Thursday, November 08, 2007

An Empty Encounter

Since I had ample time at the airport, I decided to play around and take some shots with my faithful and reliable camera phone.
Kuching Airport : Why so empty geh? Bo Lang? o.O

Awaiting for the naik belon moment, or 西遊记 (journey to the West) moment . To those blur sotong out there, naik belon = naik kapal terbang in local Sarawak language :P

Inside the MAS aircraft , on the way to KL : Again... So empty geh? This is indeed the first time I sat in such an empty aircraft. LOL

KLIA : Wah.. empty again!! Where is everyone? Semua orang tidur kat rumah keh?

What an EMPTY ENCOUNTER !!! Luckily I didn't See GhostTM. Hahahahahaha


L B said...

Hahahah, I love empty airports, and empty planes! There used to such a time, esp right after 9/11.. but nowadays, even Business Class also damn full!! No See Ghost! Just reminded me of those Kung Fu movies.. said...

You felt like VIP?
Felt like you just chartered a whole 747?

narrowband said...

Ah, you're right. It's actually not empty. Actuallly many people, you cannot see oni. WAhaaha~

Empty then good lar. Can go havoc everywhere, cakap kuat kuat and also camwhore ;p

Kapal terbang panggil belon arh.. so cute geh ;p

Chen said...

it gives u the feeling that everything is yours, huh? :D

I never travel using biz class woh.
all the time using economy class only..

Giggle at the first See Ghost moment. Hhahahhahah...

Very like VIP. Hhahahhaha.
First time in my life leh sitting inside such an empty flight. LOL

muahahhaha... u r talking about people or "people"? hahhaha, i dowan to have illusion :P

camwhore alone no fun leh, must have gang then only fun :P

Yeah, if someone mentioning about naik belon to u when u r in Sarawak, then u know what they meant liao :P

Jemima said...

I love empty planes..especially on long haul.. then I can stretch my myself across the seats & sleep. :p

mich said...

waliao so empty..wat happen ah?
wat time u reach klia la?

angel said...

You no see ghost then what u see ah? O.o

WAAA!!! No wonder MAS rugi... :P

laundryamah said...

cos everyone went to LCCI leow...take airasia ma

Ehon said...

it's middle of the month, and no BIG countries having hols of cos no ppl lor.. the aircraft really that empty meh? i thought they'll cancel if it's that empty..

Doreen said... come so empty, very scary leh. May be most of the seats in the flight were reserved for those "people" who shall not be seen! (0_0)!! hehehehe

Chen said...

Yeah, we can even sleep on the seats since it's so empty.. Just pull up the arm rest and can lie on it liao.

Cos it's weekdays and not weekends kua? The flight supposed to depart at 6:50 pm, but delayed for 15 to 20 minutes cos of the bad weather. We reached KL around 9 pm loh

Kkkkk... I see some shadows, the bayang-bayang. Human shadow's lah, not that sort of shadows :P

Now they wanna attract more passengers by giving special or discounted fare, to those who booked early. Kkkkk..

Chen said...

laundry amah,
Kkkkk..might be loh

But the flight I took earlier on to KL and Kuching was quite full leh, just that this return flight was empty :)

The flight I took earlier on (last week) to KL and Kuching was quite full leh, just that this return flight was so empty, till i cannot believe it :)

This aircraft can carry 300++ passengers. Might be that's why it looks so empty relatively?

Piak doreen for imagining things
No Ghost inside there

rinnah said...

Eh, that's freaky to see everywhere so empty... *cross fingers and hide behind chen*

sengkor said...

all afraid of u?

keeyit said...

Celebrate deepavali lo

Chen said...

Kkkk.. luckily it's in the late evening and not in the middle of the night. LOL

I'm not Sengkor leh
I'm not fierce nor scary leh..

There are only a handful of Indians in East Malaysia. I have already visited my Indian colleagues in the late afternoon :)

may said...

you very free, hor... :P fly here la! faster! no bomb wan, the plane... or ghosts...

psy00060 said...

Wah!! What a good experience! I like to fly in a not crowded flight~ :)

Chen said...

I believe I can fly
One day.. I will fly to Oz :D
*Thinking what I wanna eat in Oz*

Yeah, this sort of opportunity only comes once in a blue moon :D

moz monster said...

Hmmmm ... did you check whether it was your BO ? =P

TZ said...

wow! Kuching airport looks like KLIA. Looking forward to pay a visit to Kuching.

KLIA is always empty but i belief they have find some where to make the airport looks busy... how? They transfer people from one gate to another gate from one end to another end. This make the passenger run from one gate to another... does this scene looks more busier then :-p

Chen said...

so the ocipala wan?
piak moz with gigantic sotong :P

The Kuching airport was just renovated a year ago and it was spacious :)

hahhaha, I hate it especially when I was on transit flight and had to walk from one end to the another end. Most of the time I only carry one hand luggage. :)

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wah..really boh lang leh...

jiejie took early early flight hor?


mich said...

hmm...this is

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! With empty plane how many helping did u ask from the stewardress??? Normal with empty I have two helping to the plane food!
Have a nice day! Do post what u did in kch!

cooknengr said...

TPK 的口袋,

Giddy Tiger said...

You sure no one took a picture of you snapping pictures of empty airports and belons??? :P

eastcoastlife said...

Yeah, I like empty airports and empty plane! Macam VIP, bao the whole plane. Must not be Halloween or 7th Month lah. hehehe.....

Chen said...

woof meow,
This is a big aircraft with 300+ seats. Might be that's why it looks relatively empty :D

The flight departed at 6:50 pm, it's a late evening flight, definitely not an early flight ;)

There are still passengers inside the flight lah, just that the number is small, and I'm definitely not all alone by myself.
Hahahaaha :D

Chen said...

hor ny,
I dun eat a lot wan. I didn't even finish eating the single serving :D

I had meeting and discussion on the first few days and subsequently most of the time were either spent eating or resting/sleeping at home :P

Hahhaha nice poem
but what u mentioned is true :D

giddy tiger,
Hahahha, that one i dunno liao
i presume none kua? :D

yeah, and we can lift up the arm rest and have a wide seat. So syiok. LOL

Pink Cotton said...


u don lie!! must be u kena elected bcome the nxt PM and ppl book u the whole plane for urself rite???

like air force one like that....but this one is UDARA KUASA SATU 'x'

Cocka Doodle said...

Everyone knew you were in Kuching so they left town. Haha!

If plane is known as belon, then balloon is called what?

Winn said...

welcome back!!!!!!

fred said...

you have entered the twilight zone!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Let me guess - U were on a chartered flight? Or it was the first flight of the day at 4am?

Chen said...

pink cotton,
cos this is a huge plane that's why it looks relatively empty. U can still see some heads here and there (I mean passengers lah :P). But very syiok leh.. cos it give u the impression that u chartered the whole flight. Hhahahaah

Wah.. I'm not OKL or OKK leh.. If u and ECL are in town, then might be lah.. LOLOLOL

balloon is still known as belon :P
Aeroplane is big balloon mah, hence higher ranking. Kkkkk...

Chen said...

Thank u thank u.
Hope u didnt get a shock listening to Papercrazy's mickey mouse voice on the phone. Earlier on we thought u sked liao till u quickly disconnect the phone call as I cannot called u again liao mah later on. Hahahaha.. Really have a good laugh at that time. Cheh, mana tau u low battery tim? :P

Hehhehe.. there is a slim possibility. LOL, and the flight was shaky thoughout the journey (due to the bad weather)

stay at home mum,
Oh, nope. It's a late evening flight, departing around 7 pm :)

Simple American said...

Maybe everyone else saw the ghost. :P

Chen said...

and i'm the unlucky one out there?
No No.. I'm the lucky one!!

Vagabonder said...

Was at this airport two years ago, and look like it doesn't change much ;-).

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, have been busy (and lazy) for a while, but will eventually catch up with the bloggers'community ;-)


Chen said...

yeah, The KLIA is still pretty much the same :)

I'll pay your home country, Vietnam a visit end of the year. Cheers and take care :)