Saturday, April 28, 2007


p/s : Thanks to Ben, Angel & Misti for the "concern" sms-es. I'm so touched leh.. They thought I had disappeared or MIA liao.. Hehehe, I'm now in Bintulu, Sarawak ;) I will reply the comments to the previous post later.


angel said...

KKKKKK! All the convo in the dark reminds me of the iBed in the iPalace liddat... :P

Happy Hornidayyyyy!!!

L B said...

Ok, who's sitting on my arm?!!!!

angel said...

*helps to move misti away from the Arm*

L B said...

So, and on the other arm?

nyonyapenang said...

holidays are always nice. have a good jalan-jalan cari makan session.

mistipurple said...

er... not me leh.
ah ben ah???

mistipurple said...

haha i read nyonyapenang's cari makan as curi makan. run run before chen comes back to screen.

mistipurple said...

err... whose arm am i sitting on??
got wear yellow tei kor wan..

kyh said...

the iDoc is back! wah horriday in bintulu kah? ur hometown isit?

ashamed to say, i js realised that i din work on may 1st after asking a colleague...kkkk :x

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...


happy holiday ya jiejie...

bring back pressie oh...

u noe wat dat it is...keke

may said...

glad to see you back! how's your trip? we see some yumyum Bintulu makan soon?

slurp! said...

waaaaaaaaaaa i like secret secret go holidays. kekekeke ......

btw, is that your hometown? hope to see posts on umai & some other Melanau Tradition food.

Wennnn said...

Happy Horniday is Sarawak lor... HEheheheeh Hv a good weekend...

Kenny Ng said...

No wonder la... now only know u MIA to Bintulu... Happy Horniday ah... kekeke

day-dreamer said...

Rupa-rupanya ada orang tengah berholidaying in Sarawak!! LOL~!

Happy holidays to you (and to me)!

Have a nice weekend.

Cocka Doodle said...

Aisay! Why didnt tell me you were coming?
I came back today from there.
Was staying at the Everly Parkcity since Wednesday.

_butt said...

on holiday hor?

eastcoastlife said...

wah, so good! On holiday! Back home for some family warmth! hehe..

Jackson said... work, bintulu....gosh...u r so lucky!!

Winn said...

bintulu ar.. i m back in pg....take more pic .

ahboy sure very syok lor? hehe

angel said...

*sends homework*

U go horniday, come back liao hv to do homework, okay???

kkkkkkkk... *cabut*

papercrazy said...

Sure Hornyday ini Lokter

We tot someone must have eaten too much apples, thus sending you to space khi

mistipurple said...

sayangz ahboy more. he must be lonely without you. *pat pat ahboy*

Monk[+]Icon said... nice! hol-lee-day!!!

i need one!!!

mistipurple said...

sayangz loctor..
come back to work sure alot to do wan..

Chen said...

I almost forgotten about the iemperor & iconcubines liao...
Wonder what happened to the 48 concubines storyline liao?

Horniday almost over liao..
SOB :(

Where's the torchlight?
must shine-shine then only will know :P

Misti ah?
I tot someone else tim :P

Concubine A kua? :P

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
makan & tidur too much liao..
now really cham loh..

imagine the Prince ah ben sitting on his father's arm..
what a warm scene leh ;)

curi makan?
ahem.. aiseh...
"curi makan" bilin fern ah?

yellow teh kor wan?
who else?
*giggle at one corner*

Bintulu is not my hometown.
I went there to visit my sister & her family (including my three nephews :) )
My hometown is the town of swallows & sweet pineapple... Hhehehe..

Hope u enjoyed your labour day hols then ;)

Chen said...

woof meow,
thanks :)
Happy birthday to u once again..
and happy hols too..

err.. I didn't go shopping leh..
I go makan & see-see look-look only & snap photos :P

still not yet back to Penang yet..
soon, very very soon..
so sad hoh hols ended so fast :P
now i feel very lazy to start working liao..
still few more days to go..
must enjoy kaw kaw liao :P

LOL at the secret-secret go hols
not so secretive also lah..
some of them do know about it..
just that i didn't announce in blog only :P

Nope, my hometown is Sarikei.
I didn't eat umai or other Melanau food this round ;)

Chen said...

thank u thank u..
eat too much liao..
really very cham liao..

i mia not only to Bintulu, but to Miri & another town too..
Going back home tomolo night..
Now i feel so lazy liao.. :D

day dreamer,
I haven't meet up with my sister & my sister in law & my 3 nephews for one and half years liao mah...

Hope u enjoy your hols too..
Merdeka is syiok hoh?
no more exam for the mean time
yeah !!!

Chen said...

aiyak... I dunno u r in Bintulu woh..
I stayed in Everly ParkCity in Miri on Thursday night and went to Bintulu on Friday morning..

Else, can meet up with u liao...
I went to the beach in Tanjung Batu too, nearby your hotel :P

Tengah bercuti..
Cuti-cuti Malaysia :P

Holidays are always nice..
yeah, I went to visit my second sister & her family in Bintulu.
The last time I went there was in 2005. At that time, my 3rd nephew is only 2 months old ;)

Chen said...

hornyday is always syiok :P
as long as dun have to go to work

I think Pink Cotton makan several apples that day..
But i not so keng chau lah..
not to the extend of flying to the outer space yet :P

Ah Boy is in a safe & sound place.
The land of abundant food..
I presume he will put on weight liao... Kkkkkkkk.....

Hope u can get yours soon...
Human beings are not robots..
we need time off to rest ;)
even if it's one day :D

yeah loh...
now i lazy to think of work liao..

Chen said...

Fulamak.. miss out these tim

Hehehhe, I'm clearing some of my leaves too, and furthermore I haven't visit my sister for quite some time liao. Holidays are always nice. Even though if it means to lie down on the bed doing nothing but resting ;)

u r back to Penang ah?
happy hoh get to meet with your cute dearie Liucas :)
He is such a darling..
and of course Ah Boy is a darling too :)

Ah Boy now having vacation in my father in law's place..
eating 3 meals a day :P
Si Beh syiok :D

die loh..
I still owe EastCoastLife one homework leh..

Simple American said...

Enjoy lah!

Take lots of pictures!!!

Chen said...

hehehhe, yeah.. it's indeed fun :)
I took lotsa photos of my little nephews, especially my youngest nephew ;)