Sunday, August 13, 2006

MegaSales ??

I had this thought in my mind to buy certain stuffs earlier on in the morning prior to going to church. But who knows after the church service, I only remembered wanting to buy something from the bookstore but can't recall what issit about.. Hahhaha... cham, failing memories.. But normally I won't force myself to recall , cos most of the time this won't work. Just let it be, and the idea will pop up automatically by itself later on.. If I force myself to recall what is it about, most of the time I won't be able to recall and at the end I will get frustrated. And my hypothesis was proven to be correct, in less than half an hour time, I remembered what I wanted to buy :)

One interesting thing I noticed was ... Unker Ho's DVDs were on sales too during this megasales shopping carnival. Surprised? 3 DVD-9 for RM 10. (Wow, that's cheap). I didn't buy any cos I came here for other things. Normally I won't deviate to buy things that I didn't plan to buy earlier on. Another interesting thing that I noticed was while having late lunch (around 2 pm) at McD (located next to the DVD outlets), I noticed all the DVD shopkeepers closing their outlets in split of seconds. Wow... I guess they received "news" that officers are coming to raid their places soon :) In less than one minute, all the dvd outlets were closed. Indeed very efficient :D

Another interesting stuff that I noticed when I passed by Popular bookstore was the long queues at the cashier counters. First time I saw such a long queue inside Popular bookstore. No wonder lah.. they were having Closure & Shifting Out Sales.. The books were sold at dirt cheap prices. with discount from 10% to 90%. That's why.. No wonder. Looking at the long queues, mmmm.... I decided not to join in the crowds. Somehow, I dislike going to crowded places. Dunnolah, I felt suffocated in places with huge crowds. Blame it on lack of oxygen :D

I get all the other stuffs that I wanted. Well, most of the stuffs I bought today were not actually on sales. And now..... I'm few hundred bucks poorer :(


plink said...

C H U P ?

plink said...

Most of the time, signs saying 'Sales / Up to xx% off' si phien lang eh..!

I also kena before: few hundred bucks poorer :(

But quite scary also, how come Pop***r bookstore (and others also) can afford 90% discount ah? No wonder us customer forever lui bo kau khai / Money No En***h....

Now I wait for iPod and MacBook to 90% Diskaun.... LOL!

Red Sponge said...

kekekekeke...doc kenak jangkit by pinkcotton! 'x'

_butt said...

nevermind la.. few hundreds poorer in shopping oso once in a while only maa.. *hehe*

Pink Cotton said...

kam cheng!!

thats the right spirit..must shop shop shop 'x'

eee how come ur popular got sale also ??? :( kch popular don hv le

Chen said...

The chup-chup spirit :)

Some of the things they purposely marked up the price and then put the tag cheap sales up to xxx%.. cheating huh? :P

Some of the books only are sold off at 90% discount. The newer books are sold at 10 to 30% discount. But still it is cheaper :) Only at this particular outlet which is going to close down soon :D

Wah.. if ipod and McBook offer up to 90% discount.. LOL.. I guess that will only happen in our dreams :P

red sponge,
haha.. I didn't wear uncomfortable shoes to shop leh, and I didnt get sore feet after shopping

*cabut before pink cotton read this* LOL

yeah loh.. as long as not few thousand bucks poorer :P

pink cotton,
*kam cheng*
but hoh.. I only *shop shop* little bit only :P

This Popular Outlet is going to close down mah.. that's why got super duper cheap sales loh.. :)

Pink Cotton said...


talk abt me behind my back hor?!!?

Chen said...

pink cotton,
alamak !! u noticed we buat ketupat behind ur back :P

Pink Cotton said...

steady lar u!

buat ketupat also din invite me to eat...boohooohooo

byebye i go and hug myself to sleep liao :(

Chen said...

pink cotton,
aiyoh.. merajuk pulak ni budak..
u want to join in to buat ketupat aka mengumpat ah? :P

welcome, welcome :D

may said...

3 DVD for RM10? hmmm... can you buy this for me... and that... and that too...

mega sales is evil!! I bought so many things... I'm so broke now, waaaaa!!!

King's wife said...

tht's the problem with megasales...u end up buying things that are not on sale, or those that are on minimal discounts.

Chen said...

taking down orders..
buy this..
buy that...
and that..
okie :D

hope u are only few hundred bucks poorer and not few thousand bucks poorer then :P
Don't lok pao card woh.. LOL
if not, can ask donation from...
heheh.. u know who to ask for lah..

king's wife,
yeah loh.. they are evil :D

Cocka Doodle said...

Aiyoh! So forgetful ah?
I won't want to be operated on by you. *shivers*
Imagine Doc saying after sewing up the patient; "eh?? where did i leave the scapel ah?" "Alamak!! in his stomach!!
Alamak!! worse!! wrong patient..this one is not suppose to be operated on in the first place!!"


angel said...

waa... doctor got good 'control' hor? won't buy things "unplanned" wan... so unlike me... everytime buy things oso unplanned wan... tsk tsk... and now i'm contemplating whether to get a Palm TX or Dell Axim... hmmmmmm... so the teruk!! :P

so, tell us what did u buy for the few hundred bucks?

Cynthia said...

heheh.. is always like that when u spending money. You wont feel anything when you taking the money out, but only *sigh* here and there after seeing the bills or feeling the wallet is shrink =(

Winn said...


i m rm1260 poorer:(

warghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! i wanna sell my blood for money!! doc.. doc?????

Chen said...

Hhahaa.. good mah got “free stuff” :P Scapel is not cheap leh.. LOL

cannot simply buy things.. cos no place to store in da house :P

wah, u now syiok PDA liao?
All these while I’m using palm :) Never used any pocket PC before ..

U wanna toss a coin?

Hahaha.. that’s true.
But most importantly don’t overspent beyond the paying capabilities or live in debts later on loh..

Someone has new phone liao…
Sell blood ah? Wah…
*no eye see* :P

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

I hate crowds and lines in sales too so stuffy.....

L B said...

Buy! Buy! Buy!! Buy a semi-detached single storey wonderful house too, in Ipoh? SALE!

Chen said...

That is one of the reason why I seldom go to PC fair or Food fair - cos of the crowds :D

wah... issit cheap sales? :P
might be I should go & buy lottery..
If I strike the first prize, might be I can consider about it LOL

day-dreamer said...

I always feel pretty bad after spending $$ during shopping... because after all, that $$ is not mine.


Chen said...

day dreamer,
Good to know that u have the feel bad feelings, and u won't simply spend the $$$, not like those who swing their parents' money like nobody business or those who take things for granted :)

Simple American said...

I know what you mean about crowds Chen. The biggest shopping day in the USA is the day after Thanksgiving. It is the official first day of Christmas shopping and most people have the day off. The crowds are horrible.

I was buying stuff at large electronics/home entertainment store and you could hardly move because of the crowd. It stressed me so bad that I almost did not make it through the que. When I went home I could not get out of bed except to go to the loo for the rest of that day or the next.

I don't go shopping on that day anymore.

slurp! said...

i buy only what i need nowadays ... so that i can avoid the crowd

Chen said...

what an experience :)

I scared to go to shopping malls or places with huge crowds too. That's why I never go during the first few days of carnival mega sales to avoid the crowds :D

Suffocating ;)

I agree with you. Buy what we need and don't "overspend" unnecessarily :)

Anonymous said...

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