Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pitcher Plant... Rice

I chatted with Agus, my Bidayuh friend this evening and we talked about dog, cat, Sarawak, Bidayuh house, kayaking & durian, pitcher and not forgetting pitcher plant rice....

I told Agus that I passed by Padawan (not far away from Kuching city) and stopped by Pitcher Plant & Wild Orchid Garden, but too bad the place was closed that day. (Take note the place is closed every Monday). Anyway, I came down from the car and had a peep inside the garden.

This was the photo of one of the Pitcher Plants inside the garden (I took the photo from outside the gate). Haha, I didn't want to go back empty-handed. Die-die also must take one photo of the pitcher plants !!!! LOL Agus asked whether I will post the pitcher plant photo and here it is... :)

Pitcher Plant Rice (Photo courtesy of Fish Fish )

I read about Pitcher Plant Rice twice in the past from my friends' posts. (The first time was from Fish Fish's blog and the second time from Kristopher's blog). Kristopher said he was like sua ku to his in-laws cos he never eat pitcher plant rice. Mmmm.. I guess I'm equally as sua ku as him cos I never tasted the pitcher plant rice before too, hahhaha... I read from Fish Fish's post that Pitcher Plant Rice is available in Serikin Market in Bau, Sarawak. Anyone interested?

Pitcher Plant Rice ( Photo courtesy of Kristopher )


zeroimpact said...

Heh heh heh
I want I want
I want to eat

lynnx01 said...

There used to be some pitcher plants in my backyard. Hehehe.. very interesting! Have you seen raflesia?

plink said...

Pitcher plant rice, durians.... Luckily, I have chocolate with me....

Cynthia said...

thats is sooo cool. just like cooking rice in bamboo =)

Chen said...

i want i want too !!
i also want to eat :P
looks cute, hoh? :)

pitcher plants in backyard?
previously we only have fruit trees and veges in the backyard :P

Never see the real rafflesia yet :(
sua ku hoh?
U seen it already, i presume :)

dark chocolate?
white chocolate?
mint chocolate?
whatever it is, i also want :P

u eaten that before?
I need to put Pitcher Plant Rice in my "things to try or food to eat" list :P

Cooking rice in bamboo?
Reminds me of cooking chicken or manok inside bamboo... very interesting :D

carcar said...

wah, wat? i never seen this food b4 leh :P

taste like? you know how to cook? hehe...

sengkor said...

then i maximus sua ku.. i never heard of such thing called pitcher plant rice..

Simple American said...

I am interested. Will try anything not poisonous. :)

Too bad you go there when they are closed. Had to be disappointing.

Pink Cotton said...


looks nice...ya i read abt those pitcher plant rice from kris and fish2's blog too...but i sitll ask the same thing lor..


Fredy said...

my mom's favourite...

slurp! said...

i understand the northern thais also eat pitcher plants stuffed with rice.

too bad you neber try, nebermind, can keep me in suspense. i'll go and try some day hehehehe ... but what's the local name of pitcher plant rice??

zeroimpact said...

Doc so bad...
Bully boy boy...
*sniff sniff*

_butt said...

Pitcher plant rice?? I didn't know got oso wan.. so cute!!

*another sua ku confirmed*

But, but.. why pitcher plant??

may said...

the pitcher plant rice looks like lormaifan. same thing ka? looks yummy... *licks lips*

angel said...

ya ya ya! the pitcher plant rice look like bak chang oni... izit savoury or sweetliu wan?

plink said...

Sio Bak Chang!!

I'm also suaku, didn't know about cooking rice in a pitcher plant.

Everyone is posting on food!

Psst... I got assortment box: dark, milk and white chocolate. Keeps me sane temporarily....

plink said...

Sio Bak Chang!!

I'm also suaku, didn't know about cooking rice in a pitcher plant.

Everyone is posting on food!

Psst... I got assortment box: dark, milk and white chocolate. Keeps me sane temporarily....

Chen said...

never seen before ah?
hehhee.. then u learn something new today ;)

I never eat it before but according to those who ate it, it taste like bak chang or ordinary rice with fragrant of the pitcher plant :)

welcome to the sua ku club, and u can become the president of the club ;) I will become the treasurer (hahhaha, can collect $$$).. LOL

Yeah, it's nice to try out new stuff, especially new food stuff :) I'm eager to do so as well..

Actually hoh, I didn't plan to go to this Ptcher Plant & Wild Orchid Garden, but since we passed by that place to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, so why not dropped by to have a look? But too bad.. it was closed ..

Chen said...

pink cotton,
have u eaten the pitcher plant rice before?? Hehhehe... I dunno ah, I guess it enhance the flavour kua.. more fragrant :P

i will opt... thot for food instead of food for thot, kakkaka... cos hoh, we live to eat, NOT eat to live LOL

wow... now u made me wanted to taste it :)

I dunno what is the local name for this :) I hope I can try it next time :D

Chen said...

where got bully boiboi?
I also want to eat mah.. cos I never eat it before ;)
We share the rice, okie :P

welcome to the "sua ku" club :D
The more sua ku, the merrier...

why they stuff the rice inside the pitcher plant ah? Mmmmm.. I guess it enhance the flavour kua.. I dunno :P

lormaifan, bak chang.. Mmmmm...
Whatever it is... now i'm hungry :D
I'm eager to taste Pitcher plant rice too. Let's made another trip to Sarawak again...

Chen said...

angeliu... u are still awake at this liu hour ;) My fren said it tasted like bak chang too :) But cute hoh.. the pitcher plant is edible together with the rice too :P

Another sua ku in da house :)
The more the merrier hoh...
Welcome to the Sua Ku Club, LOL

Food keep us awake..
at least temporarily.. LOL

Aiyah.. Chocolate ah?
sinful, sinful :P
I want the dark choc..
Can i, can i?
*bambi eyes*

Lrong said...

Huh? got such thing one ah? First time to hear... perhaps only in sarawak?

SuaKu here also lah...

zeroimpact said...

Can can
I want ice cream for dessert
Strawberry flavour!!!
Yum yum yum

lynnx01 said...

You can go Gunung Gading (somewhere near Kuching) to see the rafflesia. My mum purposely arranged a family trip there for us before we moved away from Kuching. I was so blur that time I didn't know we were going junggle trekking. I wore dress and slippers. That's why 'til this day I still can remember. As for the pitcher plants, I think you can grow it yourself. Hehehe not sure. That time I so sakai over the plant. My mum was like.. Cheh.. behind our house also got bah.. hehee

Chen said...

Hahha, you are not alone. There are many out there who doesn’t know the existence of this Pitcher Plant Rice :)

I get to know about Pitcher Plant Rice early this year too, after I read Fish Fish’s post … Slurp mentioned the pitcher plant rice is available in Northen Thailand too..

Early morning wanna eat ice cream liao? Hhahaha… how about ais kachang with ice cream & fruits topping? ;)

Actually hoh, I had been to Gunung Gading National Park before.. that was way back in end of 1999 (when I was working in Sarawak General Hospital time). That national park is located near Lundu district, right?

I went there together with my colleagues and we stayed in the resort inside the national park itself but don’t have time to walk around… cos we went there for a short course.. can’t remember whether one day or two days course. I still remember the resort is like a dormitory, hahha, with some double decker beds. Then at night we went to a nearby longhouse to give speech to the Dayaks.

Muahaha.. u wear dress and slippers to go jungle trekking? Walao.. Mossies and leeches will love u lot :P

I will go to see Rafflesia one of these days.. might be in Gunung Gading National Park.. might be in Kota Kinabalu, or might be somewhere else…

ah nel said...

passby semenggoh nvr try Annah Rais hot spring kar?

got try 10mile restaurant eat wild animal o not?or u dont eat those...

Chen said...

ah nel,
nope, I didn't drop by Annah Rais Hot Spring. Is it on the way to the Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse? Might be I will pay that place a visit during my next trip back home :)

wah.. they still sell wild animals? I dunno about this, thanks for the info :P

I have eaten quite a lot of wild animals in the past (something like a decade or more ago), but at some other places.. Shhhh... LOL

Jackson said...

OMG ! Im drooling over just Sarawak hawker food! I hv never been to Sarawak before and hope will visit this lovely place one day!! Thx for sharing

zeroimpact said...

I want I want...
Ice kacang with ice cream and fruits
Can I be greedy and ask for chocolates ah

ah nel said...

i think so kua as i got saw a long house b4 reach the hot spring...

stil selling ler i heard as ppl when mention wana eat sure mention tat place... :)

hehe...wild animal heat up ur body...ohhh...other place kar...hehe...i know quite few place but really long time din eat

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

that looks really...yuks that pitcher plant rice, all that insect residue inside that plant.....*pengsan*

Chen said...

Do pay Sarawak a visit in the near future :)

Can can.. No problem..
U want Chendol too? ;)

ah nel,
This place is further down from the Borneo Highland Resort in Borneo Heights? Must ask for proper direction so that I can visit the Hot Springs in my next balik kampong trip :P

Hahha… u have a point here :P

Red Sponge said...

nvr heard abt the rice bo...i am suaku 'x'

Hee...i planned to post the pitcher plant in blog...but no time yet. Doc..if i post it..i will tell u! =)

dino said...

never seen before, what is the taste??

eve said...

it's called pokok periuk kera in malay..fuhh not bad..can still remember..kekekek..err...never tried it b4...but i suppose it will taste like hor yip fan...

ah nel said...

yups...its further down...but hardly to say ho to get thre...veli complicated... ;)

Chen said...

red sponge,
hehehe.. glad I find another sua ku :P
Welcome to the sua ku family :)

Wow.. okie :)
Buzz me after u post the pitcher plant :P

I never taste it before too.
Will update u when I get to eat it :)

Pokok Periuk Kera :)
wonder what issit called in Chinese :D

I guess so also loh..

ah nel,
o.O very complicated ah?
hope won't get sesat later on :P

plink said...

*passes box of chocs to Chen*


Sam I Am said...

How AWESOME is that no cooking at all.Very nice pictures,I love stopping by to see what you have been up to ,You are a very busy Lady .

Lots of Licks!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

I think the insects trapped by the pitcher plant actually enhances the flavor of the rice.
each has it's unique flavor depending on the kind of insect caught.

Chen said...

thanks :)
I will have choc for dinner tonight :P

love your licks ;)

Hahaha.. I like that ...
exotic food :P

13th Panda said...

PITCHER PLANT RICE?i live in kuching so long but havn't even heard of it. Have u tried it?nice or not?where is the exact location?can easily find it at the market la?ee..i want to go liao during merdeka holiday.

zeroimpact said...

Yes Cendol too

Chen said...

13th panda,
I never tried the pitcher plant rice before.

Pink Cotton just bought the pitcher plant rice from Tabuan Jaya night market tonight.. and that girl ate everything by herself :( and she LOVES it...

*jealous* cos I also want to eat :(

okie... no problem :)

ah nel said...

sesat sure wont mia as it onli 1 road...just hard to find nia...

Chen said...

ah nel,
okie okie :D