 8 morning liao leh, cos i woke up late today, at 10 am. First time I woke up so late, blame it on Bejeweled 2. Kkakakkaa...

I only drink the normal Teh C Peng woh, didn't touch the kiasu teh C peng yet :P

Chen said...

hor ny,
Err.. u have those breakfast everyday? That means... u stay in Sarawak ah? (i dunno mah) :)

Yeah, i do enjoy myself in Sarawak as this is my hometown. I haven't complete my "eating tour" yet :D

*pet pet*
Hope u can come back to Malaysia soon... :(

The best one ah? This one u have to ask those kuchingites liao. I can tell u those okie wan. Kkkkk.. cos i'm not orang Kuching mah :P

Selba said...

Waaahhh... you must be really sayang me coz' you know that I love being tagged, hahaha...

xie xie, chen jie jie :)

Your breakfast is defitely a feast! hehehe

mich said...

waa....still penang asam laksa the
eih y kampua mee so weird one?
he eat the mee when he was back there not liek dat one le..

may said...

I still like my raisin toast with butter! *blek*

at least I still get half-boiled eggs... lol...

Chen said...

yeah, i know & remember u love being tagged :D

LOL.. I ate all those over the last 2.5 days. Cannot eat all in one settings, else i cannot move liao and have to fast for the subsequent meals of the day. Hahhahahha

In my humble opinion, penang assam laksa is still the best laksa, but that is my personal opinion lah. Hahahha, different people will have different perception mah. Most Sarawakians will say Sarawak laksa is the best. Just as the saying, one man's meat is the other man's poison ;)

Curi May's raisin toast with butter and half boiled egg...


Wennnn said...

Hmmmmm I wish my breakfast also are those kind of food lor....

giddy tiger said...

That kolo mee looks so sinfully delicious. Very malaysian breakfast indeed!

mich said...

sei for liao la..
i hungry d...
eat some more will be fat..better run and hide*

mistipurple said...

*console myself i got maggi mee when i reach home*

YeePei said...

WAAAHHHHH.. looks sooo yummy!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Yay!!! Tomorrow I'm gonna have kampua mee, kolo mee, wat wat pia in sibu liao!! Phhhweeeeet!

Chen said...

hehhehe, i somehow prefer chinese food than western food for meals :D
except the tungku mushroom soup lah

very malaysian. Another 3 popular malaysian breakfast are roti canai, nasi lemak and toast with half boiled eggs. LOL

u can run, but u cannot hide :P
don't u know we can put on weight by just looking at the picture? Hahahahahhahaha..

Chen said...

yeah, Fret not.. Misti has assam laksa instant noodle, chicken instant nooodle, curry instant noodle and tomyam instant noodle at home. And of coz not forgetting the all-time-favourite Milo Peng kaw ;)

Wanna have some? ;)

wah.. cocka leaving his chicken feet prints everywhere in Borneo island liao ~ from Sabah to Sarawak. LOL

Have fun eating :D

rinnah said...

Wa.... so heavy geh your Sarawak brekkie... such put on weight liao... Kekekekeke!

mich said...

y cannot hide?
i hide in my room bah!

Simple American said...

Whoa! I read it a little wrong a first. I thought you normal breakfast is cholera. Doctor is so tough one. Kkkkkkk!!!

Alicia said...

kompia.. o.O err tapao mali.. never try before..

Chen said...

Kkakakak...i dun consume all those in one day leh :P I didn't eat koay chap and ding bian hu this trip :(

Even if u r hiding in your room, there are still pair of eyes watching at u. LOL

Muahahaha... i cannot imagine myself eating or drinking that

Hehhehe, too bad i didn't tapao any back here. Btw, kompia is also available in Sitiawan, since that is Foochow town :D

kat said...

I love the kompia from sitiawan! Every time we go there, we always go to this femes shop and because have to wait so long, end up buying lots of them! Mmm.. the fei chee-yoke and onion filling is soooo yummy!!
But how come your kompia different from sitiawan's one leh? Yours look like kompia sandwich liddat.

mich said...

who watch me?
eih don scare me la..
i am just only a lil gal..wakakak

Chen said...

They served it in a different wah kua. Some stalls will serve the kompia, soaked together with the gravy. I haven't been to Sitiawan yet, hence i dunno how they served the kompia there :)

Some stalls sell the plain kompia too, both the sweet and salty version, without any fillings :)

U forgotten liao? Our Almighty God mah. Who u think i'm referring to ah? Hhahhhahahha..

mich said...

i tot the 'people'...
hahahaha =p

water_angel said...

yum yum.....makes me wana have breakfast all over again >.<

Chen said...

water angel,
breakfast in the middle of the night?
or at dinner/supper time?

Jayce said...

Yum.. Yum.. :)