Thursday, May 24, 2007

Iban Brinjal

Besides Bilin Jungle Fern, Buah Keranji, Buah Isau, Dabai, Tampoi, Rambai and not forgetting the cute & adorable Sago Worms, another local delicacy that shouldn't be missed out (which I love) when visiting The Land of The Hornbills is the Iban Brinjal (aka lakia kio).

Bright yellow/orange- coloured iban brinjal. Don't cha think it resembles persimmon from far?

The yellowish/orange fresh with countless seeds. The conjoint twin of brinjal & tomato?

It's sourish - 很美味 when cooked with chillies & sambal belachan - Appetizing and heavenly to those who fancy hot & spicy sour-ish dishes. The Iban Brinjal Assam Fish Soup is equally delish.
Yum yum yum.. 流口水了 (Salivating kaw kaw)


Winn said...

yeeeeeeeeeeee! dont like brinjal.

*throws to ahboy, ahboy makan straightaway..*


may said...

for a moment there I thought it was a persimmon, then I thought it was a tomato... but a brinjal that's an orange and tomato wannabe? this I've got to taste!

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, this is totally sour till you 流口水. Send some seeds over!

angel said...

Yeah man! I also thot it was pisang kaki at first! So ti(p)u wan... :p

Will said...


no tapau some back?

a^ben said...

wah~~ assam curry fish heads with this` sedaps` kakakaka

mistipurple said...

you got so many special veges and fruits in Sarawak geh. how come only there have hor? must bring their seeds over and plant. kkk

day-dreamer said...

Persimmon on the outside, tomato in the inside... LOL!

I like brinjals (the purple one) but this doesn't look like my cuppa. Hahaha!

Redsponge said...

really 流口水liao!


hmph! not nice! WHAAHHAHA

Redsponge said... belacan ho..

hmm oklo..kekeke...tot only the chillies mweheheh..

anyway..still too spicy for me...MUAHAHAH!

L B said...

Just feed me...

* O P E N S * * O P E N S *

mistipurple said...

lol at LB!! OPENS alongside with him. kkk

kyh said...

now u really get me hungry liao! the flesh looks like tomato!

ah nel said...

lokter!!!u just remond me of nice belinjal pish soup n da best was drink it when its hot...


ah nel said...

*lakia kio*

papercrazy said...

very nice....this is the only brinjal family that I take....the rest I dun like....

I din know it can be stir fried....I normally masak soup...put lots and alots of belachan and anchovies.....yummy.....this is normally my friday dish

*lau nua*

zeroimpact said...

Wei, that looks like tomato more than brinjalla
Does not look anything like brinjal wo, you sure ah

ehon said...

This is like a "Introduction to Sarawak 101" blog. LOL!! Ai cham, I think I just took all these authentic, original S'wak things fer granted too much. -_-"

Just thinking about the soury smell is enough to make me salivate. The smell *cringes*

rinnah said...

Hybrid brinjal? Like the fake hybrid guava apple in Cameron Highlands? Kekekekeke!

But that dish looks yummy... aiyah I shouldn't have come see your blog before lunch... now so hungry liao... *salivating*

Chen said...

Aiseh.. wasting the delicious brinjal
Throw to me lah..
I will eat straight away
(the cooked brinjal of course, not the raw one)
Good gal…

U made the iban brinjal confused with it’s identity liao..
U gotta taste it to love it
(provided u love sour dishes lah..) :P

Hehhee.. might be u can plant some in your garden :)
I brought few back homes but sudah habis sapu everything.

Chen said...

I always wonder why they name Persimmon as Pisang Kaki in BM geh?
Btw pisang got kaki meh, I know pisang got jantung lah..
Who ti(p)u who liao?

No weird..
It’s absolutely normal..
Very very normal instead..
I tapao few back but cooked & sapu-ed all liao :P

Yeah, assam curry, sambal belachan, fish soup etc etc..
Semua pun sedap

p/w: I dunno u gian sour stuff too

Chen said...

I also dunno ah why all those are only available there..
Send some seeds over to Misti..
Hahha, next time we can visit your farm to savour those dishes liao

day dreamer,
U gotta taste it to decide whether u love it or hate it

red sponge,
U dun have to 流口水lah, since u can eat it whenever u want to
I put belachan leh…
Notice the tinge of brown-brown tei colour? :P

Finally u noticed it..
aiseh.. belachan + chillies then only nice mah..
Blek :P

Chen said...

Oops, ter-throw & kena the right eye pulak


Misti, u open apa ah?
Tupperware or ?

U can eat this.. it’s definitely vegetable..
Cook with lotsa lotsa chillies..
Made it sour & spicy..

Chen said...

ah nel,
True true true..
The lakia kio fish soup is nice
I had it a month ago, cooked by an Iban guy

I love all the brinjal family members woh..
Tarak pilih kasih wan :P

I dun "totally" stir fried the lakia kio
Cos I added in water too ;)

This is normally your Friday dish?
Today is Friday liao woh..
Lau nua thinking of u cooking the dish

My iban friends also call it terung woh..
Terung = brinjal, right?

Chen said...

Hahahaha… Sarawak has many more to offer :P
U will only miss those stuff after u left Sarawak,
Cos when we were there, it’s something too common..
So, will definitely take it for granted loh..

U can savour it soon..
In few months time ;)

This is one of the local fruits we have for ages liao..
Kkkkkkk… so no worry about the fake hybrid stuff

I also salivate looking at the picture leh..
Cham liao..

*checking calendar*
See when I can fly back again..

Eryn said...

HO CIAK!! I miss the assam fish with 'lakia kio'.

Never translate it to English and I keep wondering what the heck is that Iban Brinjal. Haha!

Selba said...

what an interesting... uhmm... fruit? veggie?

looks yummy after beeing cooked.

dino said...

is this malaysia version of persimmon?? :p

_butt said...

looks like a cross between persimmon and tomato (the seeds)!

eve said...

I have not seen it before...but then brinjals..I no likey one..

Chen said...

Hehehe, I did the direct translation,
hence lakia kio = Iban Brinjal.
I have no idea what is the "real name" of this vegetable. LOL

This is one of the local vegetable. Can't eat it raw though. It's sour but i love it. Don't forget to try out this dish if u happened to visit Sarawak in the future :)

Persimmon is so sweet and yet this is so sour.. Really contrast kaw kaw liao :P

Chen said...

Might be Persimmon & Tomato are their great great great grandparents, aka their beloved ancestors?
Must dig back to the root liao
(very sam pat :P)

It's available abundantly in Sarawak. U can find it in any wet market in Sarawak :)

Er, why u don't like brinjal woh?
So nice leh.
I love brinjals :D

Doreen said...

Oh my bloody gody god! That's my favourite, and most wanted to eat food of all! I just luv it when mum cooks it with ikan and asam soup. Sh*t, my whole study room is all flooded liao....(with my 口水!)

Selba said...

Yes... gonna try it when I visit Sarawak.. oh and what's the name of the other veggie that I would like to try it?

pssstttt..... Tag time!!! :D

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

din know that brinjal got dat kinda color oso..



Chen said...

So this is your favourite dish!
I wish I have brought more iban brinjal back home to Penang...

u mean bilin jungle fern?
Hehehhee.. yeah, u gotta try these two dishes since it's Sarawak authentic dishes ;)

Will try to answer your tag soon :D

woof meow,
Don't worry, and nothing to malu about..
u dunno cos u never see it, furthermore it's not available outside Sarawak..

Kenny Ng said...

I think I tasted that before...

Chen said...

u still remember how it tasted like?
or lupa liao? :D

slurp! said...

Terung Asam, Terung Iban, african eggplant. don't think you interested in the latin name LOLz

looks like tomato, textures bit like cooked apple, sour with hint of bitter aftertaste. goes pretty well with the Ikan Assam Pedas.

Chen said...

Locals call it as lakia kio in hokkien(= iban brinjal = terung iban)
Thanks but no thanks to the latin name, LOL

I can ask for your help if i dunno the names of certain fruits or plants. U are very knowledgeable :D

Did u get a chance to taste the iban brinjal during your previous visit to Sarawak? I presume so :)

King's wife said...

Brinjal is one of my absolute favourite vege!
But this one liddat karer, first time I see.

Chen said...

Brinjal manyak sedap.
Absolutely my favourite.
This karer one only available oversea - in the Land of Hornbills over the South China Sea :P

Jeremy Ng said...

Just recently I bought it at Kuching Sunday Market. One kilogram cost RM10.00. Most of the time an fruit already weight that much. Just imagine buy ten of it cost you RM100.00, an average worker in Sarawak don't earn that much in a day though. As the price are exotically expensive, I would called it Borneo Exotic Brinjal

Ginnie Polka said...

Hey guys… I’m supplying and selling La Kia Kio (Lakia Kio) in penang… Anyone interested to buy… just email me at !!! ^^