Tuesday, November 06, 2007

西遊记 !!!

Time flies...
Another tick tock tick tock session again...
Awaiting for the Journey to The West, from one island to another island
from Borneo island to Penang island
西遊记 !!!


moz monster said...

Have a safe and happy flight !!!! And please take some ocipala photos if you can !

L B said...

Fly on right all the way to Rome lah!! I wait for you ok? Bring Bilin, and Lormaiaki, ya?

rinnah said...

Fly safe, chen! Are you smuggling some bilin fern back to Penang? *grin*

mich said...

someone is coming back d!!
but u will have less time to update ur bloggie d..
sob sob..

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

Safe flight home ya, jiejie...=)

angel said...

tik tok tik tok! welcum home! dun cwy, ok? penang got longkang laksa waiting!!! :D

mistipurple said...

have a safe flight and dhl some bilin over to singapore too. since you are freighting them to all the other bloggers here. haha

Simple American said...

Cannot go more west and on to Texas too?

yenjai.net said...

Get a monkey king to fly you back?

papercrazy said...

u stranded at kuching airport???

Chen said...

Thanks. I reached home past midnight.
So lazy to wake up this morning :P

I took some ocipala photos of the empty airport and the empty flight. Kkkkkkkk :P

Forget to bribe the pilot, hence he dowan to fly all the way to Rome
So I have to sapu all the foodstuff myself liao :P

Thanks Rinnah. I reached home past midnight. And this morning it rained cats and dogs. How nice if i don't have to work today. Hah...

Didn't smuggle any bilin back but I did bring back few Iban brinjal or assam brinjal or whatever u called it :D

Chen said...

Hahha.. yeah i'm back
feel so lazy to come to work this morning, cos it's raining cats and dogs. So nice to continue zzzz..

woof meow,
Thanks :)

Thanks Angel. Too bad cannot sampat with u yesterday night cos u were busy watching Chicago.

*scratch head*
btw, wat is cwy ah?

Chen said...

i will dhl the bilin photos to u all, cos i dah habis makan all the actual stuff. LOL

wah.. i want i want
Flying to Texas woh :D

LOL.. later the monkey king bring me to somewhere else instead of going straight back home. Hahahha

If I stranded at Kuching airport, I will go and camp at your house liao.. and zzz on your comfy king-sized bed :P

Doreen said...

so fast go home liao? Not going to wait for me in Kuching? Hehehe

doc said...

have a safe trip home. got put on weight, ahh?

Chen said...

Kkkkk... no work no money leh
so die die also must work :P
cannot relax for so long wan mah

Thanks. I have reached home safe and sound.. and sadly i think i have put on weight too. I think lah..

Mike M said...

Very cool blog. I will be back for more!

may said...

...and detour over here to Sydney in your last leg of the trip, ya!

Chen said...

Thanks for visiting :)

Kkkk.. sounds so like Amazing Race :P
Yeah, Both The Amazing Race and The Amazing Race Asia are back in action again :)

I wanna detour to Sydney.
I want I want I want I want... :)