Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cute Worms..

Mmmmmm.... Guess what are those cute little squirmy thingy?

None other than the fat & juicy delicious Sago Worms!! I have eaten the worms once several years back. Forgotten how it tasted like liao.

Cute, friendly & adorable "harmless" worm. Wanna try & have a bite? The sago worms are one of the delicacies ;)

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L B said...

Guess I'll stick to sticking these onto fishing hooks.... Are you home? Cannot be!!!

rinnah said...

Uhm, I don't think I can call the worms cute... much less eat them! *shiver*

But what do they taste like?

mistipurple said...

ah yo chenliu why you liddat wan? come back show worm pics?

Chen said...

aiyak, dun cha think the worms are cute? So lovely..

I'm not home yet...
in cybercafe at the meantime..
will be back home on Friday early morning :)

aiyak... the worms are hurt liao cos u said they are not cute...

I forgotten the taste liao..
tat was too long ago oledi..

These are cute worms woh..
not the gory worms...
nothing scary mah...
so cute & so adorable tim...

mistipurple said...

what is the sandy parts? sago ah? you eat them alive or fried?

May said...

so did you eat one this time? I heard it's crunchy... and sweet... or something like that.

sbanboy said...

Kesian the worms ....

day-dreamer said...

Yerr... why so geli de?

Chen said...

sago grain kua..
i'm not really sure..
Kkkkk.. didn't ask the seller tim..

i ate the fried one lah..
the alive one to cute to bite or swallow leh :P

This time i tarak makan woh..
take photo only..
the last time i ate the worm, i still didn't have digital camera, so didn't manage to capture any picture of the worms..

I forgotten how the worms tasted like liao... :(

And the worms are not cheap.
One small container of worms lidat costs RM10.

day dreamer,
geli meh?
cute leh...
imagine the sago worm squirming on the palm... :P

Kenny Ng said...

Fear factor competition ah? I'm not gonna eat it, too cute la, tak sampai hati to eat it.

angel said...

Yerrrrrrrr!!! No way am I gonna eat THAT slimy stuff! Yuck yuck yuckkkk! :P

Why u go cybercafe geh?

kyh said...

wahhh so cute! post more! got earthworms or not? post that sooner ok? and caterpillars oso! KKKK!!!

i love to look at them but dare not touch... cos the squirmy squishy feel is too much for me to handle... :P

psss the first pic looks like bowls of peanuts leh!

kat said...

Hahaha.. for once your pixes don't make me hungry!! They are deepfried and salted? Like McD french fries?? LOL said...

Where did you eat that?
Care to belanja me?

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...


gelinya...i once watched a taiwan tv show, d MC of that show ate dat worm...he said tatse like peanut wor...

Wennnn said...

Chen U said the worm sooo cute sumore U go and fried them to eat!! How terrible U!!! Nasty!!

Pink Cotton said...


fat squishy worms!!!

makes me wanto step on them!

i wonder got any popping sound or not...

papercrazy said...


the eye(s) so big big tei....sure crunchy wan

Selba said...

Any recipes on how to cook those cute worms? hehehe

ah nel said...

ppl say its more nutricious if u let it craw into ur nose or ears...

*try it*


slurp! said...

aiyoh, why never eat this time lei?
you should have try to capture a short videoclip.

aNNie said...

hi hi.. Doc Chen...
is a lazy day.. cz so many holiday make tis Oink Oink malas working loh..
hw's ur days Sis Chen..( u dun mind i called u Sis Chen)..
can i have u email add--> as i've promised .. i wanna share u my ah pui photo..

Chen said...

Malaysian version of Fear Factor :P
Yeah, the worms are indeed cute, that's why I didn't eat it this time.. LOL

u hurt the cute sago worms feeling woh by saying yuck yuck yuckkkkkkkk
I can see them crying & sobbing at one corner liao..

i'm in cybercafe cos no internet connection at home mah & i have nothing to do at the moment :P

I dunno u like worms so much.. :D
I remembered u requested for more maggots pictures in the past too..
At the moment no photos of earthworms or caterpillars yet..
If I get to see any, I will snap their photos ;)

Bowl of peanuts? LOL

Chen said...

LOL at the "like McD french fries"
u can deep fried the sago worms
made them crunchy...

u wanna eat ah?
No problem, i belanja u :)
most of them here feel geli thinking of eating the worms.
The fresh sago worms are only available exclusively in Sarawak, in the tamu market.
Mari, mari..

woof meow,
cute lah, not geli :P
the harmless squirming sago worms

taiwan tv show showing eating sago worms ah? or issit some other different worms? ;)
I tried silk worms too in the past, The outer layer is crunchy but the inner layer is soft :)

Chen said...

This time I didn't fried nor eat them.. kekekkee...
I only ate them once and that was several years back ;)
This time i only take their cute photos mah :P
so, tarak nasty at all.. LOL

pink cotton,
aiyak, they so cute..
why u wanna step on them woh? :P
popping sound?
the sago worms are not filled with air lah, mana ada popping sound woh

The so call eye(s) ah?
They look like hook(s) to me..
try putting the sago worms on your face next time, and sense how the soft flesh contact with your face..

Chen said...

I don't have the recipe..
Might be u can try google for it :)
The sago worms can be eaten raw (Mmmm...I dun dare to eat the worms raw), smoked or deep fried.

ah nel,
i dun need the nutrients anyway..

Hehehe, u also didn't try it woh during your last visit to Sarawak ;)

yeah, i feel lazy to work too after resting for so longggggggg...
summore raining so frequently nowadays, made one feel lazy & sleepy..

no problem, u can call me tat way.
my email :
looking forward to seeing your ah pui's photo :)

eastcoastlife said...

Fat juicy worms. hehe...But I won't eat them. After eating, still can kiss hubby? hehehe... Mine run away for miles. :D

I tried some deep-fried worms in Bangkok, nice. Like French Fries.

Doreen said...

Worms!! (@_@)!! SCARY~~~ Is it really delicious? My mum ate this sago warms when she was young.

Simple American said...

How do you cook em?

dino said...

where got cute, scary got lah... :S

Chen said...

of course can, hahahha...
cos i didn't eat it all by myself, and he had his share too.. I mean he ate the sago worms too :P

I saw the deep fried worms and bugs in Bangkok street but didn't dare to try it, cos worried about the hygiene & cleanliness.. Hehhee (scared to get food poisoning mah)

Thanks for dropping by. The sago worms are crispy if they are deep fried ;)

U can eat them raw (I bet u worm, and it's not appealing to eat something squirmy & squishy :P)
Else, u can have them deep fried :P

Scry meh? The Sago Worms cried buckets of tears liao (the worm tears, not the croc tears)..

Rachealliang said...

wah....the worm ah.. kinda scary wor....u sure can eat huh....hur....

enjoy reading your blog..

keep going sir..


Chen said...

Thanks for dropping by :)
The sago worms is a delicacies to the Iban & Melanau communities in Sarawak. One can eat it raw or deep fried :)

I'm glad u enjoy reading my blog.
Thanks :)
Btw, I'm not sir.
I'm a she, not a he :)

cooknengr said...

Whats up Doc, a Youtube video of Dr. Chen swallowing Sago worm would be a priceless blog entry.

Chen said...

hahhahaha, if there is such a video, it will be my private collection then.. later others might mistaken that i'm entering Fear Factor contest ;)