Monday, August 14, 2006

Sarawak Hawker Food

All these food "accompanied" me as I grew up (Kompia/光餅, Kampua/干盘面, Pien Neek/扁肉, Ding Bian Hu/鼎邊糊 and Sarawak Laksa except Kolo Mee). Although they are not the best, but I still love them.. Very nostalgic ;) I will not miss the opportunity to savour them each time I balik kampung...

Kompia (光餅) - the salty kompia & the sweet kompia.

扁 肉 (Pien Neek) - similar to 云吞(wantan)

扁肉 (Dry Pien Neek).
The one I had in Sarikei in the past was darker in colour cos of the soy sauce.

Kam Pua Noodle (干盘面) - one of my favourites.

Kolo Mee

I had posted the pictures below in my previous post few days/weeks ago but in order to complete the list of the more common Sarawak Hawker Food I had, so I included them inside here once again :)

Sarawak Laksa

Ding Bian Hu/ 鼎邊糊

Kueh Chap(粿汁)


plink said...


Just makan, now hungry again.... :P

a^ben said...

oooooooolalalallal~ i also suka` hahhaha

See Fei said...

wah looks good!! can find in kuching or not? i am going there end of this year

Chen said...

Hahha.. what to do?
We live to eat, NOT eat to live :P
It's hard to resist food.. LOL

Hhahha, and good thing is.... u can have all these every day mah.. :P

see fei,
Yeah. All these food stuffs are available in Kuching. I had all these in different foodcourts in Kuching. Enjoy your stay in Sarawak end of this year :)

lynnx01 said...

I once saw meat (should be pork eh) being stuffed in the salty kompia during a meeting I attended. Nice!! But never encountered anything like that at home. HEhehe.

Wuching said...

eh! what's this? wanna torture me issit? kekeke

Pink Cotton said...

tau yien! so fast oredi got so many ppl comment!..LOL

y called pien neek? y not kiau??

hey! kam pua mee is also kolo u shud like kolo mee too!

kolo mee fan

Chen said...

regarding the salty kompia, yeah..
there are crispy or stuffed with ingredients version and nice to eaten when soaked with gravy. The best stall for this stuff is in Sibu :)

Hhaha, Sarawakian abroad in Aussie :) When u wanna balik kampung? :P

pink cotton,
tsk tsk... don't tau yien me lah..

pien neek is the foochow name for that dish mah.. That's how we called it in Sarikei :)

kampua mee is different from kolo mee lah :P Kampua is more delicious and not so oily.. lolol

kolo mee fan,
I'm still awaiting u to bring me to eat Green Road green kolo mee, kakakka... can DHL that kolo mee to me?? :P

Pink Cotton said...

chen! i sudnly figure out why it is called pien neek liao!

cos kiau looks like it is NGEK (picit) until PIEN PIEN (flat) so it bcome PIEN NEEK 'x'

13th Panda said...

i tot they call kiaw peng sit? I tot it was BBQ Ciken wing at 1st..AHHAHA..mayb i heard wrongly, it was blurted out by my 5 yr old cousin anyway..LOL

angel said...

Feikor, can I follow u?
*blink blink*

So doc, u mean in KayElle, kenot find the kampua mee/kolo mee?? How can??? Unacceptable!!!

may said...

wantan + mee = wantan mee! was it you who told me they don't come together, must order separately?

Cocka Doodle said...

You make my mouth water liao. I miss the kolo mee. Any idea where in Bintulu can I get good ones?

Daniel Yiek said...

I want, I want!

Simple American said...

Hey Chen. Can I hire you to be my culinary food guide for a few days?

Lrong said...

Although they are not the best???

Waaah, friend, they sure like they are among the best...

slurp! said...

is type of noodle used the main difference between kolo mee & other regular sarawak Noodle?

i like the texture of kolo mee but the franchise here makes it too expensive to eat on daily basis.

sengkor said...

how come i heard so much of kolo mee but cant find anyone selling in KL?

Selba said...

The Pien Neek looks very similiar to KUO TIE.

Ah... so yummy and hungry now.... :P

Chen said...

pink cotton,
hahha, u are good lah to come up with that :P

13th panda,
kiaw peng sit?
might be u heard it wrongly kua…

Angeliu wanna visit Sarawak ah?
Good good.. u should :)
U definitely won’t regret
Follow Fei Kor loh, since he is visiting Swak soon :)

I doubt kampua or kolo mee is available in KL. It is not available in Penang too..

Chen said...

Errr.. I didn’t tell u that leh regarding wantan & mee..

My verdict is Har Kau & Siew Mai cannot be separated (since they are unidentical twins) LOL

I still love kampua.. (kampua is different from the noodle in wantan mee; kampua tastes much better :P )

I miss my dear kampua..

Wah.. u also like Kolo Mee?
I dunno which stalls serve good kolo mee in Bintulu leh…

But my sister is staying/working in Bintulu. I can ask her which is the best stall :D

CNY 2007 :)

Chen said...

sure, sure :)
no problem :D

Hahha, there are too much nice food around :P

I love my Penang Assam Laksa and Duck Egg Char Koay Teow too, hahha..
So it’s hard to choose which one is the best ;)

Yeah, the texture of the noodle is different. Mmm… there are the regular noodle and the flat noodle for kolo mee as well.

How much does one plate of kolo mee in Singapore cost? In Kuching, it’s around RM 2.50 per plate (normal plate of kolo mee without extra ingredients)

Anonymous said...

yum! yum!

Kristopher said...

yum! yum!

Chen said...

I guess u need to fly to Sarawak to taste the autenthic Kolo Mee :P
I can’t find it in Penang either..

Err.. I just remember kolo mee is available in Singapore. So wanna make a trip down to Spore to taste the Kolo Mee? ;)

kuo tie?
What is that?
Issit similar as wantan?
Indonesia has different name for the similar food we have in Malaysia. Hahha, just like Cakwe & Yew Char Koay :D

Hehhe, good thing is… u can savour them everyday ;)

L B said...

So much more food, so little time! How?? How??? Sell the Canning Garden house and move to Kuching?!!

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

*sob sob*
missing foodie again
*sob sob*

Robin said...

is Pien Neek/扁肉 = wan ton?

looks like though..

Chen said...

yeah, sell the Canning House and shift to Kuching..
Then u can eat Kolo Mee & Sarawak Laksa everyday. Hhaha, and not forgetting Lormaikai as well :P
and u can io ka chng together with Ben Siu as well..

I sob together with u..
Since i miss those food too :(

It is similar to wanton but the skin or wrapper texture for pien neek is different (it's thinner).

Anonymous said...

aiyoh... very very hungry liao lah...
can eat all those food in a day or not???

See Fei said...

KOLO MEE - can find in Chinatown & Killiney Street in Singapore also. tried before and give a thumb up for authenticity!!

AceOne said...

wuahh!! i missed the food so much!!

Dancing Queen said...


There is one coffee shop in Bintulu which sells pretty good kampua. It's in a Park City, not Hotel, shophouse, probably towards the Dua Puluh Sen/Chung Hua school end against the town end. Hope it's still there! Enough lard for the noodle to slide down your throat! :-)

Chen said...

eat all those food in one day?
Depends how big is your appetite or how much u want to eat? I definitely can't ;)

Yeap, I heard from few friends that kolo mee is available in Singapore but dunno the location :)

Wah.. Kenny Sia went & tasted Kolo Mee in Singapore? Hahha, If I went oversea, I will taste their local food instead of my own state's local food :P If he gives thumb up, that means it should be good then ;)

Sarikei & Sibu has the best kampua..
Any more business trip to Swak?

dancing queen,
lard is so sinfulll.... :P
and yet it made the dish becoming so delicious.... lol

The Magic of Lard ;)

WTJ said...

i miss them all!

Chen said...

yeah yeah.. All Sarawakians abroad will miss all these food stuff :)

cooknengr said...

what sup doc, now you Penangite liao, ditch the Sarawak Laksa gah? I know you are the odd ball who thinks Penang laksa is more time you and hubby have to take me to the best laksa store to convience me ho?

carcar said...


*faint 30000 times*

sengkor, singapore can find kolo mee leh.. come lah come lah, no need to take plane one lah.

see fei wah u flying there! i want to tag along too!!!


JoMel said...

Do you know that I am foochow?

Chen said...

Haha, I didn't ditch the Sarawak Laksa :P In fact I had it on the first day of arrival in Kuching ;) I posted the picture liao in the previous post :D After reconsidering, I decided the post the photos of some of the more common Swak hawker food that I posted few days ago again in this post :)

I like sour & spicy stuff :) I guess this contributes to why I prefer Penang Assam Laksa than Sarawak Laksa :D

Sure :) But I guess I won't be able to convince u to change your mind even if we bring u to the best Laksa stall in Penang :P

faint 30000 times?
fulamak.. thinking how to wake u up.. and thinking how u manage to faint & wake up & faint again & wake up again etc etc for so many times in such a short duration.. Mmmm... so confusing, so forget about your fainting episode :P hahha

yeah loh, I still remember Carcar ate Kolo Mee in Singapore leh. U want to tag along with See Fei to Sarawak? Angel also wanna tag along leh.. The more, the merrier, right? ;)

hah? U are foochow?
so i presume u are familiar with the foochow food mentioned above. Quite a number of the dishes above are foochow delicacies :)

Can I speak foochow with u in the future? Hahha (although I'm not foochow, but I haven't speak foochow for ages liao) :P

_butt said...

Oooo.. I lurvvvve wantan!!!

slurp! said...

well, they airflown the koko mee and igredients from sarawak.

i ordered the specials with prawns, char siew, some blanched veggies, minced meat & Pien Neek. it totals up about RM12.00

the small bowl of soup provided was nice & robust. kolo noodles were nice & springy, not too fond with their style of char siew but pien neek & minced meat were good. i like their sweet fried chilli as well

all in all, it was delicious except that their serving were a liitle small at that price. also not enuff to fill my big appetite :P

will blog about it perhaps this week.

Chen said...

same here :P

wow.. airflown the kolo mee noodle & ingredients all the way from Sarawak? :) No wonder can maintain the authenticity :P

Yeah, do blog about it. I would like to read about the Kolo Mee in Singapore :)

day-dreamer said...


Really beh syiok la... early morning wake up to see so many mouthwatering food. Breakfast also haven't take and now must try so hard to control drooling over my computer... :P

By the way, the char siew looks really red. Hmm... not healthy (colouring)!! Haha... :D

babe_kl said...

aiyoyo 7 early 8 early see all these yummilicious food!

btw chen, i'm hosting the Merdeka Open House 2006. see if you can cook up something for the virtual potluck. for details, pls check here

err can cook up something penang or sarawak ka? :p

babe_kl said...

aiks i forgot, ask your frens to join in the potluck too. lagi ramai, lagi meriah!!! :p

dino said...

chen, if go there for few days only...
die die i also wanna finish those food in a day.. :p

Chen said...

day dreamer,
10:24 am is not early liao leh… :P
oops… Don’t drool on your keyboard..

that char siew ah.. commercial char siew loh, cannot expect much :P
Homemade one is still the best, huh? :)

I just read your entry .. The theme “Malaysian Recipes Long Forgotten”..
Mmmm… Can’t think of any at the moment yet… I will see if I can come up with anything or not :P

Okie dokie, will spread the words around :)

every dish --> take one scoop?
That is the only way.. hahhaha..

JoMel said...

OMG! Kuey Chap! You just added that in didn't you??? I absolutely love that. I only know they sell it in Spore, din know Kuching has it too. Ok ok.. perhaps I should migrate!

And OMG again! Don't speak to me in foochow. I catch no ball. In theory I am a foochow. My dad's from Sibu but mom is from Indonesia, so I grew up in Indo. Did not learn foochow. If my parents wanna say something they do not want me to know, they will talk to each other in foochow (my mum's Indonesian chinese) so I can understand a few words here and there but thats about it.

Chen said...

yeah, I just added the last few pictures in last night :) U can find Kueh Chap in several stalls or foodcourts in Kuching. Kueh Chap is available in Penang too, but the one in Penang taste differently from the one in Sarawak :D

U can migrate to Penang too... LOL

Your dad is Sarawakian, from Sibu?
Wow.. Sibu is near my hometown, Sarikei :D Most chinese there are foochow; and basically every Chinese there (>95%) can speak foochow :P

so u know kah liew, siak pah mui, siak tao, siak man etc I presume? ;)

JoMel said...

The truth is, my dad is from sarikei too! I just say sibu cos its easy for people who don't know where sarikei is. My grandma lives in Tai Ping road. You know where that is? There is a smk opposite. This is too much of a coincidence eh?!! hahhaha.

Chen said...

Wah.. your dad from Sarikei???
What a small world.

I know Tai Ping Road !!!
I stay nearby there ...
I stay opposite Tai Ping Road --> Hua Tai Road
I have friends staying in Tai Ping Road too :)

Indeed what a small world !!!

Red Sponge said...

chen!!!! sorry i am abit late here!!! =)

hee...i love laksa the most!

eh..where is the kueh chap from? the bowl looks familiar...muahhahahaah

Chen said...

red sponge,
hahaha.. apa pasal say sorry pulak :P

I prefer Penang Assam Laksa then Sarawak Laksa leh.. Don't throw sotong at me, okie? ;)

The Kueh Chap ah.. I ate it not far away from your working place loh.. The stall is located inside one of the kopitiam nearby the shopping mall (forget wat is the shopping mall name liao..) :P