Thursday, April 26, 2007

An Apple A Day....

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away?
I hope no one here eats an apple daily to keep me away from sight
If possible, please throw away the apple
(since apple is "forbidden fruit")
And substitute it with some other fruits...
Eat orange or banana or guava instead !!
Just kidding lah.. u can still continue to enjoy your apple,
be it edible or non edible "Apple",
but remember not to over-indulge or over-eat..
One day, If I suddenly disappeared..
That means someone has eaten too many apples liao...
(exceed the allowable limit) :P


Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

eat strawberry can ar?

L B said...

Ooo, time for Apple pie!!! Ah Boy eats Apples?

OMG!!! The DREADED word verification is back!!!! ARGHHH!!!! -ve chi!! LOL.. kkkkkkkkkkk™

angel said...

Oi! Dun disappear lar... so bad wan u... want to hak sei ngor wan... :P

I got fragrant pear in the fridge... no apple... oni got Appearl© ;)

angel said...

kkkkkk! yeah! word verification!! ei, try the spam poison in my blog... quite effective leh... after i put that in my blog, no spam liao! real wan! no bruff wan!

kyh said...

Hv u heard of "An Apple a day keeps Bill Gates away?"

Of cos that applies to the inedible Apple la! :P Maybe this idiom shud be made a copyright trademark for emperor and gang.

U so love apples ah? I no like apples one wor... me like oranges more... cos more juice ma.. :P

*gonna try angel's spam poison*

Chen said...

woof meow,
can, of coz can :)

Ah Boy loves apple.
Psss... he loves eating fruits except starfruit and jackfruit. Kkkkkk....

cos spam is back in action again mah for the last few days, so I put in on for the meantime loh :P

No no no, i dowan to hak sei lei..
i dun dare leh... :P
Haven't eat fragrant pear for ages liao. And I droooool at your Appearl© ;)

Spam Poison so good wan ah?
tengkiu very muchie for the info

LOL at the idiom :D
I dun have the inedible Apple yet..

i love fruits. Apple is not my favourite, but I do have few apples inside my fridge.

may said...

I dun really like eating apples, so you're safe, Doc!

*reaches for long... sweet... banana... mmmm...*

L B said...


Will said...

gam dou dak? hahaha

Wennnn said...

hahahahh first ask to eat apple then ask to eat banana or orange pulak.... never mind la apa pun sapu bring it to me and also bring Chen to me....

a^ben said...


u eat apple also noh~ then u can go away with them :X

mistipurple said...

watermelon easier to digest for me, though i used to like bananas like ahmay! must make my stomach stronger before i can get back to citrus fruits.

and if anyone is near over eating the apple limit and making you extinct, please let me know prior. i want to hit that person 99, cos you are one of the most +chi person around.

recite pledge: "i will hantam 99 the person who over eats apples and make loctor chen disappear"
signed by me.
pawprint by ahboy as witness.

zeroimpact said...

Can change to pineapple ah
Still got apple there leh

day-dreamer said...

Nice picture... interesting post...

*off to eat apple and gape at Apple*


dino said...

apple, remind me of the snow white and her stepmother =p

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! Doctor, like that a bit tok 毒(wicked)leh! To wish for patients means to wish for more people get sick! Tok tok tok ‘你好毒’ 哈哈!

Monk[+]Icon said...

but but i love apples!!!

Pink Cotton said...

gimme more apples!!!


okok kidding

sengkor said...

i like apples.. cannot eat everyday one meh?

Simple American said...

No apples here. Will only eat meat if I can faster meet you and Ah Boy.

Kenny Ng said...

no worry... I just eat durian. Kekeke

Cocka Doodle said...

Oi JC! I also tell tasteless jokes wan!
I bet you can't walk on water now because your feet got holes after being crucified!

kyh said...

JC, u're contaminating His Most Gracious Name with ur lame self-righteous comment! Get a life!

And oh yeah, disguising as Him and does stupid remarks wud earn u a place in Hell too. So long!

angel said...

*stands in front of cocka & kyh and shows fist*

Be afraid! Be very afraid, JC!

*sayangs Doctor*

papercrazy said...

Eh, Lokter....I dun really like apples, so u r very safe.....

err....custard apple kira kah???

*throw apples at that blasphemer...*

cutiepie said...

i thought only red apple is forbidden??? what about aple crumble & apple pie??? is it forbidden too???

rinnah said...

I eat apple everyday worrr... not to keep you away but for my brekkie!

*agrees with kyh on the fake jc comment*

L B said...

*sends lots of the lovingest hugs and warmest blessings to the Doctor, and a few apple crumbles and toffee apples*

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

my mum bought mangosteen and honeydew today...

jie wan? hee hee

Eric said...

nice photo!!!

I love apple and Apple

kat said...

Wah... lokter, such a cryptic post wan?? Manyak maksud tersirat liddat... and now disappear for so long...

*looks hi and lo for lokter*

mistipurple said...

eh, Doc is very well.
not that someone ate too many apples. :P

kyh said...

now i baru paham (agak agak) wat u're trying to say. u mean we need to wait u till the new month baru can see ur traces here??? SAD! :(

Chen said...

Hand in more banana to Ah May..
including banana milk shake & banana ice cream :P


of course :P

everything also can makan,
as long as don't ter-over makan can liao...
everything also gotta eat in moderation mah :P

Chen said...

everyone also can eat apple..
just don't over-makan can liao..
i know u love makan apple pie :P

water melon is nice..
i just had water melon yesterday night..
yummy especially served chilled and sprinkled with salt..

LOL at the +chi part
Thank u thank u :)
and thanks for the sms too..
so sweet of u :)

pineapple is not so apple liao

Chen said...

day dreamer,
thank u thank u ;)
u prefer green apple or red apple?
i prefer green wan :)

tat is the "bad" apple..

i mana ada wish for more patients woh.. regardless the number of patients I see, i still get the same salary leh... Kkkkkkkk...

i presume u prefer green than red apples since u love sour stuff? :)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
u wanna apple toffee?
or apple pie?
or apple lollipop? :P

can... just don't over-eat..
everything also must eat in moderation mah..

no apple pie for u then..
abuthen, meat pie is yummy too
ah boy loves it :)

now is the durian season again huh.
i saw rambutans & mangosteen in the market too...

Chen said...

Thanks Cocka :)
Tat fake JC is a blasphemer lah...
as we all knows, the real Jesus Christ come to save and not to condemn.. He even gives up His precious life for everyone of us :) Only the fake one will curse. Shame on the fake blasphemer who use the name of the Great Lord :)

Thanks KYH
u r definitely correct :)
The real Jesus Christ came to save everyone of us and He never condemns :)

Thanks Angel for sayang-ing me :)
that fake person has no life mah..
and dun even dare to use his name to post :P
shame on him :)

Chen said...

custard apple is not apple..
the same applies to pineapple, which is not apple either :P

Those are just close relatives of apple..

Must throw more apples at that blasphemer..
Throw kaw-kaw.
Give u one whole buckets of apples

as long as dun over-eat can liao..
if u have too many apples in-store, u can give some to me
I don't mind woh :P

that's very healthy breakie.
i wanna eat at least an green apple a day too liao..

Chen said...

thank u thank u
terima kasih banyak banyak
xie xie ni..

Loaded with apples liao..

woof meow,
I would love to but too bad i'm not in town leh..
Thanks :)

Thanks for dropping by and for liking the photo :)
It's good to eat apple, and in fact it's healthy.. especially munching green apples :)

Chen said...

not really maksud tersirat lah..
just crapping only..
that's why i categorized it under "craps & humour" category :P

I'll be back soon..
in one day plus time :)

Thanks for the sms..
and thanks for the announcement
very sweet of u leh..

"The new month" sounds so far away,
but now it's the new month liao..
April 2007 is already history :)
A big welcome to May 2007 :)