Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, Sarawak

We arrived at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre (located 20 km south of Kuching) around 12:15 pm (to see Orang Utan, what else?) but found out we won't be able to see Orang Utan at that moment. Tourists can only see the Orang Utans during feeding time - 9 am in the morning and 3 pm in the evening. So we proceed to Kampung Bidayuh located nearby instead.

We came back again before 3 pm. This was the first time I visited the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre - the sanctuary for a number indigenous endangered wildlife of Sarawak, especially Orang Utan and Hornbills. We still have some time to walk around the area since it was only 2:45 pm.

The crocodiles. And frankly speaking, they look like dummies and their eyes look like guli. The crocodiles very hor liau, cos can stay still like muppet. Pura-pura bodoh waiting for unsuspected victim? :P

This crocodile even more keng chau.. Open mouth big big buat apa ? I looked at it for several minutes and it maintained the same posture. Dunno he stayed that way for how long liao. Really siao siao..

Tristania Whiteana Myrtaceae or Selunsur Putih. Tree with white barks.

Time to see the Orang Utan. This is the few hundred metres nature jungle trail I took to see the Orang Utan. The photo below shows the nature trails with plankwalk.

There are several Orang Utans with "identities" in the Centre - they have names. The Orang Utans here are rehabilitated before they were sent back to the rainforest, which is their natural habitat. The Orang Utans and the other wildlife will roam around freely inside the rainforest, but will return back to the wildlife centre during feeding times. They are clever, aren't they? ;)

We managed to meet up with 2 Orang Utans that day. Daniel & another orang utan (can't remember his name).

This is Daniel. He was busy having fruits feast on the feeding platform.

The other younger Orang Utan (? name) grabbed one papaya and few bananas. Take note the bananas he carried in his mouth and the papaya on his right hand. He scared to have meal together with Daniel???

p/s: I prefer watching the Orang Utan having their meals in Taiping Zoo :)


Pink Cotton said...

yay yay im first

*jumping around like orangutan*


eee i don like orangutan...they r so icky 'x' and they hv fleas..wahaha

omg! did i see crocs?!?!? i think i musnt go near a croc for at least a year after i had croc meat at bangkok...they said the crocs can sniff out who have eaten meat of their fellow relatives before!


may said...

I went to the Orang Utan sanctuary in Sabah last year for awhile, but missed the feeding time. only saw a couple of them Uncle Tan's wildlife camp way up high on the trees, which is better than nothing!

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

that croc is cooling off lah, they open mouth to "sweat" cos they no sweat glands and muz use mouth to radiate extra heat....
orang utans are still still primates eh, grab and run LOL

Chen said...

pink cotton,
wah.. last time u jump around like your dog, now u upgrade yourself liao to jump around like orang utan.. LOL

fleas? U give them a nice medicated bath loh... ;)

Aiyak.. i ate croc meat before also leh.. and go near croc as well.. nothing happen also :P
*touch wood*

Yeah, I remember your post on Orang Utan :) Btw, u can watch orang utan having their meals too in Taiping Zoo (better & closer view too!!).

Hahaha... actually i know the reason why the croc open mouth big big, but I just want to make fun of the crocodiles.. LOL

Sometimes hoh, I guess u notice human do grab & run too... so those homo sapiens are in the same category as primates too :P

L B said...

omg, i hate being fourth!! LOLOLOL, but being buaya not too bad, hor? Where's my Kolo Mee?

Chen said...

hahhaa.. not bad hoh becoming Bujang Senang <--- u know what is this, right? ;) (All Sarawakians know about Bujang Senang but I guess u know what issit as well..)

Your Kolo Mee..
is now on the way..
special delivery from the Mayau City :)

carcar said...

wow very nice photo and something really running wild! hahaha..

this remind me of your taiping zoo series, finish kah?

JoMel said...

that buaya reminds me of someone... hmmmm.... *ponders*

lynnx01 said...

I've seen an even bigger and older orang utan in Semenggoh.. but that was years ago.. I think probably 10 years ago. Hahahaha..

Chen said...

Mmmm... I just remembered..
u like REPTILES!!!
How can I forget that? :P
so I presume u like crocodiles and alligators as well?

Wooo... Taiping Zoo series ah?
tak habis lagi..
somehow get stuck at series #13..
Will continue back again after I complete my Sarawak series :P
Lol... macam buat buku cerita pulak.. ada series :P

issit that someone?
pointing finger..
*wink* :)

10 years ago?
wah.. sudah manyak lama..
10 years ago u are still a primary school kids, right? :P

_butt said...

If im not mistaken hor, the act of crocodile open big big mouth equals to us humans having sun tan.. or something like dat la *LOL*

Daniel got nice auburn hair.. *hehe*

_butt said...

ahh.. yes, cooling off.. read the comment.. *paiseh*

slurp! said...

these buaya sure got beautiful leathers oops i mean skins hehehehe ...

for the orang utans, were the area enclose or really the wild? if it's the wild, i wonder why others orang utans never appear?

Chen said...

sun tan pulak :P

auburn hair? kakkaka...
Daniel handsome or not? ;)
I feel like hugging the orang utan, but I don't dare to do so leh... :P

kekke..beautiful wallet and beautiful belt? LOL

That is the Forest Reserve.
Most of the older & more independent Orang Utan will search for their own food in the Forest. There are several Orang Utans there but not only few will come back during feeding time, unless if they can't find food :)

U can get more info regarding Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre on this website.

Simple American said...

That looks like a cool place to go. I would enjoy it.

I hope there was a fence between you and the gators anc croccies. I sked to get close to them. I have gators living just a couple miles from my house. I see no reason why they don't come closer either. I live real close to the Brazos River.

You know what? I don't wanna eat bananas next to Daniel either.

Cocka Doodle said...

Actually, the game park should have come up with more creative ways to make feeding time more exciting.
First, they could let the Orang utan feast all they want. Well fed and too lazy to walk, the park rangers then carry them off to be fed to the crocs.
This would be really exciting for the visitors. Hahahahaha!!!!

angel said...

Just a thot... if u let ah boy go near Daniel, what will he do? (Ah Boy lah I mean) :P

Bujang Senang? Which bahagian is senang? *blur*

plink said...

LOL@LBujang Senang....

Acherly, isn't someone else here the original Bujang Senang? I mean, air tenang jangan disangka tiada....

zeroimpact said...

Wah wah...
When doc doc want to bring boy boy to go ah???
*blink blink*

a^ben said...

haahhahahahahhahah~! everybodi` the one having fruit feast is not daniel` its actually loktor chen` hahahahahah! yeah` you all have been deceived` hahahahahaha


day-dreamer said...

LOL at a^ben's comment...

Is the buayas real?? Since you said they can stay still like that for so long...

And where are the hornbills?

agus said...

How close did u get to the orang utans? and did you stay for the croc's feeding time? That would be awesome.

lynnx01 said...

Yeah, 10 years ago I was still in primary school. Used to follow my mum to her school field trip. SMB Kuching High's Kelab Pengguna.. hehhehe I still remember it quite well.

Chen said...

Hehhee.. of course there’s a fence separating me from the buaya. LOL, or else I won’t dare to go near them :P

Previously my uncle had a small crocodile, but one night the little crocodile escape.. U can imagine the havoc caused… My aunty & cousins lived in “fear” for the next couple of days… :P

I don’t wanna eat anything near Daniel, not only banana :P

walao... what a suggestion..
*pengsan 100 times*
I guess it sounds better if we throw the ayam jantan instead to feed the croc? Hhahahaha…

If I let Ah Boy go near Daniel....
Either he will bark at Daniel..
Daniel will keep him as pet

Bujang Senang ah?
Every portion of the body also senang lah.. Croc mah.. of course senang.. :D

Chen said...

wah… from Bujang Senang to LBujang Senang pulak..
so LB is proven to be croc liao? Hahaa

That "original" Bujang Senang ah?
Siapa siapa?
Point point finger..
Is that the person?

when boy boy wanna go Sarawak?

Or u can ask Pink Cotton jie jie to bring u there too :P

But one thing hoh,
don’t eat lollipop while looking at the orang utan.. Later orang utan grab your lollipop ;)

aiyoh.. this si kia Ah Ben…
haven’t scold u SCP for long time liao.. now is the time to scold u SCP again..

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Those are dumb buaya…
Tat's why stay so still for so long :P

Hornbills ah.. I didn’t go & explore further lah..
cos too tired liao..
Spent the whole afternoon under the hot sun earlier on in Bidayuh Village.. after seeing the orang utan, we left terus :D

The distance was quite far away..
I used the optical zoom 10x to take the photo of the orang utan :)
I prefer seeing the Orang Utan having meals in Taiping Zoo instead (nearer & closer)

Didn’t ask what is the feeding time for the croc there…
I heard Jong’s Crocodile Farm is the better place to view the crocodiles and they have fixed feeding time there.. But I didn’t pay that place a visit..

Instead I visited the Bidayuh Village nearby - ;)
Will post on that later :D

10 years ago.. I was in uni – my fourth year :P
time really flies, hoh :)

Selba said...

orang utans are always cute... :)

zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh
Yay... now got 2 person to bring me around liao...
No lollipop ah, ice cream can ah

papercrazy said...

There was an incident few months ago of 2 tourists being attacked by the orangutans at Semenggoh Wildlife Park....

plink said...

*point above*

One of them lorr....

*hide from buayas*

Chen said...

especially the little ones :)

No lollipop, No ice cream.. Cannot bring any food near the Orang Utan leh.. or else they might attack u. Don't play-play :D

ic :) We were told not to keep close eye contacts with the Orang Utan :)

*look above*
okie.. I saw the buaya liao..
He is wagging his croc tail vigorously.. LOL

Cynthia said...

eat the crcodile loctor chen =)

Chen said...

mmmmm... before I eat, i need to kill them first leh..
Hhahhaha... so I give up that idea :P

Pssstt... I ate croc meat before liao.. in the past ;)

_butt said...

haha.. Daniel handsome habis.. such beautiful hair.. *LOL*

why don't dare to hug him? scared his younger fren jeles ar? *hehe*

Chen said...

Daniel cute hoh? :P

Hahhaa.. Daniel is a semi wild Orang Utan. I don't dare to go near him lah.. Later he attacks me then how leh? :P

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Wow! A visual feast!

Red Sponge said...

yer...orangutan is bad bad! 'x'!!!

once, i saw the naughty orangutan rampas barang from tourist. i always be extra careful when getting near to the orangutan

Chen said...

More visual feast on the way ;)

red sponge,
Orang Utan is cute mah...
cannot call them bad lah...

rampas food? Or something else?
We were told not to bring food together with us when we visited the Orang Utan (for safety purpose)..